Thursday, February 22, 2007

Runnin' Ragged "For T___"

Yesterday was a very sad day. It started out great. I met my friends Natalie & Mike for my 50min tempo run. Somehow we miscalculated & ended up going 65mins, but I lowered my HR for the extra, so hopefully it's ok! I'm usually VERY good about sticking to my schedule. That's what it's for right?
Anyway, on this run we were talking about the upcoming Relay we are doing in a few weeks. My friend "T" emailed me several months ago & asked if I would like to be part of this 12 person relay, that goes across about 180miles in 24hours. Of course I was like "sure let me see who else I can get!" So, in about 5 emails & less than an hour we had our team of 12. We are all SUCKERS! It's the whole CDA training group, plus; Stacey, Natalie & her husband Jeff, Mike & our team captain "T".
We decided on the team name "Runnin' Ragged." Not for any reason in particular, but because we didn't come up with anything more creative. So, we are now 5 weeks out from the race, and we really haven't done any planning. I've sent some emails out, but I wasn't getting much feedback. I was beginning to think that something was going on. Then, out of nowhere I received a very sad, email that our Team Captain had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I actually cried as I read the email. I've 'know' of people sick with cancer, but I've never been close to one, so I guess it was just kind of shocking to me. Her email was very upbeat & positive, which is just like her. Always finding the good in everything.

I met "T" several years ago through my running group. I immediately just loved this lady. She really knows what running is all about. It's all about the "GEAR!" we'd say. And I tell ya, this gal has the best of it. EVERYTHING matches. Everything looks so put together. And, without a doubt "T" would have the lastest "skinny jeans" version of this season's running wear. Someday, I'd just love to see her closet!

A couple other things. She was in NY when my husband proposed to me. It was right before the start of the marathon. To tell you the truth, I didn't even "get" what was going on. I was in shock, but not "T" - she saw what Shane was up to & just started SCREAMING! Oh, it was a site!

A few months before that, she was there on South Mountain when my IT band froze up. It was a very hilly 20K. She was having a tough day herself, but when she saw me she decided her job was to get me into the finish. She forgot about her race, and just got me there. And at the end, she gave me a push on the back & said you go - and she waited for me to cross the finish line FIRST! Now, how is that for a great friend, person, etc.

"T" even got me a great job interview with her previous company. It was something I'd been looking at for a while, but she no longer worked there. All it took was one phone call & I had an interview set up shortly after that.
These are just a few of the many reasons to love "T" For those of you that know her, I'm sure you've got some stories of your own...
Now, back to her email....

The subject of the email was "Lemonade"

The first line of the email read "Life has given me lemons .............. sooooooooooo with all of my soul (and I'm hoping your good wishes) I'll be making lemonade ......."

And her only request was "As for those shirts it would please me greatly if they were pink .........."

So, this March 30-31st, 12 of us will be running the Ragnar Relay, Del Sol. But there will be a different goal than what we started with. Now, we will be "Runnin' Ragged FOR 'T___'," and the real reward will be to see her bright smiling face at the Finish Line.

And, yes... we will ALL be wearing some PINK in her honor.

So, for all of you reading this, please think of & pray for our dear friend....


momo said...

THIS made me cry. i'd never heard the sm story. i was thinking we should call ourselves "tonsa's ta-ta team". kinda like that 3 day bc commercial where they walk as "bibi's breast friends". now we just have to win the thing for her!!

you know i won't have a problem wearing pink...

Dan said...

By the way. We (Ragnar Relay) would like to make a donation in the amount of "T's" Ragnar Entry fee. Can you tell me how to do that. Please contact me at