Friday, July 31, 2009


There's a first time for everything, right? I've spouted off a couple of casual goals here and there, but I've decided to do something new. Lay out there, spell it out. Put it all on the line.

No details on where I came up with the numbers, nothing like that. I've trained differently this time. I'm not as confident as I was before my last half IM, but what do I have to loose? I've had a GREAT racing year, so why not just go for it. My girl supa said something like, "It's just pain, it's only temporary & it only hurts for a little bit." She's my racing idol. She's suparace girl.

And, Momo did it. She worked her ass off, laid the goals out and blew them out of the park.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I've had so much fun this year. Not following a coach, but making it up as I go - trying to take my experience and knowledge of what my body can do - and do it. It's my first long distance race where my IT band is GOOD. Not just good, GREAT. Let's hope it all comes together this time. I think the hardest part will not be having all of my normal support crew there. I have the best local support ever tho, the Hochs!

So, without further adue - here all my goals. Oh, and the FASTER set - I thought it would be fun to say what I think Shane will do. He's smoking me on the bike and the FLIPPING open water right now. So, for once, I'm not even going to say my goal is to beat him out of the water, cause I
don't think that's gonna happen..... Oh well :-) It's his turn for a good race! Sub 5 baby.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Race week ADD

Yup - it's only day 2 of the taper and here I am all over the place. Obsessing over, wanting a drink (or 5 apparently is the way I roll these days) and wondering if I did enough.

Which wetsuit to wear, sleeves or sleeveless? Where are my new goggles I ordered? How to wear the Garmin? On the watch on my arm or on the bike mount where I can see it more quickly but then will most likely forget to wear it for the run.

I'm going back and changing my mind and thinking maybe I like the sprint distance for once in my life. I drank 3 glasses of wine the night before, didn't fret & off I went. It was fun, it was fast, and besides my T-1 obstacle I did better than expected for once.

All in all in comes down to having TOO much time on my hands when I'm tapering, not tired enough from workouts and starting to question it all.

And the travel. Oh - before the travel Shane & I were KICKING ass, if I do say so myself. I actually did my "speed" bike workouts. I finally got my damn bike avg up to a happy place for training rides, masters workouts were GOOD, and had distance, and my run - well I was kicking my own ass finishing all my long runs with my PR half marathon pace for the last 2-3 miles.

The motto was stop going slow & long & make yourself hurt.

Then we went to Utah for a week and found a new kind of hurt. HIKING. It kicked the eva lovin SNOT out of me. Made my butt hurt, and my STUPID toe hurt and my damn ankles (ok, that isn't the hike's fault, but my inability to walk without rolling my ankles).

Yes, there were mountains, of which was hard on the bike, but doable... but on sore every muscle in your body, they seem less doable. And rather than totally say it was my fault because I don't know how to stand up on two feet while climbing down a mountain, I like to just say that "Utah tried to kill me." The run, that's a whole other story. There is a reason Utah girls (A.K.A. Speedy pants 1, Speedy Pants 2 & the boob train) KICK A@@.

Because of Utah trying to kill me, we didn't get all the planned "time" or "distance" in. Which was already shortened via ME so that we could go more intense & see how our bodies handled that.

Add the reunion of friends from Washington, the glorious weather and you've got one binge drinking, training slacking girl from Arizona. Hey, it worked for Supa and her PR, Boston Qualifying marathon... I'm just hoping hanging out with her enough rubbed some of that off onto me.

Now, I need to go obsess a little about my goals :-) Thankfully I've got an hour bike ride on the schedule for this afternoon, maybe some sweat will help me get out of my head. And, a glass of wine to end the day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Valley Girl Triathlon

Several months ago (6 probably) - A friend asked me to do a race with her. It was a sprint triathlon, all girls! Only catch - you have to register at MIDNIGHT the day it opened to get a spot. Oh sure, fine, I'll do it.... So, I set my alarm for 11:50 & was registered in just a couple of minutes.

As the date got closer some of the girls were already trying to back out. No names here. THANK GOD they didn't, because without them there, I may have been a little more nervous about the absolutely disgusting water, FILLED with seaweed. If you know anything about me, you know I don't DO seaweed.

But, somehow, I totally sucked it up and got over my fear. Not without an unnecessary wetsuit, but that's not really the point. Race morning was kinda windy, but the lake was still very calm. So calm you could actually SEE the seaweed coming out on the surface of the lake. Double ewwwe. I told my self I HAD to get in and do a warmup, because when you haven't raced a short distance in a long time, chances are you won't even be warmed up until the even is over. So, I got in headed out for a minute - and that's when I saw how bad the seaweed was. The entire time, right under me, touching my hand at every stroke..

I have no idea how I did it, but I just somehow went all zen and made it through.

My wave was the second one 3 mins behind women 29 and under. I got out in front, and took off hard. With in 100 yards it was just myself & one other girl. I pulled in behind her & decided to follow her in. The effort was good, but nothing too hard. We passed everyone but 2 girs l in the wave ahead of us (that was COOL!). I came out of the water 10seconds after the girl in my AG. Somehow Shane actually captured this...... Here we are swimming out on our own (this must have been before we got the first wave of girls)

Swim time: 9:32 2/82 AG 8/492 overall (including relay) The distance was 1/3mile, so the speed doesn't seem that fast, but I'm still very happy!

I got out of the water & there were just a few girls in transition from the first wave. The girl in my AG - she was in and out like lightening. Me, Not.So.Much. Earlier in the week I'd been having problems swimming - low back pain. I don't think I had my wetsuit pulled up high enough, so I made sure I got it hiked up very high this time. Unfortunately, I pulled it up OVER my timing chip on my ankle & could not get the stupid thing off. I had a horribly long T-1, losing 2 minutes to the girl ahead of me.

The first part of the bike course was flat, maybe a slight descent. I sat on the very tip of my saddle and cruised along between 21-25mph. It felt FANTASTIC. I passed everyone in front of me until there were just 3 girls left. One girl in AG 25-29 and the one in my AG. I did however make up :40seconds out of the 2mins behind her I lost in transition. The second half of the bike was more of a slight incline, with a headwind. I pushed as hard as I could, but did slow quite a bit. The last downhill into transition I sat up so I could eat a gel before T-2, it worked out great.

Bike split 35:58 2/80AG, 11/492 overall

Heading out onto the run as the third girl was surreal. I've never in my life been in that position. I did actually catch myself doing shoulder glances a few times to see if anyone was catching up on me. I am not the fastest runner out there, so that fear of being passed was always there! I held my own running between an 8-8:30 pace.
The run was very nice and flat for the first mile or so, and I was able to see how far behind I was from the other 2 girls at about 1.5. I was down to only 1 min behind on the girl in my AG. She must have noticed too, because she did NOT give up her pace either. I did however see a few people coming behind me as well, so I tried my best not to slow down. I was passed very quickly by the overall winner - she was FLYING (and started 3 mins behind me!).
In the very last quarter mile I was passed by a girl in my AG. I really really tried to hold onto her, but she was moving. Later when I saw the results, she had run a minute per mile faster than me, so kudos to her - I'll take 3rd place to that. Even if it was only by :10seconds.
Run time 24:32 12/82 AG, 37/492 overall
Total time 1:13:49. 7th overall (not including 2 relay teams)
Looking back on this race I am VERY happy. I haven't raced a sprint race in over 5 years, and had no idea I could go hard like this. I was confident, and happy and most of all had SO much fun out there. I cheered on the people ahead of me, and even the 2 that passed me on the run. However, in retrospect it is a little hard to know that my transition time cost me an age group win (I was :10 seconds behind her on the swim, but :20 seconds faster on the bike and :30 seconds faster on the run). I was passed in the last quarter mile for 2nd place, and was beat by only 10seconds for 2nd place & 1min behind first place.
That said, I would STILL wear my wetsuit to avoid all that nasty seaweed!!

Krista, Molly & Joy. I haven't done anything athletic with these girls in over 10 years since we played volleyball together. The last 2 weekends, 2 races & I loved every minute of it. Congrats to them both for rocking their first ever triathlon. I had a blast!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Climb a Mountain.

As if the Utah A@@ whooping training camp wasn't enough, someone signed us up for a relay race in Spokane, just 2 days after we arrived in CDA for the summer. REALLY I have NO idea who would do something like that. Just saying.

The race started downtown Spokane by the "clock tower" at 6:30am. It was nice and COOL and sunny. Not that it mattered when my leg was the last one, so I wouldn't be running for several hours.

Team 2 DUDES and 8 BOOBS. With a name like that who needs to be fast, eh?

Right from the start we knew we were trouble - being in our "30's" now (ehm, Shane) were were the old people. Well, besides the 'older' obviously been running all their lives folks. Most of the teams were high school - all geared up looking like Bleeker from Juno.

All kidding aside tho - I could care less how we finished. I was running with old friends, from so long ago for the very first time. I couldn't be happier.

I missed our first runner Amy somehow, but a girl true to my own heart she sported a Cougar Top. Gotta love a fellow Coug fan!

Next up was Molly - My BFF from Junior high & HS. Sure we've had our moments of losing touch, but somehow when we get back together it's just like before. Look how perfectly posed she is for her beauty shot.

Now, at some point or another we MAY have been in almost last pace. And, if you know anything about my husband, you know the dude is All.About.The.Race. Here he is getting his "game face" on ready to kick some ass. Joy and her buff arms thinking he's crazy & if he doesn't live up to his shit talking, just might kick his ass. Or something like that. Ok, MAYBE she didn't say that - but sure does look like she could kick his ass :-)

Shane did us all proud, and flew UP his 6mile climb, first of 3 legs to the top of the mountain. This was going to be my leg - I still am not sure if I made the right move by switching or not.

Here's me - waiting (and trying to get out of) for my leg. We drove up the road a little, and much to my dismay it was all FLIPPING up. I'd been told it wasn't too bad, so switched with Shane. BIG.BIG mistake.

True to my typical transition time, here's my 12min transition waiting for my sweaty ipod. WELL worth the wait. Joy created my very own play list to take me to another world up the mountain so I didn't have to hear myself breath. Gotta love a little Snoop Dog.

I have to say it's prolly the hardest "race" - or at least run race I've ever done. My garmin showed a net elevation GAIN of over 1300 feet over the 4.05miles. I had to walk run it... But, I made it.

While I don't know that I would do it again, it the views and fun times were worth the climb.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pre- Beat the summer in Utah

Without going off on one of my way too long blog posts, I'm going to do a picture essay for the pre-Summer in CDA week with our Utah friends.

The week otherwise known as "climb, suck wind & ass kicking week." Or, something like that. I have to say, there is something to be said for these Utah Athletes. From "Benny the Billy Goat hike Master," to "The Booby Train" (sorry had to be there to understand that one), to Junior Olympian "swimmer speedy pants" open water swim camp to Miss "No Joke SupaLinds" and her "Flatish" bike route.

All kidding, (or lack there of) aside, we were blessed with a fantastic week FULL of activity, hard ass hilly, high elevation workouts - but most of all hanging out with some of the sweetest, most generous people I've ever met. Shane & I are so grateful to our Ogden hosts Jaynee & Benny (as well as Baily for Sharing her turf with my dogs!) and the Supa's, Devin & Lindsay for making our week so much fun, and comfortable.

Day 1: Hike to top of Ogden Mountain

My kids were so thankful that Benny carried 5 gallons of water up the mountain, JUST for them.

Day 2: Waterfall hike, described as "easy" - I call Bullshit. But, of course it was worth it!

Day 2 Evening, 4th of July BBQ at the Supalinds

Abby was a little pooped out from the back to back hikes.., a.k.a. Benny Ass-whooping

Bubba rallied, as Aunt Lindsay shared her lemon drop!

Day 3. Let's climb ANOTHER mountain. Of course "we'll take it easy" which in Supa language means miss her Time Trial by just a couple of minutes. Lessons learned - no aerobic training in Utah.

Day 4 - Open water swim - at Elevation. Shane can tell you about how much fun THIS one was.
Day 5 included a 90min bike ride (for Shane & I) followed by a 30min run. Not my best day. I was pooped, and fighting off the Supa's cold. (BTW - I think I've won!) Again, elevation is hard. Very.Very Hard
Day 6, no pictures - was our last workout before the road trip to CDA. Our long run. We were scheduled to do 11.5ish miles - the hills & elevation nearly killed Shane & I, and our glutes - so we settled on 10.5miles, included 2000ft of climbing. I followed the run up with a 1500 recovery (and a serious recovery it was) swim at Salt Lakes outdoor 50m pool!
All kidding aside, we had a fabulous week, and again could not have asked for better hosts, or better friends. I'm so happy we got to meet all of you, and have you in our lives!! Here's to many more fun times together :-)
And, with that said - We had some seriously tired dogs on our next trip from SL to CDA. Actually, I think they are still recovering.
We finally reached our home for the summer, and could NOT be MORE happy! Much more fun, pictures & stories to come!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monaco Marathon kick-off, circa 2001

5 minutes into today's long run (note, the last long run in this hell for a while) I thought, "How & why would anyone train for something long right now?"

And then I had a flashback to my first marathon. 8 years ago this weekend was the kick off to my very first marathon, Marathon de Monaco. I was 23 years old, had never run anything other than one 5k in my life, and in for a life changing event. I was fortunate enough to not only have my roommate by my side to help me get out of bed, but also the best running coaches ever.

Erin (roommate) & I signed up for a fundraiser via work, the goal - raise money for UCP and run a marathon. All the plans were made, coaches provided. I'm not sure how it happened, but we had some paperwork that said the first group long run to be (this holiday weekend) Saturday morning, Mountainview Park at 7:30am.

8 years later 7:30 sounds LATE, but back then, 23 years old and used to just getting into the good sleep from a night 'out' - that sounded like hell. But, sure enough we made it. Only, little to our surprise NO ONE was there. Erin & I, all decked out in our running gear: boxers shorts, cotton t-shirts, stop watch & running shoes (true to size, mind you) showed up and there were the coaches, taking down the running tents, no one else in sight.

Apparently, we missed the memo - 7:30 was a typo, in this heat a 5:30am start was a must. Who knew? Not knowing what to do, we looked to Gus & Bettina. They assured us they would wait, and told us where the mile markers, and water stops were and sent us out on our way.

Of course I thought I would die. It was probably 100 degs and crazy humid and well, you read what I was wearing. Not exactly moisture wicking. But, we made it, and that run there, well it was the start of a whole new life.

I trained hard, followed the plan to a T, and was running great. Unfortunately, like so many times before my asthma and lung issues got in the way, and I was sick on the race - antibiotics plus marathon = rough time. My calculated estimated finish time about a 4:15 - actual finish time 4:54. Experience, priceless.

I'm glad I brought back that memory today. I had a very rough run, and I needed something to take my mind off of it. I couldn't get my body temperature down. HR too high. The plan was 11miles. We had a loop with 6.5 with the dogs and would finish the second part up after dropping them off.

Shane made the decision (smart one) that we needed to call it a day after loop 1. We were both hurting, overheated and dehydrated (1 hr weight loss 2lbs for me, 5 for him). We were gaining nothing with this run, but frustration. So, we got home, stripped and jumped in the pool...

Sure, we could have finished the last 4.5miles, but sometimes - the smarter thing to do is to just throw in the towel, save it for another day.

I have to say, the decision was made a little easier knowing that in less than 2 days we will be in Utah, where we have been promised a nice ass whooping by Benny, leading us on a 3-4hr hike.

I'm sure, I'll be sucking it up in the back, but that's ok - I'll be a little cooler, and happy.