Friday, January 18, 2013


What the heck?  It's already almost the end of the month?  I have no idea why I haven't sat down to write more.  I've had the time.  In fact - this is week 2.5 of no work.  Crazy, really.  As of next week this will be the longest time since I graduated college in 2000 with no work!  It's really not that long I suppose, but I would like to have some good leads here in the next week or so for my sanity (and bank account)!

So what have I been doing?  Well, most of you probably think I'm living the life, training all day long, enjoying my free time, etc.  Some of that is correct - but not as much as I'd like to!  I've been sleeping.  A LOT.  I've been running A LOT and I've been networking and researching pretty much all the hours in between.  As much as I'd love to be living the life of leisure, traveling, visiting friends… that all costs money and without a job prospect confirmed, I just can't justify the fun part!

Sleep - I've been avg 8-10 hours a night.  This is unheard of for me, but I think it's my body finally relaxing, and also fighting off all the creepy crud going around.  From the stomach flu to respiratory stuff - seems like everyone I know has had some sort of these illnesses, yet somehow I've managed to stay healthy for the most part.  Sleep is usually not my saving grace, because well, I'm a horrible sleeper.  Even during Ironman training, I'm lucky to get 7hours of sleep.  I just don't rest well.  I guess when it's cold, dark and I have no where to be - my body is much better at resting!

Another piece of that puzzle could be my new found sobriety!  Don't laugh too hard.  Everyone that knows me knows I love my cocktails.  Martini Sunday with Shane's famous lemon drops.  A glass of wine snuggled on the couch with the dogs, or a late afternoon Blue Moon.  Well, after a year of way too much imbibing, Shane & I (along with a couple of other lush friends) have decided to back off a bit!  I've never been one to just quit at anything, so I most certainly am not saying I'm not drinking at all, but I've decided to limit myself quite a bit!

So, it's been 3 weeks since our Mexico bender, and I've probably had about the same amount to drink in those 3 weeks as I typically do in 1 week (did I really just admit that?).  Come to think of it - I haven't had even one beer since NYE.  How do I feel?  Well the same really.  I don't feel like I'm training any better, and while I have lost a couple of (much needed) lbs, I'm also eating incredibly healthy so not sure if that's really the lack of alcohol calories or not.  In fact, Shane got the flu, my body is hurting and what I really want is a damn Blue Moon.

Maybe this wasn't the best decision??

Just kidding - in the long run I know it will be good.  I'm looking down the road to November of this year.  What is my body capable of?  I feel like I've progressed so much in the past couple of years and I'm ready to push my limits just a bit more and see just exactly I can do at IMAZ…..

All this talk and now I really want a Blue Moon.  Doesn't it sound good?  Just sayin'.

On the training front - I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this damn marathon training.  Speaking of drinking - it was wine that got me into this situation.  My silly friends getting me to say I'd try to BQ (after wine of course).  Well, I'm knee deep into this whole thing, and by God I think I might actually make it.  I've had a few scares with knee pain that thankfully didn't end up being my IT bands, and with some massage and ART has been quickly fixed.  I'm running more than I have ever, which to a lot of people won't seem like a lot (~45 miles per week this past month), but it is for me.  The paces are getting faster, the effort easier and the confidence boost is amazing.  In fact, I can actually finally see the possibility of having a good, or better yet a GREAT marathon performance.  All that said - I'm definitely ready for March 2nd to come, run the 26.2, then move on and get back to all three sports.

I'm swimming 3-4 times a week and getting my ass handed to me weekly with a small masters group.  I'm able to (barely) make the splits of the fasties and the coaches are holding me to it making stick to the intervals.  I'm sore like never before (what lats?) and leave the pool whooped.  In a sick way, I'm loving it.

Cycling is on the back burner until March with just just a couple of rides a week right now to spin out the legs.  I suck.  I'm slow.  I don't really enjoy it because my legs are tired and trashed from running so much.  I'm a whiney brat and even though I try not to be, my mouth just opens and complains.  Mostly because it's been so damn cold I really don't enjoy it, but other than that I'm just being a big baby.  Actually, this weekend it's supposed to be 75 and sunny so I'm going to do my best to ENJOY riding on Saturday and not complain ;)

SO looking forward to March - even though coach #BSC has me scared of the bike camp she's going to put me through…

And finally.  The job front.  I've made a LOT of connections.  LinkedIn is the new Facebook.  I basically feel like I'm pimping myself out.  I'm looking for something that I will enjoy.  I want to work with people. With clients.  I want to use my marketing and analytical background helping customers, clients and or a team with strategy.  I want to learn more about PR and Social Media in regards to marketing.  Honestly, I'm really open to something NEW!

What I don't want is to be stuck behind a desk for 10hrs a day crunching numbers with no interaction.  If I've learned anything at all over the past 10 years it's most certainly that THAT doesn't work for me.  While I spent the last 6 years basically managing email projects and plugging away being task oriented I was constantly in communication with my clients.  Frustrating at times, I still enjoyed the interaction.  I loved working out of a home office.  Nothing would make me more happy that being able to stay home at least part time and work from here….

I've had a lot of people ask me about coaching and suggest I start my own business.  Everyone knows how passionate I am about running an triathlon, many of which have known me since the beginning days.  I'm actually so incredibly flattered by these suggestions, and maybe someday will make that a reality.  Talk about doing what you love most, what more could I ask for….

Unfortunately I don't know that this is the right time, but… never say never.

What a better way to close with my new theme of the year.  THE SKY IS THE LIMIT, DREAM BIG!