Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going back for a 3rd time!

What a crazy last couple of weeks. I was down and out for 4 solid days with the stomach flu and upper respiratory infection. I suffered through 2x4hour rides over the weekend, one ending about 15miles from my house when I realized I just couldn't make it any further so I sat and waited for Shane to ride home & come back and rescue me. The second ride ended with a pit stop for a coke to get me through the last 90mins because I just could not stomach any gels or other junk in my tummy. But agh, sweet coke...... Just like mile 16 in Ironman :-)

While trying to regain my strength and appetite. Appetite meaning needing more than 5 Popsicles a day. I learned on Saturday... you just can't survive on Popsicles. Anyhoo - while all this was going on, our Canada group also found out that our rental home fell through. Long story short, I was stuck scrambling to find 6 of us decent accommodations 2 months out from an Ironman. An Ironman in a small town. Thankfully not as small as Coeur d'Alene or we'ld be screwed. After 2 days of searching and 30 or 40 emails and phone calls we have a place! Sweet relief....

On top of the Canada home drama I was also in search for accommodations for Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I guess I just can't get enough of it. Actually, I have 2 real good reasons for going back. 1. Some friends and supporters of ours that live in the area are signing up for it to be their 1st Ironman. They came out to support us in 07 & 08 and got hooked on the sport themselves. We just have to be there for them!

2. I have some unfinished business. Things didn't go as planned my second time around in CDA. Several of us had some awful stomach problems (presumably from the water that was not so fresh & clean after all the run off that year) and was unable to take in fuel on the bike, leading to a SLOW bike and colossal bonk on the run. Top it off with neck problems & epidural injections and a BAD swim and I was less than happy with my performance. Like I said, unfinished business in CDA.

So, we registered for another Ironman before finishing the current one. Something about that is SO. WRONG. And, I booked a house for us. This year our ironhouse will have Shane & I. Daniel the torture trainer is coming back for his re-do. Speedy Pants Em is coming from Utah to rock it with us and my girlfriend Amanda joined in last minute to do her FIRST Ironman. I'm so excited she is doing it with us & chose this race. I have promised her she won't regret it.

The best part. We rented the same home we stayed in last summer... I can't wait to get back! 2011 can't come soon enough...

Although, I suppose I should be focusing a little more on the next 8 weeks. 8 weeks until Ironman Canada! And, as I've been told by my coach...the real training starts next week. YIKES!

Friday, June 25, 2010

listening to your body

I didn't realize my last post was the Deuces Wild post when I was sick, and DNF'd. Bummer. I felt like I recovered quite quickly from the stomach bug, and got back into training by Tuesday. However, by Thursday night we were headed back to Rocky Point for the Roger Clyne Show so not much rest, and not exactly more quality training.

Shane & I had a great longish ride, 3hrs the morning before we left so I felt good about heading out of town with that under out belts. We were going to try to do our longest run (2hrs) on Friday morning. We got up at 5:30 (unheard of in Mexico) listening to crazy strong winds outside. After a 4mile out and back with the dogs we had to modify the plan and loop around our neighborhood not heading out to the main dirt road because the winds were just too strong when we weren't protected by the homes. We made it about 10.5miles before we were just DONE. The hard packed dirt roads, heat and humidity really tore us up. Knees were throbbing, backs hurt & we had lost a lot of fluids... We figured it was the smartest thing we could do.

We had a great day with friends, out to dinner & listening to live music, home in bed by 10! We did get a little later start, but headed out for another run in the wind! Thankfully, it wasn't quite as hot - but the dogs didn't last as long so we dropped them off after a half an hour & headed down to run the rest of it on the beach. The strong winds & current had made all these crazy tide pools in the sand so it was kinda like adventure running. Fun, but hard for sure! We made it about 7miles total that day, even though it felt like 10!

The weekend was a blast, but when we got home on Monday night we were ready to get back at the training. Tuesday ride & swim, Wed track & swim. That's when it all started to go down hill.

I woke up in the middle of the night Wed completely soaked. I looked like I just got back from a run, in Hawaii. My cloths were soaked thru, my hair sopping wet. This has happened to me before so I didn't think too much of it, BUT I was a little worried when Shane didn't get up for his ride. IN fact, he stayed in bed for 12 hours that night. My ride on Thursday was difficult. My HR was about 15beats higher than normal, same effort. Same thing Friday on my run..... I was dizzy and a little sick to my stomach.

My chest felt "fuzzy" Friday night, but I was so set on getting in a long ride I just ignored it. I decided I would do what I could & just keep my HR low. We had a decent ride. 80miles, 3000ft of climbing and I kept my HR avg below 140.

And that was the last time I left the house or was active for the next 5 days. Whatever got me hit me like a ton of bricks Saturday night. My stomach was aching, throbbing. My lungs were a mess. By Sunday I was hacking, puking and couldn't eat or drink. I was nibbling on ice cubes. On Monday when I still had a fever, couldn't sleep and felt worse I decided to go to the Dr.

Obviously I had a stomach flu, but I also had an upper respiratory infection so he prescribed some antibiotics, a codeine cough medicine with anti nausea and a higher dose steroid inhaler to help with the lungs.

Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat human. I was able to do an easy "spin" on the bike. I kept my Hr around 130, but I was still queasy. I also went for a swim which felt FANTASTIC. The water was nice and cool and it really helped with the nausea.

Today I went out for my first run in a week. It was 90degrees, humid and muggy. I survived but it was so clear how much I need to get some nutrition in me. I'm slowly starting to eat, but it's just hard when nothing sounds good.... even my favorite food, peanut butter :-(

I have a huge training block for the next 3 days and I'm just hoping I've got enough in me to make it through. I will this time, listen to my body. It knows best. I should have listened a week ago...

Too much play, too much travel and not enough hydration and rest. I'm looking forward to being back at it, healthy and strong. 10 weeks and counting!!! See ya on the flip side :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival

I knew on Wednesday morning I wasn't feeling right. I had a headache that I thought was related to coming back from Mexico to the dry air. I tried it all. Sudafed, Steam, Tylenol, Airborne, and sleeping with nose strips. I drank water like it was going out of style. Shane & I were both sleeping about 9-10hours from Tues-Thursday nights but each day I woke up feeling worse... but not quite sick.

My lungs were good, legs rested... but things didn't feel right. Thursday after some short bike intervals I went to the pool for my last swim workout before the race. Coach had me doing a ton of 50s, with the last set of 8 of them @90%. My times were close to my warmup times, but not the effort.

The drive up to Show Low Shane & I both were quietly sitting in misery. I think we were both afraid to say anything in fear of freaking the other one out. Once we got to our rental cabin there was no hiding it. It was 5pm and we were TOAST. DONE. Ready for bed. We both had body aches all over and just very uncomfortable We made a nice meal & watched a little bit of a movie and were in bed before 9pm.

And the rest of the night was awful. I actually fell right asleep....but was woken up by my exterminator (aka) Shane smacking the shit out of "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW." Which means - a big effing spider... And, if you know anything about me, you know I am deathly afraid of those nasty things. So, of course I made him describe it to me anyway and thus any thought of sleeping was OVER.

I am pretty sure I looked at my clock every hour. I was hot, then cold, sweaty then cold again. Even the dogs were crazy restless and pacing. Shane finally left the room at about 2am to try to get some peace in the other bedroom.

Things didn't get better with the 4:30am "wake-up" call. Which really means, just give up on trying to get any sleep. Shane had a flat tire. He quickly changed the tire only to realize he had another bad tube. Plan B - I drove Shane down to the race start to try to get someone to help.... Then I returned to get my gear ready, feed the dogs & ride my bike to transition. I really wanted to get there before Shane started, worried his bike was even rideable. The first mile I was riding I was queasy. I had chills and was sweating. BUT, my legs felt good. I made it into transition, racked my bike & headed down to see if I could catch Shane. I heard his bike was fixed so he must have gone off with his wave. Pheww....

I got all my stuff ready trying not to thing about how I felt & went to watch the 1/2 iron swimmers come out. Shane came out in a pretty good time, despite how he felt - but you could tell by the look on his face he was not well..... Of course his lovely wife yelled "suck it up buttercup." Good thing he loves me :-)

Finally it was my swim start. I was sweating like mad in my wetsuit and still nauseous. I started a little further back than normal hoping I could just catch a draft. Surprisingly the cool water actually calmed my stomach. I felt so much better. I tried to push it at first but my stomach was not happy with that so I just cruised along. I could see the front pack of girls (pink caps) out in front but I was pretty lonely until the first and second buoys when I caught a lot of the men. I figured I must be doing ok if I was with that many boys and they took off 4 mins ahead so I just cruised in. I didn't run up to transition, used the wetsuit strippers (for an OLYMPIC - GO TRISPORTS!!) downed some gatorade (also something I never do but figured I needed all the help I could get).

As I mounted my bike a volunteer yelled out to me that I was the 12th female. I just giggled. Little effort, feeling like A-hole and I pulled THAT out. I think the elevation really got to a lot of people in the swim and I seemed ok with it. I cruised along at a good pace, but every time I tried to pick it up I felt sick... I passed a total of 5 girls, which put me into 7th place and couldn't help but get excited. But, then some hills started and the same thing with pushing it and making me feel sick so I had to hold back. I got passed by a couple of girls, then I think passed one more but any of them could have been from the half iron group we had just met up with.

I lost my waterbottle about 10miles from the finish so had to do a gel with out any liquids and wasn't able to take any salt pills. I really felt my weakness on the last climb and few miles into t-1 but figured I would give the run at least a try.

A quick T-2 and I walked to the water station to down some water & gatorade. I slowly started off on the trail along the lake. I felt like I was CRAWLING. My garmin was reading 8:30s-9:30s but every time I tried to move my feet faster I got dizzy. I started seeing stars, and dry heaving while running. I looked at my watch and had only gone 3/4 of a mile. I just couldn't go on. It wasn't worth making myself anymore sick. I stopped in the shade for a couple mins then started to walk back. I volunteer gave me a chair to sit in and some water until I felt a little better then I slowly walked the last .5mile back to transition.

I know it was the smart thing to do, but of course I am sitting here wondering if I could have held my place in the race. Deep down I'm pretty sure I could have finished it - but it would have been walking and dehydrating myself even more.

It is without a doubt I will be back at this race next year. The LaPans (Shane also DNFd about 1/3 into his bike ride for the same reasons) have some unfinished business in Show Low.