Monday, July 21, 2008

Got Content?

With Shane busy launching a new business..... and me bored out of my mind with work on the slow side, and not so much Ironman training anymore...

I've decided to take it upon myself and get some more content loading onto So, while I'm going to be catching up on writing a bunch of reviews on all the fun triathlon related products I've tried lately, I'm also going to send out a request to all my fellow bloggers...

If you have any of your favorite, or even not so favorite products that you've tried lately, we would LOVE to hear about them.

New shoes, wheels, tires, running skirts, tri-shorts, SADDLES, nutrition, sunglasses. You name it, we want to hear about it.

Also, we'd love to start getting our forum busy. Training questions, race questions, wanna talk about it, please go here:

Race reports. It's summer and for most of you I've been reading about some great upcoming races. For those of us in Hell, I mean Arizona... not so much on the racing front going on.

If you have a race report. PLEASE send it my way and I'll post it on the website:

The idea and begining of was something Shane thought of as a way to share our love and passion for the sport.

Please also, send your comments and suggestions our way!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a few quirks

My friend Stacie tagged me a while back, but I was still trying to finish my race report. Well, that's done and I'm bored so here we go:

The 6 Quirks Meme - -The Rules
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment for each of the tagged bloggers letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I hate dry feet. I just hate how they feel... they itch and feel gross. I will walk around looking like a fool wearing stupid old socks cause I just slathered lotion all over them and it needs to soak in. I'm a walking fashion statement, of course.

2. I have shopping basket issues. When I'm bored, I'll be all over the internet looking at things I've been wanting needing and add them to a basket. But 99% of the time I don't follow through with the purchase. I suppose that is a good thing?

3. Most of you already know this, but I am DEATHY afraid of spiders. Even nat size ones. I completely over-react and freakout, and I KNOW it's irrational, but I just can't help it. They are the devil.

4. I sweat like a man. Seriously. When I work out I sweat more than any girl I've ever known, and sometimes, quite honestly more than a lot of men. I think I get it from my Dad. He sweats when he eats certain foods. Like ketchup. I've started it a little with spicy red sauce. Can you say WEIRD?

5. I have water issues. I absolutely CAN NOT run out of water. When I lived in Washington it was not a problem. Tap water was good. AZ. Not.So.Much. My bottle of water (plus reserve) is my security blanket. I will run out of food, or could care less about having a bathroom (I've been known to pee just about anywhere), but damn it, I will NOT run out of water. And, I drink it like it's going out of style...

6. This one is probably TMI, but here goes. While some of you mommies can prolly relate to changing diapers, I of course will use my children as examples. I am totally ok with picking up my own dog's poop using a plastic bag. It's gross, and stinks.. but for some reason I can do it with my dogs. Dog sit someone else's dog - that's a WHOLE new ball game. It's stupid really...but I gag, and just can't do it. Need a 5' shovel.

Now my turn to tag some folks.... Here goes:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life After

We're just over 3 weeks post Ironman. I know everyone else is starting their freakout modes of what is next.... I must figure out my Ironman plan!! I guess since I signed up right away from CDA after last year, I didn't' really have this feeling. And, once again... as much as I love having that goal out in front, I'm doing ok not making any big decisions.

There are so many races I want to do. Unfortunately, most of them are big destination races (IM Brazil, Australia, NZ....) so those take a lot of $$ and planning. There are also a couple of NA races I want to do. 1. Canada 2. Wisconsin. Again, unfortunately there are some downfalls. Those are both late summer races, which means peak training in 110degrees plus 70-90% humidity. It's downright miserable here in AZ so I just can't bring myself to sign up for those races right now.

The LaPan's (one in particular) are busy working on some business opportunities that WILL (that was for you honey) eventually make those plans a reality, but for now..I need to just sit back and hold tight.

While Ironman training last year Shane & I decided that we had gotten pretty far away from where we started. Shorter races, more running and fun stuff. We had a blast at the Rocky Point 10K, so we decided we wanted to spend the next year doing some non-ironman stuff. Half Marathons, 10Ks, Olympic Distances and a few half ironman. So, for now, that is my plan. I don't have any set races YET. But, I have my eye on a couple maybes.....

Right now we (shane & I both) are spending July just "exercising" and not following a plan. We are swimming, biking and running.. but minimal distances and time. Of course this is not exactly satisfying when you are used to 20+ hrs of training, so we are keeping ourselves occupied with a mini remodel. In fact last Sunday we spent 12+hours NON-STOP with a "cleanse," big donation trip, organizing and moving of rooms (offices).

Next up we are getting a couple of bids on a bathroom remodel that will give us more storage (i.e. BIGGER CLOSET for my shoes!) and some much needed updating.

When we first moved into the is house 6 years ago we had to do some immediate remodeling and honestly we just lost our mojo. The house was starting to really take the toll and it has been in some desperate need of TLC.. Thankfully it seems we've overcome our remodel phobia and are back in the grove. Not to mention we (ok...I )am far to OCD to go from 20+hrs of training to just working out, so this is keeping me sane.

On the post Ironman body recovery. Mentally, I am there. I want to be out there running 3 days a week, but my IT band is not having that. I've been running twice a week, but only up to 40-45mins. I had 1 ART treatment and that helped, but I think I need a couple more. It's not painful, but I can feel it so I'm sure there's some new scar tissue built up. If it hurts, I'm not running. I'm trying to be "good."

I'm extremely thankful that my neck and nerve issues have not kept me from swimming. Last year after Ironman I was in so much pain I had to take 6 months of from swimming. I've been to the pool 1-2 times per week and even did a 3000yard swim, effortlessly last week. Just because I CAN.

We also did a fun bike ride on Sunday with Dane, the guy who has been working on our bikes, and rebuilt Malibu-Barbie after her 'incident'. Anyway - we had him clean up our road bikes and when we picked them up last week he invited us to ride with him on Sunday. We told him it was our first time back in the saddle post IM and we weren't exactly going to be "hammering it." He said no problem, he was helping some rookies learn to climb better.. Help, climbing? We're in.

This is what happened to us.... Do you see my HR? Yah - it would go from peaking in the 180s to "recovering" in the 170's. Needless to say we didn't last 2hrs :-) It did feel fantastic to push that hard though! Oh, and BTW - the rookies didn't show so it was us getting our A@@es handed to us.

And, on that note I will end with some pictures. Mostly of my niece since my sister FINALLY sent me the pictures from our Rocky Point trip in May, as well as Ironman.

Future Ironman????

Did anyone see this sign?

Running to Taylor before the finish... I wish I had planned for her to run with me. I was so excited to see her!!

The Iron Couple.. I love this picture, even though we are looking at a different camera..

Tay & Shane post Race

Tay & me post Race...

Here are some pics from our trip to Mexico on May.....

Rocky Point House View.. wish we were there...

Tay & Uncle Shane (in his drinking hat)

Baxter guarding HIS beach while we played in the water

Rocky Point 10K Finish

Apparently she is too cool....
Holly, Shane & "Ritas"
Tay & "Sissa" matching....
Model Tay in Rocky Point

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

After a week to get unpacked, and we started to go stir-crazy post Ironman, the Angelones invited us to spend the 4th of July in San Diego with them. Ugh 110degs and humid in AZ, bring on California! Actually, for as many times as I have visited San Diego, it was always for a race. I never really got to do anything fun... I was totally ready.

We left Friday late morning - momo in my car, and Shane with Big J. You know M & I talk about the same stuff every day over and over, but somehow it never gets old, or boring. Although Shane will totally disagree. I think we did talk about some different stuff this time around though. Must have, at one point I totally forgot that we were following Big J and he lost us. Not cause he was speeding or anything :-)

The weekend was absolutely FABULOUS. We did what we do best when we get together. Drink wine. Damn, the four of us can put some bottles down. We ate fantastic seafood from our GrillMaster Big J.

We went to some friend's of the Angelones home for a 4th of July BBQ then saw some of the best fireworks I've seen since I was a little kid and it was legal to let them off in your front yard.

We spent an extra day with them, cause we just didn't want to leave! We headed out on the boat and I played with my new playmate Frankie in the water....

After a couple of drinks of course, because we all know my fear of the ocean. Then, somehow (cranberry/vodka somehow) I just jumped right in.

Ok, well first momo tried to convince me HER way of jumping in (see concoction in picture - she'll prolly kill me for posting this but it was TOO damn funny), but I opted for my way of finishing my drink then just jumpin in!

And then made a fool of myself. RUNNING on the beach racing the two kids...

And run/jumping into the water like freaking baywatch.

After getting somewhat cleaned up we headed to the park in Coronado for music, dancing like we actually had some rhythm and out to a fantastic dinner. Oh, and Shane taught little J the white boy over-bite dance. Funniest thing ever.

It was such a fantastic weekend I so didn't want it to end. Or to drive home with my hangover, but we survived.... and I can say it was my best 4th of July ever. We love the Angelones :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The run - The END (finally)

After a much needed potty break and a quick change, I was out of T-2 in about 5mins! I had no idea what was going to happen to me on the run after a slower than expected bike, but I certainly didn't want to waste more time in transition...

As I headed out to the run my stomach felt like a big old bubble. I had been so cramped up on the bike, I think as I took in water, I was also taking in extra air.

This is what my stomach looked like on the start of the run. See the bloating OVER the race belt? Nice, huh?

My 19 week run training, was actually more of about a 14-15 week run training due to the IT band. Lots of massage, foam roll, constant ice and ART treatment. About week 10 it finally came around and I was able to complete most of my runs pain free.

69Hours, 426miles. My runs were getting much faster closer to a 9min pace than a 10min pace and my HR in the low 140s. I haven't run this efficiently ever. Every training run was a boost in my confidence. A much needed boost. I used to be a runner.... Then I was an injured runner.... I was really beginning to feel like a runner again.

Out of transition I got my plan out. After a LOT of walking last year starting at mile 3, I was determined to not do that. Last year I didn't have the miles behind me. I had not run a marathon in 4 years. I was scared. This year was different... and I needed to perform differently.

I saw my girl in her bright green out fit on the first out and back.
She desperately tried to get me to "catch" up to her, but I knew the girl could run...and making up 5mins at that point just wasn't in the bag for me. Plus, she was MOVIN!
After the first mile I actually started to run more. My legs felt fantastic and my stomach was getting better.... I started at the 2nd aid station trying to get in calories. I started with gatorade and water. I tried pretzels, but couldn't get them down... So for about 6-8 miles I did gatorade and water... I figured if I could get even half a cup of gatorade every 10mins or so that was at least 100cals an hour.
I realized out of transition that although I had put my Garmin velcro strap on my wrist in T-1, I never actually took the Garmin off my bike. No HR, No speed sensor... I was going to run this marathon "naked." So, as soon as I found my #1 fan Carrie on the course, I stripped off the HR strap and my wrist strap and from then on would use Perceived effort and my plain old watch.
I hit a lap split at the start of the run and did easy math for my goal. 11min overall mile. So all I did was the 10min/mile calculation then add a minute for every mile I passed.... It's the little things you know, that help pass the time.
8miles into the run and I had gained 5mins. I was ecstatic. I started having thoughts like, "OMG, I'm having the run of my life!!!" A bit dramatic now that I think about it, but I was so happy to be running, and avg under my goal pace.
My stomach actually eased up a bit, and the bloating went away.... See no more bulge!

Every time that I saw our fabulous sherpas, I got a boost!
I saw Shane and although he was struggling a bit, he was at least an hour out in front of me and I
knew he would be making his goal...or close to it.
I knew there was also no way Daniel could make up the gap between the two and Big J would be getting his $50... I love the guy, but natural talent can only take you so far! This is Ironman, and distance needs to be respected and trained for... I'm pretty sure the next time around Daniel is going to kick all of our asses!!!
On the first loop when I got to the hill I was still running. For some reason, in my head I thought that it was about a mile long, so when I heard the beeping of the timing mat at the top I couldn't believe it! I turned around and with a big smile on my face headed down the hill... About a mile or so later I saw Momo. I actually thought she would catch me on the second loop, and just maybe we would be finishing together again. She looked strong and I didn't think I would be holding up as well for the entire run.
I continued my pace back through transition and into the beginning of loop 2.
About mile 14 when I saw the sherpas again I was getting nauseous. I was way way way low on calories, but there's just only so much you can do after that many hours. They tried to give me some pepto or something to settle my stomach, but the thought of it made me more I just kept on going.
Mile 16. My official BONK. Last year I made it until mile 3 before I walked (other than the aid stations). This year it was mile 16. I was way too far out of calories, although very hydrated and stopping at several honey buckets.
Daniel finally passed me up. I held him until my 16 and that was far more than I expected!
He had his game face on and was bookin.
The rest of the marathon was a walk run for me. My first half was around 2:20.... I hoped I could still break 5hours, and 13 hours total, but I just lost too much time. I started the coke at mile 21 and after it disappointed me last year, it was perking my up this time around for sure! I ran when I could, and walked when I needed to..
Once I knew I would at least beat last years time I was so happy. I love this sport, I love the challenge and I love the entire experience. I had so many people out there with me on that day. My friends, my family, my husband.....
Even though I ran a 5:04 marathon I still have that first 16miles in my head. I was running, and running strong. I'm so very proud of this portion of the race. It was a big step for me after years and years of struggle with injury to feel that great, no pain.

As I turned for the finish stretch my brother in law was there.. He told me where everyone was and I took off. I ran over to my niece and grabbed her hands..... She put a big smile on my face and I picked it up for the final yards.

It was a strong finish. A happy finish. I'm so thankful for everyone out there who supported, you made it such an amazing day....

I'm also glad you so many of you were there to celebrate post race on Monday. Krista style...tequila shots and all :-)

When all was said and done, and we arrived back home Ironman wasn't complete without this....

Our Irondog. He helps us get out of bed on so many days to make sure we get our miles in. He deserved the medal (and wears it just as proud) as Shane & I do.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bike

19 weeks of training... 128HOURS, 2,241miles on mini-me. Needless to say, I have NOT yet been on her post race.

Again, I was trained. I ran in the cold in January with 8 layers on. I rode in the heat in June pouring water down my back. I rode 7hours in a freak cold storm (for AZ) and in the rain.

We were in bed the night before the race, and I asked Shane, "how fast do you think I can ride?"

You see, all week long my friends, fellow bloggers that had followed my training on my blog were telling me how ready I was. How well I could do. They were trying to help me get my "game" face on. To get some confidence. Last year I did a 6:32, but I rode scared. I didn't let my HR get above 150 (except on the hills) and I drank WAY too much water having to stop a lot for potty breaks. AND, I didn't train nearly as much, or as fast....

So, my question to Shane was something I needed. I needed someone ELSE to tell me how well I could bike. His response, "Sub 6." My next question, "What do you think I actually WILL bike tomorrow?"

His response, and my new secret goal "6:10." I knew that was somewhere around 18mph, and with my training I knew I could do it.

Unfortunately, my body had another idea out on the bike. Much like the night before (I'm not sure any of us have mentioned this but Saturday Momo, Shane & I all had incredibly bad stomach cramps....) I began having stomach pains right off the bat. I did however feel a little hungry, so I settled my HR in and 10mins into the bike I started my nutrition.

My planned nutrition was 100calories every 40mins, plus sipping on a carbo-pro/gatorade mix of 400cals. It worked like a charm during my training. That would give me about 1400-1500calories in just over 6hrs...

On the first out and back I saw Shane (WAY ahead of me), and Lindsay about 10mins ahead of me. They both looked fantastic....

On my way back into transition I saw Daniel and Melisa.... I think I gestured a wave, but not sure I even got that out. I was REALLY hoping my stomach wasn't going to feel like this ALL day, but things weren't looking good.

There were a couple of times I was bunny-hoping with some other riders. I'd pass them, but as soon as I put any effort into the bike my stomach pain would get worse and they would re-pass me. My HR was hovering in the low 140s, but I just couldn't bring it up. I felt like I was crawling.

Before heading into the hills I saw my sister.. I ripped off my arm warmers so I wouldn't have to carry them. I was comfortable (Being wet & cold out of the swim I put my jersey over my tri-top, added arm warmers AND gloves - WTF?) and knew I would get warmer up in the hills.

The wind picked up as we were out in Hayden. ESPECIALLY on the hills. I didn't remember this from last year.... I felt like were were protected in the hills from the wind, but it was really strong this time. You could see whitecaps on Hayden Lake.

The first steep hill I remembered from last year. Once again, there was a photographer waiting to catch your expression. I knew how bad I looked last year on this climb, so I THOUGHT I put on a smile... You can see here that is about how I felt. A fake, painful smile.
I tried everything I could to get my mind off my stomach. I chatted with people, tried to remind myself of my training, but I was in pain. For the first time in my life I have thoughts of DNF'ing.

I hear stories about people with stomach issues, and saw first hand what happened at IMAZ when people couldn't take in nutrition. The fear started to get to me....

Thankfully, I was almost finished with loop one and got to go back thru downtown where all our fans were waiting. I saw EVERYONE. It fired me up.... I was so incredibly happy to see them all, hear them all. For a few moments I forgot all about my stomach and just RODE. Photographer extraordinaire Jaynee captured how I felt at that moment...
On the second out and back I decided to stop at the special needs bag. I was getting a little warmer and felt constricted. I took off my bike jersey and put it in the bag, then was on my way.

I needed to go to the bathroom, but every honey bucket I passed had lines. I knew I was already behind on my time and didn't' want to wait. I actually thought I might pee on the bike! Having the honey buckets to watch for actually helped pass the time.

I decided to give plain gatorade a try, so I ditched my carbo-pro mix and took a couple sips of gatorade. Same thing, just not happy in my stomach. I tried salt... pills, then some plain salt. Still not helping. So, I stuck to water, and tried to take in my gels.

I saw everyone else again on the second loop and we were just about the same distance between each other (except Shane, he was gaining on all of us) so I figured I wasn't the only one having a tough day. We did basically all our rides together and I knew we were both capable of so much more.

Back through town and I saw everyone again.... For the last 5mins of the ride I just pushed it. I got my HR up a little and used all of their energy to get me into

Where I RAN to use the bathroom. I think I peed for 2mins non stop. And, FINALLY was able to pass some of the painful air that was hurting me so bad.

Bike time: 6:34:21, 17mph

Am I disappointed with my time? Yes, and no. I'm better than that. I'm faster than that. But, given the day, and given the situation I did what I could. I fought the DNF demons in my head. I didn't give way to the pain. I toughed it out. I'm proud of that, proud that I didn't give up. Some will still say it's a fantastic bike time. To me, it's good... but you know we all want to just be able to achieve what we are capable of, regardless of the actual time...

You can do everything perfect. Train properly, have all the fancy equipment, but that's not what the race is about. It's about THAT given day. The elements out there and how you put it all together to become your race. Your day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The swim

Over the course of 19 week I swam 168,575 yards. I was trained. Unfortunately due to 6 months of neck/nerve injuries I was unable to swim from July 07-January 08 so I had lost a LOT of speed. The first couple months of training were getting the feel back, and being very very careful not to tweak anything. Slowly, I got my rhythm back and started movin in the water again. I wasn't quite as fast as I was the previous year, but I knew I could swim a 1:10, 1:15 slowest, with minimal effort....

We did a couple of pre-race swims and I felt great. No arm pain, or neck pain, although I did have some tingling going down to my fingers... I was hoping it was just from being stiff and running around like crazy for a couple days. The water was COLD. Like hurt your skin cold, but my wetsuit is awesome and my core stayed very comfortable. The swim was totally "doable."

Come race day, after all the body marking, and pre-race jitters we were on our way to the water.... I felt SO different this time. Last year I was scared out of my mind. I was trembling, and CRYING.

Not this year. This I was nervous, but not terrified. And, as we got to the beach and the crowds began to form and the music started I got EXCITED! Miss Suplinds was dancing... and I was eating it up.

The cannon scared the shit out of me, but I dove in and never looked back. Unfortunately, I don't think we picked the best place to start. We had people veering in from both sides, inside and outside the buoys. I was getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter.... I swam very protected, as not to get kicked. I didn't get to do much actual swimming, but somehow the last buoy was there and we were rounding to head back in...

On the way in I felt great. I was sighting and veering a little to my right, but not much... I got out of the water and my watch said 36:and some change. I looked up at the crowd... walked the beach and spotted my beautiful niece Taylor. She was up on her Dad's shoulders. I yelled at her and she saw me and waved. With a big smile on my face I dove back in...

I felt great and decided to pick up the pace a little. It did seem to take a bit longer to get to the last buoy, but I figured it was from less draft, and the wind and chop picked up a little. Out the 100yard(ish) buoy then heading in to shore. I was in a zone. My stroke felt good, besides some numbness in my right arm and I had room. Each time I spotted I noticed I was getting outside (to my right a bit too much) so I would try to turn in.... Somewhere in there I REALLY got turned out. Like, so much when I looked up I saw NOTHING. I saw the Resort dock and Tubbs hill in front of me. No beach, no people, no swimmers....

SHIT. I had a panic moment, then turned (good 90degs) until I saw the beach. I had swum off course a good 200-250 yards in the WRONG directions. Just as I figured it out a jet ski came by to get me on course. I waved and put my head in the water. I swam hard. I gave it what I had to get back on course and make up some time.

I got in my head a bit. Disappointment, anger.... I went from Excited and confident to this. Every few strokes I checked my course and I was STILL veering some to the right. I couldn't figure it out....

I eventually hit the water, checked my watch and tried to just move on.

Swim time: 1:17:59....

I lost 4-5mins with my extra distance, maybe more because I swam harder on the second loop. I've gone thru this over and over in my head trying to figure out what went wrong. My right arm is my GOOD form arm. My left arm crosses a bit on my pull. How could my left arm have pulled me so far in that direction?

Then it came to me. With my nerve issues and my arm going somewhat numb on the swim, my right arm must not have been really pulling.... So, my left arm, bad form and all was doing the majority of the work... and it showed.

All in all I had a "Good" swim.... I never got scared and I SWAM. Unfortunately I just swam the wrong way for a bit.... I know eventually I will get my swim down... I will.

I tried to make up some time in T1, but my wetsuit got stuck on my watch so that was a bit of a challenge... and a potty break of course. I did make it out of there under 10mins though, I was pretty happy with that!