Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The run - The END (finally)

After a much needed potty break and a quick change, I was out of T-2 in about 5mins! I had no idea what was going to happen to me on the run after a slower than expected bike, but I certainly didn't want to waste more time in transition...

As I headed out to the run my stomach felt like a big old bubble. I had been so cramped up on the bike, I think as I took in water, I was also taking in extra air.

This is what my stomach looked like on the start of the run. See the bloating OVER the race belt? Nice, huh?

My 19 week run training, was actually more of about a 14-15 week run training due to the IT band. Lots of massage, foam roll, constant ice and ART treatment. About week 10 it finally came around and I was able to complete most of my runs pain free.

69Hours, 426miles. My runs were getting much faster closer to a 9min pace than a 10min pace and my HR in the low 140s. I haven't run this efficiently ever. Every training run was a boost in my confidence. A much needed boost. I used to be a runner.... Then I was an injured runner.... I was really beginning to feel like a runner again.

Out of transition I got my plan out. After a LOT of walking last year starting at mile 3, I was determined to not do that. Last year I didn't have the miles behind me. I had not run a marathon in 4 years. I was scared. This year was different... and I needed to perform differently.

I saw my girl in her bright green out fit on the first out and back.
She desperately tried to get me to "catch" up to her, but I knew the girl could run...and making up 5mins at that point just wasn't in the bag for me. Plus, she was MOVIN!
After the first mile I actually started to run more. My legs felt fantastic and my stomach was getting better.... I started at the 2nd aid station trying to get in calories. I started with gatorade and water. I tried pretzels, but couldn't get them down... So for about 6-8 miles I did gatorade and water... I figured if I could get even half a cup of gatorade every 10mins or so that was at least 100cals an hour.
I realized out of transition that although I had put my Garmin velcro strap on my wrist in T-1, I never actually took the Garmin off my bike. No HR, No speed sensor... I was going to run this marathon "naked." So, as soon as I found my #1 fan Carrie on the course, I stripped off the HR strap and my wrist strap and from then on would use Perceived effort and my plain old watch.
I hit a lap split at the start of the run and did easy math for my goal. 11min overall mile. So all I did was the 10min/mile calculation then add a minute for every mile I passed.... It's the little things you know, that help pass the time.
8miles into the run and I had gained 5mins. I was ecstatic. I started having thoughts like, "OMG, I'm having the run of my life!!!" A bit dramatic now that I think about it, but I was so happy to be running, and avg under my goal pace.
My stomach actually eased up a bit, and the bloating went away.... See no more bulge!

Every time that I saw our fabulous sherpas, I got a boost!
I saw Shane and although he was struggling a bit, he was at least an hour out in front of me and I
knew he would be making his goal...or close to it.
I knew there was also no way Daniel could make up the gap between the two and Big J would be getting his $50... I love the guy, but natural talent can only take you so far! This is Ironman, and distance needs to be respected and trained for... I'm pretty sure the next time around Daniel is going to kick all of our asses!!!
On the first loop when I got to the hill I was still running. For some reason, in my head I thought that it was about a mile long, so when I heard the beeping of the timing mat at the top I couldn't believe it! I turned around and with a big smile on my face headed down the hill... About a mile or so later I saw Momo. I actually thought she would catch me on the second loop, and just maybe we would be finishing together again. She looked strong and I didn't think I would be holding up as well for the entire run.
I continued my pace back through transition and into the beginning of loop 2.
About mile 14 when I saw the sherpas again I was getting nauseous. I was way way way low on calories, but there's just only so much you can do after that many hours. They tried to give me some pepto or something to settle my stomach, but the thought of it made me more I just kept on going.
Mile 16. My official BONK. Last year I made it until mile 3 before I walked (other than the aid stations). This year it was mile 16. I was way too far out of calories, although very hydrated and stopping at several honey buckets.
Daniel finally passed me up. I held him until my 16 and that was far more than I expected!
He had his game face on and was bookin.
The rest of the marathon was a walk run for me. My first half was around 2:20.... I hoped I could still break 5hours, and 13 hours total, but I just lost too much time. I started the coke at mile 21 and after it disappointed me last year, it was perking my up this time around for sure! I ran when I could, and walked when I needed to..
Once I knew I would at least beat last years time I was so happy. I love this sport, I love the challenge and I love the entire experience. I had so many people out there with me on that day. My friends, my family, my husband.....
Even though I ran a 5:04 marathon I still have that first 16miles in my head. I was running, and running strong. I'm so very proud of this portion of the race. It was a big step for me after years and years of struggle with injury to feel that great, no pain.

As I turned for the finish stretch my brother in law was there.. He told me where everyone was and I took off. I ran over to my niece and grabbed her hands..... She put a big smile on my face and I picked it up for the final yards.

It was a strong finish. A happy finish. I'm so thankful for everyone out there who supported, you made it such an amazing day....

I'm also glad you so many of you were there to celebrate post race on Monday. Krista style...tequila shots and all :-)

When all was said and done, and we arrived back home Ironman wasn't complete without this....

Our Irondog. He helps us get out of bed on so many days to make sure we get our miles in. He deserved the medal (and wears it just as proud) as Shane & I do.


Flatman said...

Woot! Very nice race...and 13:09 is a great time! Congratulations to you AND your dogs. Thanks for sharing... :)

Supalinds said...

Wahoo, finally!! I've been tapping my fingers for days now waiting to read your race report.

Krista, I can't say this enough - you are AMAZING!!! You had a damn good race! The fact that ran that well after all that bloating and pain on the bike is something else!!

I was so excited when I saw you within the first mile of the run. Even though we didn't get to run together I knew you were with me, and me with you!!

Girl, words can't describe how happy I am to have raced with you! Love the hell out of you, and can't wait for what is to come!!!


Oh, and I can't wait to meet your dogs!

Iron Eric said...

Great race report! So many details. I love IRONDOG!!

Spokane Al said...

Very cool! Congratulations!

momo said...

so, now i guess the question is...


i have big plans for us if you didn't...


Comm's said...

great report Krista and admitedly it made me a little sad to not be able to live that life anymore.

BTW, Tri-Dummy may have come up with some rule about Race Bling on animals. This may go to the tri shaped table at the League of Triathletes.

Molly said...

Great report!
Thanks for letting me travel with rock!
I agree that the pups deserve some props (And bling) too!
Take Care

Erin said...

First of all, congratulations on a spectacular race. Sounds like you had some definite issues to overcome, and STILL whipped out a 13-hour finish. That is impressive.

Second of all, Baxter is about the cutest thing (next to my V's, of course) that I've ever seen! What personality he has in all the pictures of him. I got little goosebumps when you credited him for helping you with your training, too. They're absolutely wonderful, aren't they? And they deserve so much for all they give us.

Hope you're basking in the post-IM glow!

kt said...

Oh my gosh, I just teared up reading this last post. I think that makes me ready to suck it up and get registered for Ironman. Oops, that thought kinda sends my heartrate through the roof!

Way to get it done girl. I am so so proud of you. You put in the miles and the hours and you stuck with it even when you were feeling sucky on the run.

You are awesome!!!