Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Welcome to my blog! I decided to create this blog after reading my friend momo's blog for a couple months. Even though I talk to her daily, I love reading her blog. It's entertaining, informational & just plain ol' fun!

You see, we have a group of 7 friends that are all training for Ironman Coeur D'Alene together. This will be 4/7 of our first Ironman, and I am one of them. I thought, what better place to capture my thoughts, fears, and daily activities that go on over the next 5 months than here. Somewhere that I can share with friends, family & loved ones. Day 1 of my 20 week training program begins in 5 days. Monday, 2/5/07 starts the journey to the 2007 Ironman CDA.

Now, onto some more lighthearted stuff.... Rather than ramble on NON-STOP about simply training, I think I'll talk a little about what goes on outside of the hustle & bustle - or rather the run, bike, swim, eat, sleep routine. Although 'S' & I don't have a large family with lots of kids, we do have what makes us happy. 3, beautiful 4 legged children named Sara, Baxter & Abby. I will post a little about each of them on my blog so you can meet them. And, trust me - if you read my blog you will hear about them MORE than you probably want to. As most people say, I'm obsessed with my "kids!" But then again, aren't we all? Mine just look a little different than most - I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thankfully, I have come into a wonder job (THANKS MOMO) that allows me the time & freedom to write this blog. I was stuck in Corporate America right out of college & never seemed to find what suited me best. Now, I get to keep a career with the flexibility I need to not only make ends meet, but also enjoy life & all the adventures out there!

Now, bear with me as I'm just learning how to build this site & will most likely be changing it around for a while. Enjoy!!! ~K - A.K.A "Tri-Dogmom"