Monday, March 31, 2008

Got Products??

I started a forum post on the website.... We want to hear from you!

We know what OUR favorite products are, so we are working on getting those on our site for retail! We want to know what YOUR favorite products are!!!

My current project is working on getting Power Bar Products. Do you have ANY idea how many gels one house can go through with TWO people training for Ironman. Yah... it's a LOT!!! And they are not cheap...... Who would think flavored SUGAR could cost so much?
So, tell us what you WANT us to sell!!!

Please go HERE and give us some feedback!!!



Friday, March 28, 2008

I did it!!!!

2:10min run. Just under 13 miles... No records broken, but I'm just happy I was able to do it.

I was a little worried because yesterday I was really tight. I did the ice massage, roller and stretched 3 times. I woke up feeling pretty good, but when I started the run I could feel some twinging in my IT. Not at the knee though, above it on the side of my leg. I slowed my pace and just took very careful short steps. About 40mins into the run it all sorted just came together. I picked up the pace a little and felt so much better!

I stopped by home at about 8 miles to get more gel, salt and water... It was starting to get hot out and the sun was getting to me. The second loop was a little rough, and a little slower. It's been a LONG time since I've run that far and my feet and knees were feeling it. Plus, it's been a couple of big build weeks and and after tomorrow's workouts it will be about an ~18hr training week...

BUT, I made it... I feel good (a little soreness) and I hope it all keeps improving. I have an ART appt in a little bit, so we'll see what he says. My heel has been hurting a bit, so I might have him take a look at that too!
There is something about the training that is so gratifying. Every time I reach a new milestone I just get this confidence boost. While I know I've run 13 miles so many times before, it still felt like so much today!

Something about knowing what you have already accomplished this week, this month, and what you still have ahead of you.... It's pretty amazing to think what your body can do. How strong we all are. They say the training is the hardest part. The race is just the finale. I absolutely concur. It's all about the last 100 yards to the finish line... And, it is ALL worth it, and so much more!

Oh, and P.S. I'm STILL hungry. I woke UP hungry. I hope this slows down a bit.....

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Seriously. I can't get full. Well, ok, I can GET full, but then like 30mins later I'm hungry again. It started on Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday and I ate lunch :40mins ago, and seriously I'm hungry again. It it wasn't a salad girly type lunch either.

I had.... a pita filled with 3/4 can of tuna fish, some veggie chips (certainly not ONE of the prescribed servings, I'm sure), a piece of mozzarella cheese AND a girl scout cookie.

And, I still have to go down for my session with Daniel. However will I NOT wither away? HA!

2 weeks ago I was barely eating, surviving on something like 800 calories a day cause I felt like such crap. Then I was able to work out again, slowly getting hungry again - then BAM after that 5hr bike ride I got REALLY hungry, and well... it just hasn't stopped!

Good thing my training is gearing up. AND, good thing I've been able to run again! I made it both of my runs so far this week, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow will go well too! After my run I am going back to see the Dr. for ART session, and we'll see what he says!

Yippee! Things are looking up :-)

OH - and the CDA folks. I heard they just got MORE snow. I'm thinking that lake is gonna be PRETTY darn cold. Spokane Al, you are gonna have to keep us updated on that!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're LIVE

The new website is FINALLY up and running, baring just a few hickups.... Please go check it out, sign up and start playing! You can blog, shop, load/share pictures, check out other triathletes. We will have lots of fun/informative training tips, routes, race reports, product reports etc., as we continue to build the site.

The site isn't JUST for us. It's for everyone. Shane built this site to incorporate pieces about so many other sites that just didn't have it all. A place to put everything we want in one site.

We value your opinions so please send us any thoughts, ideas, etc.

Oh, also a FORUM for questions, classifieds (momo) and anything else you want from it!

Right now we are featuring the Zensah products as a discounted prices, and we will continue to grow our product selection offering OUR favorites, of course!

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 7

How did we already get through 7 weeks? Hmm, maybe because I slept week 6 away? Yah, that must be it.

Week 7 was tough. Recovering from that flu, upper respiratory crap was really really hard. I'm still not 100%. The good news is that every day I feel a little bit better, the workouts are just more effort than normal, and I've had to slow my paces dramatically due to increased HR and jut plain old lack of energy.

The running started out extremely rough when I made it less than 2 miles on my Monday run, was unable to do Wed's tempo... but things started looking up on Friday. I had 2 A.R.T. treatments and each day had less and less pain. I sure hope this lasts, I'm hopefully, but still scared....

On Saturday S & I had a 5 hour ride scheduled. It was tough. I knew from the get go I was in trouble. My HR was 145 where it is usually 130. Then about 15miles in, after we picked up momo & Jane we were heading up a pretty good climb. I had to pull back from the group to keep my HR in zone 2. My effort felt like 140, my HR said 160-165. I just couldn't do anything about it.

It continued this way for HOURS. I considered stopping, but I couldn't do it. I needed this ride. I needed it to boost my confidence after all the disappointing runs. I just had S & Daniel (you know my torture trainer who doesn't work out all that often, but still rocks everything he does... ya him...) pull ahead and they waited for me to catch up every once in a while.

Of course I didn't pick an easy route either... It was tough....

Once we got to about 75 miles I knew I was good. The climbing was done and I could coast (draft) for several miles and let my HR get back into low zone 2. I had a nausea spell once we hit 4 hours. I took my last gel, and knew I wouldn't be able to stomach much more...

At about 4:30 I realized we were going to hit close to 90 miles. It gave me an adrenaline rush. So, that combined with my HR dropping on the down I was able to pull out in front and pull for the last 10ish miles home..

It felt like a victory. I toughed it out. I was miserable and my HR was 10 beats higher than normal, and I had to draft almost the entire ride. It was a head game. I have felt great on every single ride up until this point. I am usually out in front for my share of the time... I had to dig deep to get this ride done, but I did it!!!

I did however choose NOT to do the brick. I knew that I would be basically walking the :30 to keep my HR under 160. It was too warm and it had been elevated for too long so I just thought it best to finish my workout on a good note.

Today I started over. I started week #8 with some more confidence. Feeling a little better, but still struggling to get all my air, and still coughing a little.... Has anyone else had this bad flu/upper respiratory crap? HOW long did it take for you to get back to normal? For your HR to get back to normal???

I had a successful run. My HR was still high, and I was still fatigue from Sunday's ride, but I did it. I did 8.25miles. PAIN FREE!!!!!! I stopped and stretched every 10-20mins, and I think that helped.

After the run I headed for my 3rd A.R.T session with Dr. Sherman. He was pretty excited about my run, and once he started working on me, he said he could tell the Scar Tissue was already letting loose. I am still tight so I'm not in the clear, but the progress is very very good.

He also did a gait analysis and filmed my stride on the treadmill. He played it back to me and showed me that I actually look really good. A slight pronation, but it's in the realm of "normal." Absolutely nothing to be concerned about. He said he could tell that the 10min/mile was not an efficient pace for me. That I would be much more efficient at an 8min mile. HA.. if only my body and HR zones agreed with that ;-)

I am going to see him after my long run on Friday, and we will access from there. He said we can probably just do some check-ups as the training progresses, then as the race gets closer to some 'tune-ups' assuming I am still doing well.

I'm so thankful that this is working out... I was really really really scared!!!

On another note, I might be buying myself a present....I'm thinking about pimping Mini-Me out with some race wheels. I've heard they are a great investment and at the IM distance can save 1-2mph. A friend of a friend has a pair of HED 3's that she's selling. They only have a couple hundred miles on them, so I am going to try them out and see how they feel....

Mini-Me's gonna be "big pimpin" Whoot!

Here's the week 7 recap: About 15.5 hours including 1:20 of strength/core

Friday, March 21, 2008

6 miles!!!

Just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and suggestions! This stupid injury gets me down, and I'm not normally one to let things get to me. It's just frustrating and scary after all I've been through with the other leg...

I had my first A.R.T. session on Wed. Dr. Sherman was very encouraging. I was pretty sore that night and even into yesterday, but adding in ice massages on the knee and up the IT band, today was successful!

I went out thinking I'd make it maybe 30mins. I never had pain, I just kept trotting along, always staying close to my house. I just got back after a successful 60min run! WOOT!

I was slow.... or I ended really slow rather. Guess the week of being sick took it's toll. My HR was 10beats higher (hence slowing down up to a min/mile at times), but I'll take that any day, as long as I can run!!

I'm off to go for my second session with Dr. Sherman! I hope things keep going this way :-) Maybe someday Momo & I can run together again!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Has ANYONE used A.R.T. for IT band issues? After a week of being sick I went out for my run this am. Lungs were on fire so I went pretty slow keeping my HR around 140-145. Just under 2 miles in my stupid left IT band tightened up and I had to turn around and walk back home.

Frustrating as hell.

Pissed off.


Throwing a slight temper tantrum to myself.

I walked in the door fuming. I've been doing everything I'm supposed to. Stretch, massage, ice, rest, blah blah blah. This thing has been bugging me since the stupid St. George Marathon.

I got online and called my surgeon. The miracle worker who did my right IT band surgery. I know a bit extreme, but like I said, Frustrated as hell.

While on hold forever, I emailed my friend Diane who deals with IT band issues as well. She swears by her ART guy so I decided I could give him a try.

Frustrated my being on hold so long, I hung up and called the ART guy and made an appt for Wed.

So, my question is.. has anyone else used ART for IT band issues?

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Non Ironman training week.

Gosh, who'd of believed a week could go by so quickly. Well, when you spend it moving from the bed to the couch and back, it goes by surprisingly faster than you would think!

It's been A WEEK. That's right one whole miserable freaking week since my last workout. Well, minus the wine fest in Sonoma, but jeez already. Honestly, I don't remember the last time that I had this many consecutive days without some sort of exercise. Maybe my IT band surgery several years ago.

Not only have I not exercised, I haven't done ANYTHING. I left the house Tuesday to go to the Dr. I haven't' left it since. I had a fever for 2 days with the worst body aches you can imagine. Then it got worse... I started to cough up my lungs. I feel like I worked out. My abs and back are so to the touch. I look like shit... my house looks like a tornado ran through it. Oh, and I JUST unpacked from this weekend. That was exhausting. Seriously.

About an hour ago I started to feel a little better. So, I took advantage. I showered (woo hoo!), I unpacked, and then I went around with some disinfectant wipes clearing everything I've touched! Now I'm pooped! Woo... Now, that's some Ironman training ;-)

Now, onto some brighter news. Sonoma. What a trip! We had a fantastic time. We learned some lessons..

1. Fly into Oakland, not San Fransisco.
2. Don't take B-Complex Vitamin before bed because someone said it would NOT give you a hangover. They are wrong.
3. Let your driver chose your wineries. They know SO much more than we do. All the boutique wineries that no one else knows about. 2/2 on this one. Last year it was Westwood, this year Colin Lee

Momo re-capped the trip on her blog, so you can read it here, and at the bottom of the post is a link to all of our pictures.

The one piece she did leave out is the demise of the boots. I finally wore my boots out, and let me tell you it WAS FUN! I have never received more compliments on anything before! They were a hit!!!

So much so that I decided to wear them on Sunday with some jeans. They are comfy as heck, and I didn't bring much else for options. All was going well, until Big J asked us to bring him back to the house cause he wasn't feeling well. I was walking down the stairs for the restroom and lost my footing.... (and I'd only tasted a leetle big by then so it was NOT the wine). I knew right away something wasn't right. I looked down and THIS is what I saw!!!

I know, huh? Momo assured me that the Pliner Store would fix them for me, and I've already made the call.. So, tomorrow my big plan is to get to the post office and send them out...

Thank goodness it didn't happen to me Saturday when we were out and about all day long!

Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully my next post will have a little training in it... I'm glad this isn't my first IM. I would be TOTALLY freaking out right now about taking so much time off. Right now, I'm just too tired to worry about it....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please check this out!!!

For all of you who haven't already signed up on our website, and did not see the email sent out, please check this out. It's a quick 4 questions survey and we could really use your help!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm here!!

FYI - I AM alive, but barely hanging on. :-) Sonoma was absolutely FANTASTIC. The weather was perfect. The company the best. Momo has all of the pictures, so we'll have to wait until she send em out.. but I also have a VERY cool story to share about a "Mark Allen Clone" that we met. Oh, and the red boots. They came out, and EVERYONE loved them, and I was so happy, and then I was walking down the stairs and the HEEL BROKE off!!! Seriously... I need to find a local store to get them fixed... I guess no more drunkin walking around in the boots...

Unfortunately I got sick... and not just a foo foo cold type sick. I've got a fever, and I'm wheezing and I feel like someone is kicking my ass from here to Tucson. Literally. The Doc gave me some antibiotics, but wasn't positive it was bacterial, so I'm giving it a bit before filling the script.... So, unfortunately my training numbers are going to be zilch for this week, until HOPEFULLY the weekend. Usually, I power thru (much to my husbands dismay and eye rolling of how crazy I am), but the fever is basically keeping me in bed. I'm putting a positive spin on it all.
After scrunching together last weeks workouts (~180miles in 5 days on the bike), my IT band hurt on my Friday am run, so I stopped it short at 1:10 vs 1:50. The good news on that is I did a 9:30 pace with 145 avg HR even with the tightness.... So, my point is, taking this week of will rest my IT band, I hope.....

Here's last weeks #'s ~12 hours (including 1hr of strength)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 4 Recap

Wow, what a week.. Some ups, some downs.. but overall ending pretty good, less the ITband issues.

~16 hours of training (including almost 140miles!!), details included below less a couple hours of strength training.

After the IT band issue on friday, I rested Saturday.. Well kinda. If you consider going out to the middle of NO WHERE at 4:30 am to volunteer for the Ragnar Relay (long story short..... no one, including the coordinator with all our 'stuff" showed up until after 6am... runners not until 7:30) then heading home, showering.... and driving about 50miles to my sisters to help her look at new homes (Finally using my RE license!) and finally getting home at about 5:30 to pick up Shane and go get some food.

Howeva... after a sleeping pill induced 9 hours of sleep I was READY to go on Sunday. It was my longest bike since CDA. 4:15 and a :30 run on my schedule, but I did something SO out of the normal for me. I decided to NOT run and save my It bands. I am very proud of myself ;-)

The ride was FREAKING awesome! Momo, Sara & I rocked it. We avg'd 18.1mph. I have NEVER gone that fast on a training ride. We got lucky with the lights & not having to stop a lot, so that helped. It is amazing how much better your legs feel after a days rest. Typically I bulk up all of my workouts so my long bike is my last of the week and my legs are TRASHED. They felt great on this ride. I pulled a lot more than normal, staying my zone 2 - but I ended up with a lot higher avg HR of 150. That is totally perfect for me! I've been having avgs closer to 138-142 so I really focused on pushing it and not drafting too much.

Monday I woke up and the wind was still buzzing around like mad. I headed out for my run and quickly changed from my planned 50min tempo to my 70min moderate (low HR) run. My legs just didn't have it in them, especially with the wind. I did a lot of looping around my neighborhood so I didn't get too far away if my IT band were to act up.

All went ok! My legs felt no pain and I ended up a sub 10min mile pace with a 143 HR avg! That's fantastic knowing that I'm in zone 2 (or aerobic) up to 164!

Swim went great... Our distances increased this week - 3300, 2750,2750 (yards), but I felt great and never tired!

My girl Kylah came over to work on my IT bands. After about 30 seconds of "feeling" my legs she wanted to know if she could beat me up know, or later. She worked on my left leg for a good 40mins. I just endured the pain. I sucked it up..... It hurt, but I needed it...

Today's bike was a whole different story.... We typically do our moderate Low Hr ride on Tuesdays, but with our sonoma trip coming up this week, we've adjusted the schedule a bit to get as much in as possible before Friday. So, we opted for a 90min Tempo ride and we'll skip the moderate this week (Mark Allen's online training says if you miss a workout to make it the Moderate ones, that the Tempo's and long stuff are key).

My legs WERE trashed!!! Shane pretty much kicked momo & my ass to the curb. About 15mins into the ride I was behind Shane but my HR was like 110 so I pulled ahead to pull. That lasted oh, like 2 mins. I could not hold it. My legs were SCREAMING... I had nothing....They were sore and tired and bruised from the massage..

Today's session with Daniel might KILL me! I have like 2 more hours before I endure that pain...

Tomorrow I have decided to NOT run. If I did my tempo run that would have me running M(1:10), W(:50),T(:30 brick after long bike) & Friday (long 1:50). So, I'm going to rest the legs and just do my tempo swim. Thursday is our long bike for the week & brick (3:30/:30), as well as Friday's swim since we are leaving before masters on Friday, then Friday is the long run before getting on the plane.

Can I tell you how good wine tasting is ALREADY sounding? All I can say is I will have EARNED it! So, I'll miss a couple of workouts, but still get in all the key stuff before the weekend's adventures!

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes with my IT bands... They suck. I hate them, but I will get through this.. I always do!