Monday, March 17, 2008


Has ANYONE used A.R.T. for IT band issues? After a week of being sick I went out for my run this am. Lungs were on fire so I went pretty slow keeping my HR around 140-145. Just under 2 miles in my stupid left IT band tightened up and I had to turn around and walk back home.

Frustrating as hell.

Pissed off.


Throwing a slight temper tantrum to myself.

I walked in the door fuming. I've been doing everything I'm supposed to. Stretch, massage, ice, rest, blah blah blah. This thing has been bugging me since the stupid St. George Marathon.

I got online and called my surgeon. The miracle worker who did my right IT band surgery. I know a bit extreme, but like I said, Frustrated as hell.

While on hold forever, I emailed my friend Diane who deals with IT band issues as well. She swears by her ART guy so I decided I could give him a try.

Frustrated my being on hold so long, I hung up and called the ART guy and made an appt for Wed.

So, my question is.. has anyone else used ART for IT band issues?


stronger said...

Is your massage therapist working your glutes? Along the illiac creast. Heathy glutes=heathy IT band. I'll be there in a few weeks...

Supalinds said...

I've got nothing as far as advise goes, but I am sorry you are dealing with this, what a pain, literally.

Hope that ART guy helps.

Paul said...

Yup. I went to an Physical therapist who is an expert ART guy to fix my hip issues. Glute/IT/Hip/Knee/Quad all related. It took a few sessions 1/week for 4 weeks and I'm all fixed up!!! Good luck.

Spokane Al said...

I used an ART guy for my hamstring injury. Over a few weeks he worked out all the scar tissue (a painful process) and managed to fix a number of other nagging leg issues as well.

I am now a believer in ART.

Flo said...

Let's see, where do I begin. My chiro does A.R.T. and so far he has corrected my plantar, which was so bad I could hardly walk and cried tears when I did; my shoulder, which for some reason had developed limited range of motion over the years; and my IT band. The IT was actually more related to my twisted back, but once the back was straightened he used A.R.T. to work out the scar tissue. It's incredibly painful and worth every second of torture. I, like Al, am completely hooked on the stuff.

Oh, and I started seeing him in October 2007 :)

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Benson said...

Oh dang about the IT. Best wishes getting that all worked out real soon. I've heard that ART is the way to go. Stay at it and allow the healing to take over.

MUT said...

ART is Greeeeeeaaat!! It should help and when you are done, find someone to help fix the movement pattern that caused it.

Also, I love this blog. Thanks for posting!

Judi said...

I did. It didn't help me. I found an ART chiro who charged 60 bucks a pop and wanted me in there 3x's a week. I went for 3 weeks but when it didn't help I quit and went to get a massage. I took 25 days off from running and got a massage once a week and now I am fine. Hope your ITB gets better. I know how frustrated you feel.

Steve Stenzel said...

When I had IT issues, I used a foam roller, but no ART.