Friday, March 14, 2008

The Non Ironman training week.

Gosh, who'd of believed a week could go by so quickly. Well, when you spend it moving from the bed to the couch and back, it goes by surprisingly faster than you would think!

It's been A WEEK. That's right one whole miserable freaking week since my last workout. Well, minus the wine fest in Sonoma, but jeez already. Honestly, I don't remember the last time that I had this many consecutive days without some sort of exercise. Maybe my IT band surgery several years ago.

Not only have I not exercised, I haven't done ANYTHING. I left the house Tuesday to go to the Dr. I haven't' left it since. I had a fever for 2 days with the worst body aches you can imagine. Then it got worse... I started to cough up my lungs. I feel like I worked out. My abs and back are so to the touch. I look like shit... my house looks like a tornado ran through it. Oh, and I JUST unpacked from this weekend. That was exhausting. Seriously.

About an hour ago I started to feel a little better. So, I took advantage. I showered (woo hoo!), I unpacked, and then I went around with some disinfectant wipes clearing everything I've touched! Now I'm pooped! Woo... Now, that's some Ironman training ;-)

Now, onto some brighter news. Sonoma. What a trip! We had a fantastic time. We learned some lessons..

1. Fly into Oakland, not San Fransisco.
2. Don't take B-Complex Vitamin before bed because someone said it would NOT give you a hangover. They are wrong.
3. Let your driver chose your wineries. They know SO much more than we do. All the boutique wineries that no one else knows about. 2/2 on this one. Last year it was Westwood, this year Colin Lee

Momo re-capped the trip on her blog, so you can read it here, and at the bottom of the post is a link to all of our pictures.

The one piece she did leave out is the demise of the boots. I finally wore my boots out, and let me tell you it WAS FUN! I have never received more compliments on anything before! They were a hit!!!

So much so that I decided to wear them on Sunday with some jeans. They are comfy as heck, and I didn't bring much else for options. All was going well, until Big J asked us to bring him back to the house cause he wasn't feeling well. I was walking down the stairs for the restroom and lost my footing.... (and I'd only tasted a leetle big by then so it was NOT the wine). I knew right away something wasn't right. I looked down and THIS is what I saw!!!

I know, huh? Momo assured me that the Pliner Store would fix them for me, and I've already made the call.. So, tomorrow my big plan is to get to the post office and send them out...

Thank goodness it didn't happen to me Saturday when we were out and about all day long!

Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully my next post will have a little training in it... I'm glad this isn't my first IM. I would be TOTALLY freaking out right now about taking so much time off. Right now, I'm just too tired to worry about it....


Benson said...

Fun in sun and wine country sounds great.
Dang bummer about your cool red boot.

kt said...

Shoot. Sad about the boot but it will be fixed and be as good as new! Glad that you are starting to feel better. Apparently your body needed the break, huh?

Sarah said...

I can't believe you posted that shoe carnage without a warning!! Yes, someone should be able to fix them up for you.

Oh, and I'm outing myself now as a reader.

Bigun said...

ouch! that initial construction looks a little dubious to begin with....hopefully it will come back better than new!