Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A review

Thanks to everyone who commented on THIS post. I knew it would perk some "interest." I won't be sharing my chosen route, come on guys that's a LITTLE personal (hee hee), BUT I will say I've found a new solution.

Thanks SO much to my friend N for her amazing advice. It's not the first time she has recommended this great product, but this time I actually listened. I mean who wouldn't listen to someone who rides their bike across the world, literally.

I decided why the heck not and went out and bought some bravely trying it out on a 3.5hr ride. I wore my favorite cycling shorts and even had a second layer of capris on top (these are AMAZING for wearing on top of your cycling shorts - NO seams and super easy to peal off and put in your back pocket if it gets too warm).

While I still had a little bit of tenderness from the past few weeks, I finished the ride with less chafing and no new battle wounds! The best was this particular route has the infamous (AZ ride) 9 mile hill climb. It's a 9 mile stretch of 3-6%grade climb. No breaks, just plug away. I PR'd the climb in 37:45 sitting comfortably in zone 2 HR. I don't know which had more of an impact; the 2 e21 pills I took a mile before the climb when I was struggling, or the fact I was actually COMFORTABLE and not moving my climbing position around for 9miles. Either way, I'll take it.

Next test wil be tomorrow when I'm going for day 3 on the bike and tackling a 4hr ride. All this is making me WAY excited for THIS!!! I will make the 2hr climb up Mingus Mountain my BIA@$!

After 5 long years with you Aquafor, I'm sorry but we are officially breaking up. You stained my gear and I'm pretty sure helped eat away at the material. I will still use you for my little toesies, but other than that, I'm moving on up!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hunger strike

The temps are still a little cool in the mornings for those of us "thin blooded" AZ folks. Yes, I completely admit that after 10 years of living in AZ, I have finally lost every ounce of my Washington blood and 70degrees is now cool, 40degrees is downright FREEZING. I've come over to the dark side. And, while it SUCKS right now cause I'm cold all the time, I'm REALLY hoping I'll see the upside of this whole thing when I'm doing my 5-6hr rides and it's 110degrees out.

Wishes can come true, right?

After almost 2 weeks of eating lard (tortillas), and infusing my blood with vitamin C rich drinks (cranberry infused vodka and lime in cervesa) while staring at the beach, it was back to reality and back home. Also back (and very much welcomed) was the start of the new season and training.

My work had been pretty slow, so I had time on my hands. With the jeans fitting a little too tight for my comfort (litterally), and after my 2 week binge (ok, if I'm being honest it was more of a 4 month post Ironman binge) I was ready to get back at it.

Little did I know what my coach had in mind. You see after Ironman Canada we had a post race talk about how it went, what we wanted to change, what went well, what didn't. Honestly I think that conversation was more between my other half and coach. I was still celebrating in my victory of beating him out of the water (yay me) and having a solid race. But not S. He was already planning his comeback for IMCDA. He gave a goal time for the bike and the run.

See where I'm going with this? Coach is BRINGING it. Now, don't get me wrong I love it all, and I have the time right now to put in the hard work, but oh my is my body in shock. And ironically, the one who pretty much said "bring it," yah poor guy has been injured and not training so I'm getting his goal work to do.

Here we are the morning of my last workout in week 3, a 3.5hr bike ride with a 20min T-run at half ironman predicted run pace (huh what, what's THAT? you mean I have to come up with a PACE that I think I can run???)

After today's workout my totals as of Jan 4th (when we got back from Mexico) are:
~36hrs total: Bike 18hrs ~400miles, Run 10hrs 71miles, Swim 6hrs 9.7miles or 17000yards, and 2hrs of strength training.

And that right there is the reason that I am even up right now posting this blog. Back to my original point above that it's still cold outside, we aren't starting our long rides until about 9am which means I can SLEEP in!!!!

Except my hunger work me up at 5:30 this am and I had to leave my cozy bed with snugly dogs to go eat. Bitter sweet I tell ya. All I can say is I sure hope this hunger stabilizes cause those jeans aren't exactly getting any loser even with all that training.

Now excuse me, I am off to eat breakfast #2 before my ride and grab my snickers for my mid ride snack :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I had a special date run with my boy, Baxter. We've been including little miss thing, Juliette, on all of our runs lately so he hasn't had any time with me by himself. Don't get me wrong he is adoring his new bff red dog more and more every day. I haven't seem him play this much since he was a puppy. It truly brings a smile to my face every day. In fact, he is even instigating it a lot of the time now.

Mr. Too Cool for School is getting back to his dog roots, if you will. It's hilarious. None the less I've been feeling like he needed a good mom and bubba run with no stress. While Juliette is definitely getting better trained to run, she is still all over the place. While I'm busy watching out for her so I don't trip and face plant, Baxter is taking on a much more responsible role. He's constantly moving around her to keep her out of the line of fire. She is ADD DOG all the way, and any bird, leaf, bunny, car, and especially other dogs get her attention in an instant. He is constantly examining his surroundings to look for ways to keep her in line. It's hilarious to watch, but at the same time I wanted him to have a run that was just all about him!

So, at 5:30 this am I snuck back into the bedroom and whispered in his ear that we were going for a run. In 5 mins we were in the car and heading down to meet the Tri-Scottsdale peeps for a hill run. He was smiling ear to ear as he made sure he was the alpha and in front at all times. He was so cute as we stopped at the meeting points and he would turn around, perk up his ears and refuse water until everyone in the group was back! And then once again, he would dart out into the front pulling me along with him.

The soreness and total butt kicking was a great price to pay for our little 6mile adventure together :-) I think he would agree as I haven't so much as heard anything from him, but a little snoring going on.

It wasn't just Baxter that needed this special day. I've been missing baby Abby an awful lot lately. I'm not sure why, but I've been thinking a lot about her over the past few days. Juliette has been such a blessing for all of us, yet I keep finding myself slipping up and calling her some of Abby's old nicknames. She's so playful and sweet like Abby, and adores Baxter just the same.

So, anytime I'm feeling sad, I just need a little time with my Baxter and he makes everything ok. I'm not sure he'll ever know how much he's done for me, and everyone else he meets. He is one special boy...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wax on, Wax off?

No this is not a karate kid post, although it has been a long time since I've seen that movie - it might be a great Netflix idea! So, be forewarned this is going to be a little more graphic than my typical; ran this far, rode this much, love to swim and my dogs are the best type blog....

For as long as I can remember I've had saddle issues. I've tried every size, shape, material and cushioning under the sun, on both a road bike and tri bike and I think I've settled on about the best I can get (specialized toupe on road, serfas tri on TT). While of course they aren't perfect, the post ride chafing issues are at least less than they ever have been and I'm riding more than I ever have.

Unfortunately I still have some nagging issues that come up. Without going into TOO much detail, the issues are basically on the bikini line and can be rather painfull (especially when putting on a swimsuit after a long ride!). I use so much LUBE (aquafor) that it takes about 3 washings in the shower to get the crap off, and I'm convinced it's eating thru my shorts (not to mention the awful stains left on anything other than black). I even re-apply multiple times on long rides when I'm sweating a lot. I've pretty much decided it's just my body and I have to live with it... and then I saw something on TV.

I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Real being the ironic word because I'm not sure any square inch left on any of these women is still REAL. They are bat shit crazy, but yes I am still helping their ratings and giving them more money to spend on their plastic faces by watching it, but I just can't help it. It's like a bad accident and I can't look away. Don't judge. I watch Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and The Bachelor as well. I'm a teeny-bopper at heart.

Anyway, so the last episode I watched (I'm a little behind) one of the gals Kyle Richards (related to the Hilton empire) and her husband were doing The Gran Fondo in Napa to raise money for Charity. Props to the girl for 1. Sporting the ever flattering cycling kit instead of Prada 2. Finishing the entire ride (69 miles) 3. Being the 2nd highest fund raiser

So, to prepare for the ride she of course has Olympic Cyclist Mari Holden as a coach (not to mention support crew and local coach for during the ride). The two are filmed on the bike having a conversation about waxing while on a "training ride". Mari told Kyle that she MUST get waxed. Take it all off. Kyle looked stunned, and asked if she could just put on another pair of bike shorts and if EVERYONE waxed. Mari replied with something along the lines of "the smart ones do." Sure enough Kyle bit the bullet and in the next scene had a wax person (what are they called?) at her house and it was all caught on FILM (network approved, of course).

Now, I have to wonder.... Is it really all it's talked up to be. No smart ass comments BOYS, I'm pretty sure your opinion is YES, but I am guessing you can't tell me the benefits in relation to saddle sores and chafing.

Anyone? Do tell... Also, your favorite lube that doesn't stain or eat away at your shorts :-)

Muchas Gracias