Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hunger strike

The temps are still a little cool in the mornings for those of us "thin blooded" AZ folks. Yes, I completely admit that after 10 years of living in AZ, I have finally lost every ounce of my Washington blood and 70degrees is now cool, 40degrees is downright FREEZING. I've come over to the dark side. And, while it SUCKS right now cause I'm cold all the time, I'm REALLY hoping I'll see the upside of this whole thing when I'm doing my 5-6hr rides and it's 110degrees out.

Wishes can come true, right?

After almost 2 weeks of eating lard (tortillas), and infusing my blood with vitamin C rich drinks (cranberry infused vodka and lime in cervesa) while staring at the beach, it was back to reality and back home. Also back (and very much welcomed) was the start of the new season and training.

My work had been pretty slow, so I had time on my hands. With the jeans fitting a little too tight for my comfort (litterally), and after my 2 week binge (ok, if I'm being honest it was more of a 4 month post Ironman binge) I was ready to get back at it.

Little did I know what my coach had in mind. You see after Ironman Canada we had a post race talk about how it went, what we wanted to change, what went well, what didn't. Honestly I think that conversation was more between my other half and coach. I was still celebrating in my victory of beating him out of the water (yay me) and having a solid race. But not S. He was already planning his comeback for IMCDA. He gave a goal time for the bike and the run.

See where I'm going with this? Coach is BRINGING it. Now, don't get me wrong I love it all, and I have the time right now to put in the hard work, but oh my is my body in shock. And ironically, the one who pretty much said "bring it," yah poor guy has been injured and not training so I'm getting his goal work to do.

Here we are the morning of my last workout in week 3, a 3.5hr bike ride with a 20min T-run at half ironman predicted run pace (huh what, what's THAT? you mean I have to come up with a PACE that I think I can run???)

After today's workout my totals as of Jan 4th (when we got back from Mexico) are:
~36hrs total: Bike 18hrs ~400miles, Run 10hrs 71miles, Swim 6hrs 9.7miles or 17000yards, and 2hrs of strength training.

And that right there is the reason that I am even up right now posting this blog. Back to my original point above that it's still cold outside, we aren't starting our long rides until about 9am which means I can SLEEP in!!!!

Except my hunger work me up at 5:30 this am and I had to leave my cozy bed with snugly dogs to go eat. Bitter sweet I tell ya. All I can say is I sure hope this hunger stabilizes cause those jeans aren't exactly getting any loser even with all that training.

Now excuse me, I am off to eat breakfast #2 before my ride and grab my snickers for my mid ride snack :-)


Molly said...

Yep, you are getting worked hard!!! I am with you on the weather thing, I've lost all body memory of those Chicago and east coast winters, I just want it to be 80 degrees all the time. Is that too much to ask?

Michelle Simmons said...

I with ya too on the weather (duh). But even when I lived in AZ I thought 40 was really freakin' cold. At least you guys have heat. I used mine all the time when I lived in AZ. We have no heat here!

And I didn't realize your husband races too... how fun. Well, can be. Ha! Keep training long! My coach is piling on the volume as well. I'm not really keeping track of miles (just time), but I can pretty much guarantee this is the biggest January on record for me!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Yes it is freezing in the mornings.. sleep in is necessary! Glad you are training enough for not only Shane, but myself included. And I hear you on the jeans... I took a lovely off season as well and could stand to lose 10-15lbs now.

Keep up the GREAT work!!

sallyaston said...

Another cold Arizonan here! I loved the hot summer rides while training for an IM, I'd take those over the 30 and 40 degree temps anyday! :-)