Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I had a special date run with my boy, Baxter. We've been including little miss thing, Juliette, on all of our runs lately so he hasn't had any time with me by himself. Don't get me wrong he is adoring his new bff red dog more and more every day. I haven't seem him play this much since he was a puppy. It truly brings a smile to my face every day. In fact, he is even instigating it a lot of the time now.

Mr. Too Cool for School is getting back to his dog roots, if you will. It's hilarious. None the less I've been feeling like he needed a good mom and bubba run with no stress. While Juliette is definitely getting better trained to run, she is still all over the place. While I'm busy watching out for her so I don't trip and face plant, Baxter is taking on a much more responsible role. He's constantly moving around her to keep her out of the line of fire. She is ADD DOG all the way, and any bird, leaf, bunny, car, and especially other dogs get her attention in an instant. He is constantly examining his surroundings to look for ways to keep her in line. It's hilarious to watch, but at the same time I wanted him to have a run that was just all about him!

So, at 5:30 this am I snuck back into the bedroom and whispered in his ear that we were going for a run. In 5 mins we were in the car and heading down to meet the Tri-Scottsdale peeps for a hill run. He was smiling ear to ear as he made sure he was the alpha and in front at all times. He was so cute as we stopped at the meeting points and he would turn around, perk up his ears and refuse water until everyone in the group was back! And then once again, he would dart out into the front pulling me along with him.

The soreness and total butt kicking was a great price to pay for our little 6mile adventure together :-) I think he would agree as I haven't so much as heard anything from him, but a little snoring going on.

It wasn't just Baxter that needed this special day. I've been missing baby Abby an awful lot lately. I'm not sure why, but I've been thinking a lot about her over the past few days. Juliette has been such a blessing for all of us, yet I keep finding myself slipping up and calling her some of Abby's old nicknames. She's so playful and sweet like Abby, and adores Baxter just the same.

So, anytime I'm feeling sad, I just need a little time with my Baxter and he makes everything ok. I'm not sure he'll ever know how much he's done for me, and everyone else he meets. He is one special boy...