Friday, February 19, 2010

A little Blingy Inspiration

A couple weeks ago I received a surprise present in the mail. A fellow blogger/reader/runner wanted to send me one of her beautiful necklaces she designed.

The picture below doesn't do this cute little necklace justice. The little charm tags are shiny, flat and lightweight. The necklace is something you could actually wear for training, racing or every day.

I train with my dogs on almost all of my runs, and if you've known me for a while, than you've seen the picture below. This sign of Baxter was put out on the bike course of my first Ironman for inspiration. My dogs keep me on target, and well if nothing else help the negatives splits..

Now, I have a little token of inspiration that I can bring with me any time I want :-)

Thank you Sarah at TAG YOUR IT! DESIGNS Please take a look at her website and consider her when looking for that perfect little gift!

As a special surprise, Sarah is offering a gift to someone else. Click on the giveaway page and enter "tri-dogmom" as the keyword. It will run until the end of February, and the winner will receive a 2-disc necklace with their choice of words!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My "everything" hurts.

Officially into week 2 of my training program. After having a half ass-ed summer of racing and training, followed by a marathon gone wrong, followed by 4 weeks of Mexico/Seattle lazy party bliss, I was ready to go. I spent 3 weeks in January just getting used to the idea of 3 runs, 3 swims, 3 bikes and 2 hours of strength training per week.

Mind you, all of those workouts were at a very easy effort, except for the strength training. Actually, I'm pretty sure the strength training is what is kicking my butt.

Like I said, "My everything hurts."

Daniel the torture training is really stepping it up a notch. I can see the smoke coming out his ears as he plays around coming up with new exercises for me to do, testing them on himself first to see which muscles they target best. I think he's on a mission to get me in tip top shape. I trust him, he's been training me for years. He knows my weaknesses and he knows what I need. It also helps that he did Ironman Canada last year so he knows what I'm up against.

Yesterday I walked in the gym, brownie bribe in hand and he just looked at me funny. Asked me if I was ok. He said I just looked worn down. Funny thing was, I was tired. I haven't been sleeping well, waking up the past few nights soaking wet in sweat, then unable to get back to sleep. He immediately sent me to the treadmill to warmup for a few mins. I whimpered for a minute, but did as I was told. And, of course he was right. It was just what I needed to get the blood flowing and wake me up.

Today was our first track workout. Coach had a fairly easy workout on the plan doing variations of 400s with some easy efforts, fast efforst and a very long cooldown off the track. However, things didn't go as planned. After my 2:30am drenched in sweat wakeup call I never really fell back asleep. So, when the alarm went off at 4:50am I was less than anxious.

After stumbling out of bed I realized how sore I was. from my quads to my hips to my triceps. I also had trouble finding my watch so we walked out the door way too late getting to the track when everyone was ready to star their workouts. I also noticed I forgot the workout somewhere in the house... Our coach has a couple other athletes at the track so he said he knew the workout, but he typically just decides which he prefers between the coach prescribed or the workout everyone else was doing.

Needless to say my planned semi easy workout turned into 12x400 with varying 200all out, 2oo easy.

It was hard to know pacing on that. Without running with most of the people around the track I didn't really know where I should place myself. Every once in a while I would glance at my garmin, but seeing the pace freaked me out so I stopped looking. I'm pretty sure I went WAY harder & faster than I was supposed to...

So, here I am half way through week 2 with the new coach and while I'm loving the ability to not thing and just go, and not be a slave to the HR monitor, but getting a grasp on perceived effort I am definitely feeling it all at once.

Funny how things can change in just a few hours. After my rest day Sunday I woke up Monday feeling like supergirl. My 1:20 run was the best I've done in months, if not ever on the specific loop I did. A few hours later I was at masters swim where I felt like I was a fish. I was never tired, or winded and just felt great... If only that feeling could have lasted just a little longer! From supergirl to put me out of my misery girl all within about 24 hours!

All I can say is I hope this pain is all worth it in the end. I said bring it, and I'm getting exactly what I asked for.

And I'm already looking forward to Sunday, my rest day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

This year, it was just Shane & I in Mexico over the holidays. Christmas Eve morning, my birthday, we woke up did my birthday workouts (3.2mile run, 320crunches & 32pushups), bloody marys for breakfast & sat on the deck in the sun. It was fabulous to say the least.

Thankfully for the internet, I got to enjoy all of my wonderful birthday emails and facebook wishes. The best of all came when Shane handed me a card. It's not the first time Shane gives me a card with a "you get this, or you get that," so I wasn't surprised in the least!
The card was an IOU for a BRAND NEW ROAD BIKE, of my choice. He printed out a picture of the Ridley Noah, because I had only been obsessing over it for like a year since I first laid eyes on it. But, he said the choice was mine, I could get whatever I wanted.

After a lot of online research, I did determine the Ridley wasn't for me (reviews that it wasn't for the 4hr bike ride time rides), and after a trip to the bike shop I also learned that my choices were pretty limited. Sure, I'm short.. but I'm not that short. However, apparently my height consists of legs and absolutely no torso. I needed a 50cm top tube. Looking at all of my choices, most were just too big. However, the Argon 18's Gallium came in mini sizes, xxs with a top tube of 50cm.

The choice was quite simple. Everything I read about the bike sounded fantastic. I especially liked how they build the smaller bikes with smaller tubing making them less stiff than typical small bikes. Big score. It also didn't hurt that miss Supa has done nothing but rave about her Argons.

Next up was picking out the build. Since I have never custom built a bike I had no idea how many choices. Thankfully, I've heard enough about friend's purchases I knew what I wanted! Not to mention we just happen to have a good friend that used to ride pro to help me out!

I think one of the coolest things about "her" are the wheels. They are the HED Ardennes C2. This review goes into great detail about the wheels. COOL STUFF.

The colors alone are a dream for me. Everyone knows how much I heart my red stuff. I even got a pair of these new shoes to match :-)

And, for Christmas Santa brought Shane & I new helmets!

So, without further adue, please meet Rouge, A.K.A RED

The pictures do not do her justice, but Shane will be helping me out with that as soon as she gets her missing parts. She has white breaks on order, to accommodate the wider rims we had to put temporary black breaks on. Her pedals are also still on order, I think I'm picking the Red Titanium speedplays.

I took Red out for the first time on Thursday, just hours after she was built. Shane & I had 90min hill ride on the schedule so we bundled up and headed out in the chill at 7am. Up Via Linda hill then on to climb 136th street hill. While my legs were trashed so she didn't feel quite as easy as I hoped, the ability to spin up the hills was fantastic. I wasn't fighting a bike that was too big. She was smooth and light and fantastic. After the first 45mins I did start to feel much better and was able to push a little. The biggest thing I noticed was how quickly she responded. I got in my big chain ring to head down the first hill and it was INSTANT. HOW FUN.

I heart riding down hill...

I'm looking forward to many many miles with Red. My cycling fitness is very sub par right now, but I'm hoping this is just what I needed to help. At least help me keep up with Shane's draft :-)

So, to the best husband in the world. THANK you for topping my last best gift ever. I promise to make you & Red proud :-)

and i promise to stop complaining about how much i hate my bike :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Twenty Eight Weeks.

Feb 1st.....(I did try to post this yesterday, but was having some technical difficulties..)
January has come and gone. As I mentioned in my last post we had a lot of things going on. Ironman registration, race planning, new bike, new job. Well it's all coming together, and started with a last hurrah in Rocky Point. Our friend Jeff joined us (thanks Nat for letting us borrow him) and we had a blast.
We had lots of yummy seafood, and cervesa.
Here's Shane with his "combination PLATTER" at Reginas!
Beach walk and a nice run. Met a lot of our Las Conchas neighbors and socialized. And ended the weekend with a GREAT Roger Clyne show at JJs Cantina, complete with a beautiful full moon! It was a quick and fun weekend.

And then we woke up Monday morning ready for our fresh new start. A new training schedule in tow starting with a nice 5miler run, then a pretty tough masters swim workout. Oh - and a VERY quiet house with Shane back at work! He's interested to find out how long before I get 'bored.' I'm kinda hoping I just get in really good shape with all this extra time on my hands!

All in all things are coming together quite nicely. I'm really excited for this year. I just have this feeling things are going to be really really good.

Lastly, I am hoping to reveal my birthday present (a.k.a. new mini-ER me!) by the end of the week. Fingers are crossed that all the parts come in & she gets built for a fun weekend ride!
So, 2010 - CHEERS to you so far. I think we'll stick with you!