Friday, February 29, 2008

No Ragnar...

So, here I am sitting at home while my team, minus myself & momo, plus 8 others are out there running the Ragnar Relay as I type this...

It's a little bitter-sweet... With my ITB issues I knew I couldn't do the Ultra (only 6 people), and I thought there might be a chance I could do the 12 person team, but then I remembered last year. How my 3rd leg put me in tears because my ITB was hurting so bad.

So, I started just concentrating on getting better, and the team moved on.... Last night we all met up for dinner so everyone could meet. It was kinda a make-shift team and a lot of people didn't know each other, so it was a great idea. Momo called me on the way home to tell me she was 'bummin.' I was too, but deep down I knew it was the best thing for both of us. To get healthy and not risk further injury.

After last weekend's great week of running I got lazy. This week was really busy with work, and workouts, and well life. I got lazy with my rehab maintenence. I didn't roll on the foam roll. I didn't ice the past couple of days. I even mentioned to momo that I wasn't worried about my run today...but that that was probably a BAD sign.

Sure enough it was. My run actually started out FABULOUS. I took the dogs for the first look, a 4.9mile loop, including a decent hill. I felt fantastic. I got home in under 47mins, a 9:32 pace and 147 avg HR. YIPPEE... I did start to feel some twinges in my left ITB, and deep down knew I should probably just bag the second half of the run, but I'm stubborn. That is how I roll...

So, I headed out for the next portion, and sure enough it was PAINFUL. I pretty much walk/ran the rest of it. I ended up running fairly fast when I would actually run, but had a lot of walking as well. My overall run was 1:28, 9.0 miles.

As I sit here IM'ing with Shane about how his runners are doing... I'm sad, I'm jealous, I'm frustrated. I know that I made the right decision in NOT doing the race, but I just wonder if this ITB drama will EVER end....

So, besides having a little pity party for myself, I've also gotten back on track. I suppose the throbbing pain in my knee is helping that part... I have already been on the foam roller, iced twice and been stretching non stop. I also made an appt to have my massage girl work on my legs on Monday...

I have a big week next week trying to fit all the workouts in before we head off to Sonoma. I just hope that my leg holds up!

Tomorrow, or should I say in a few hours, Momo & I will be heading out to our volunteer shift for the Relay. We have to be out there, pretty much the middle of nowhere at 4:30am. We should get to see our runners come in at the end of our shift, so that will be cool! Again, bitter-sweet.

Well, that's all for now.... Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring time and some new shoes

Today was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous here.... Perfect for outdoor swimming, not cold, not too hot.. just perfect. Here's our 10 day forecast

Oh, and look what I just happened upon today.... I was SO not even looking for shoes.. but I walked though the department store on my way to exchange a dress I bought to go with my Red Boots from my birthday, and saw 75% off shoes.. I just HAD to look. And look what I found...

$110... for the bargain price of < $20. Happy Spring to me. Even if they aren't exactly Spring shoes.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 3...

Well, I made it through one more week of IM training, in 1 piece! Yippee! I did miss one of my weight workouts... but no big deal. Daniel had me sore from Tuesdays workout for several days. It was a tough one.

It was also my biggest running week since the marathon. That is pretty excited! I was very good to my IT bands with rolling, stretching and icing all week. Guess that will just be an additional workout in all of this if I want it to keep healthy!

We did a pretty tough ride on Saturday. My legs were toast from the week, including my longest run in several months (1:50) on Friday. I also was horrible with my nutrition Friday, trying to catch up with my calories at dinner. Not a good idea. The course basically climbs from our house (~1400ft) to the turnaround over 3000ft. There is one decent in there, but once we went down the hill, we re-gained back all the elevation over the next hour.

Shane was feeling good, and was in front the whole time. I just couldn't stay up with him, so it was pretty much a ride on my own. Even on the way down we pushed pretty hard, which I am actually happy with.. as you can see my HR was elevated even in the down portion (usually in low zone 1). So, even though my Hr was in mid zone 2 on the climb vs top end, I sustained that on the way back. I had a great avg HR for the bike 144. My best fat burning zone (300fatcals & 230 carbs).

Here's the graph...

After the ride I was POOPED. I kinda felt like I had been hit by a truck... just really sleepy & fatigue. I slept like a log, and struggled to wake up on Sunday. We had some errands to run, and some family visiting to do, then went to our favorite pizza place for some dinner. By then I was finally coming around, and after a good night's sleep last night, I felt pretty good this am. Time to start it all over again!

Overall I am very happy with the first 3 weeks of training. My running speeds are faster at lower HR than last year, and the cycling as well...

This week I have my first brick 4:15/:30 run. I will be doing it on Sunday because the ragnar relay is this weekend an momo & I are volunteering Sat am from 4:30-9:30. I'm pretty excited to do a ride on fresh legs, vs all the workouts in the bag and feeling every stroke!

Hmmm, what else? Next week we (Momo, Big J, Shane & another couple Kristin & Jeff) are heading to Sonoma for 3 days of wine tasting.... Can you SEE the excitement on my face!!!!???

What this means is we have to bulk up the workouts to get teh long bike & run in before leaving Friday early afternoon... We'll miss a couple workouts, but we'll get the key ones in. And, what better excuse to miss some workouts than WINE?
Oh... and some of you have noticed, and COMMENTED that my blog description says something about being 29. Which I am NOT anymore, although I like to say I am still 25.. but that doesn't really matter. I AM going to change it, but you see.. I'm also working on a whole new blog look. I absolutely loved supalind's new blog so I've contacted Carly, the girl who created it to help me with mine. Of course, she is waiting on me to giver her some pictures, info etc... and well.. I'm still working on that! Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have a new bright look!!!
I think that is all for now.... Here's last weeks details:
another ~14:30 including 1 1:10 strength session

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few things...

That I have learned in the past week or so.

  • I LOVE my new running shoes (Asics Gel Nimbus). I should have switched a long time ago!
  • I have a hard time committing to races. I look at people's blogs and see their race schedule on the sidebar and think - Oh, I should do more races. Then I get scared and don't sign up.
  • I train SO much more than I race.
  • I need to push harder on the bike. I slack off when my legs start to hurt.. Then I look at my AVG HR after a ride and realize I didn't even spend most of my time in zone 2. I think I could be a lot faster if I put more effort into it.
  • My trainer Daniel is evil. And a freak of nature. He makes everything seem so easy. Today, my legs were killing me so I said, "let's do an hour of core work." he didn't even acknowledge my words. I did 40mins of legs (HARD) and 25 of abs.
  • My IT bands will forever be my downfall. They will always decide my training and race fate. I hate that.
  • If you gain a bunch of weight in a short amount of time, it comes off easier. I gained 8lbs in a couple of months by not running, drinking a lot and going on a chocolate binge. I've lost 5 of them in just a month. Last year, during training. It took me all 5 months of training & I only lost 6lbs total.
  • The point above might mean that being a drunk in Mexico over the holidays IS in fact a good thing.
  • My massages aren't fun. Even for my poor therapist who has to have a snack after working on me in order to do Shane's massage.
  • My right IT band, where I had the surgery is ACTUALLY worse off than the one that has been bugging me. I think the scar tissue masks some of the pain, cause I would have never guessed it was 10 times tighter than the right. I have bruises to prove it. Really.. they appeared only an hour after my massage. This scared me enough to make the final decision on my April race (doing the Olympic vs the Half IM). Re-iterate my point above about the IT bands RULING my life (ok, a bit dramatic)....
  • Peanut Butter is Super Food. What would we do without it? It has brought me back to life twice already this week (it's only Tuesday) when I realized I was crashing. I scoop (or 2) of PB & back to reality.
  • I am stupid to think that I only need one emergency snack in my purse at all times. Because, that emergency snack is 90% going to end up in someone else's stomach because he will 99% of the time not think in advance enough to bring himself a snack. Sorry hon, you know it's true.
  • My trainer Daniel is evil. Oh, wait. I already said that!
  • Our Dog Sara is going to live to be 102. Really... She's feeling much better. I think she will out live Shane & I both.
  • Dogs bread in California are... "special" I have so many things I could mention to prove this point, but if you ever meet Princess Abigail, you will totally understand what I'm saying.
  • I think I was born to be a red-head. I don't know if I've ever received so many compliments on my hair. I'm so happy with it!
  • However, I really never realized HOW many freckles I have! Jeez....
  • Gossip Magazines are the best. I started getting OK Magazine lately. It's WAY better than US Weekly.
  • Chocolate cures all. It's like in the same category as Peanut Butter. Add some Wine with those 2 and I'm like in Krista HEAVEN.
  • Steroids suck. My body is still have some out of whack issues because of them. I'm not going to elaborate on that because I don't really talk about this kind of stuff on my blog. Enough said. Except, I think Shane hates them as much as me.

Well, I think that is about it. Pretty eventful week, eh?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 2 Recap

Aghhh, another successful week. A good week at that I might add. Running perked back up with a lower HR & faster pace. I continued my at home IT band therapy of icing, stretching and foam rollin' 2-3 times per day... It seems to be keeping the inflammation at bay! Yippee...

We had a couple of great rides with the AVG speed picking up! And, my swims are FINALLY picking up a little speed with a little less effort.... 6 months off REALLY slows ya down! At one point, on Wed I think, my masters coach was asking how I was doing... She said that 'this week' I was looking a lot stronger. I told her that my shoulder, arm pain/numbness had subsided, so I could get a better stroke....

So, one of the workouts was 20x 100. 1-4, we were to count our strokes, making them as FEW as possible...and going SLOW. This would be, number of strokes = 'N'

My N = 17
5-8 were level 3 and N=2 so 19 strokes
9-12 were level 4 and N+4, 21 strokes.
13-15 N+1 level 2
16-20 levl 4, N+3

My level 2's were 1:46-1:48
Level 3's 1:40
Level 4's were 1:34-1:36

Before I started the set of 16, the last fast stuff... Coach Ann asked my my stroke counts & times... She said that for "my caliber" of swimming I should be UNDER 20 strokes. So... she watched me again. She said that my "pull" was slipping... So, she told me to try to take my pull arm out side a little before coming in and finishing the "pull" movment... What do you know... I dropped my stroke count to 18 on the way down & 19-20 on the way back... and my 100 was 1:32-1:35..... VERY COOL!

Then, on Friday we had another set of 10X100.... Odds fast, evens slow. My fasts were 1:28-1:31

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to someday get that 100 time down to 1:25 or less... I know I saw 1:25-1:28 pretty frequently last year... but certainly not right now!

So, it's Saturday afternoon and I've just finished ALL of my workouts again :-) Including actually making it to see Daniel both Tuesday & Thursday this week vs doing my strength stuff at home. And, of course he brought out those damn Gliders again and BOY do I feel it...

Weekly totals just under 14 hours:

Tomorrow is my rest day, then Monday I get a deep tissue massage from our wonderful Kylah.. It's my Valentines day present. It's it is going to hurt. Me, and HER. Poor thing... At least we tip her well!

On another, more sad/scary note... We had a little scare with our oldest dog Sara. She is a lab mix mutt. Shane rescued her over 10 years ago from a shelter. She was scared to death of people and only about 45lbs then. They said she was about a year... or so then. She's come out of her shell a LOT but still has her moments when new people arrive. For the most part she's a low maintenance dog. Keeps to herself, doesn't like to be too close, or to cuddle. Hence her nick-name Sassy-Sara..

Well, anyway she is getting old. She's slowing down.. For the most part she is in pretty darn good health though. But.. a couple of weeks ago she came running down the hall way and slid out on all fours. Thinking the floors were just dirty & she slipped we laughed, but she did move slow for a few days. Then, Friday morning at about 4:30 I heard all this scratching of nails on our floor. It was LOUD... it was like what you would see if you saw a dog (or person) trying to run on a sheet of ice...... The noise moved from our room to the hallway...and it now added the sound of weight hitting the floor.

I jumped up and ran to the hallway where I found Sara flat on her tummy shaking... I tried to help her up, but she'd try and just collapse to the ground.... I yelled to Shane (who somehow was still sleeping) and he got up & helped her back to our room to the dog bed.

Poor thing, she was scared to death. When we got out of bed a while later... she was scared to get up. We helped her into Shane's office.. but somehow she finally got the confidence to get to the other end of the house to my office (she likes me better - ha!).

We got her into see the vet yesterday.... They did some muscle tests and for being so old she is in pretty good shape. She did have a lot of pain in both her back and front hips though, jerking when the vet pulled on them. We also ran some blood tests to check her organs, etc... She also got a "pawdicure" (nails cut) that will hopefully help her get a better grip.

They called us shortly after we got back home and said that her liver levels (or something like that) were pretty high, so the doggy advil they gave us for her hips could not be used... Today we go back to exchange for something that her system can handle, and hopefully she will be ok for a while.

The conclusion is well, not really a conclusion. Either her legs gave out on her and she slipped, then just got really freaked out... or she also could of had a seisure.

Right now we just need to have her stay pretty calm (which she does for the most part, except some random crazy dog playing she does with Abby sometimes) and watch her limping etc...

I think this girl is here to stay for a while... She's a tough old lady, that is for sure! We are keeping the puppy, away from her for a while.. but she is definetly feeling better today! Big smile on her face & moving around pretty well...

Well, I think that's all for this week! Hope you all had a good one as well ;-)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ok, I just have to first start off by saying how excited I am that this week turned around. Starting with an off/bonking Monday, followed by ITB flare up Tuesday..... I just wasn't sure how it was going to end... Well, I did was I was supposed to!! I iced, and rolled, and rested and iced, and iced, and rolled some more. And, I slowed my pace down to watch my form. It all worked, and my workouts got better as the week went by.

My neck even held up on a pretty tough & windy 3.5 hour bike ride today (the saddle area is a WHOLE other story, but that will just take some more getting used to... and more aquafor, but I'll leave it at that). Everything seemed to be out to get me this week, but somehow I fought it ALL off. Even a flat, and a spare tube with a hole in it, and a 2nd spare tube with a too short of valve..... anyway, it all worked out, and if you look at the cool chart below you will see that my workouts went pretty darn well for week 1.

In total (weight training not shown here) ~14 hours of training. Not so shabby. Plus, Sunday is my day off - HURRAY!

Lessons learned...

1. Check spare tubes when you haven't changed your tire since CDA IM - almost 8 months

2. Check calories better. When you haven't added carbo-pro/gatorade back in. That is a LOT of missing calories...oops.

3. Just because your HR has dropped, doesn't mean you can speed up and forget your new short stride form. And get lazy about foam rolling. And stop icing. OBVIOUSLY it must be party of your training regimen.

4. Don't freak out and think you can't do IM because week 1 started out crappy....

Can't wait to see what the next 19 weeks bring!

just double click on the chart for the details!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

HOCH, this is for YOU!

Yes, people.... it does get COLD in Arizona. I'm not seeing any of this snow.. but that's what it says!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Week one, day 2 and it's already been tough! Not the distances or the time, or anything like that.... Just one of those weeks, ya know?

We started out with Sunday Superbowl celebration at momo's... which, although I was good & let Shane have all the fun (ugh, which he apparently took to another level - I'm sure he'll write about it eventually) I still was slow to get moving on Sunday!

I finally got outside for my 45min tempo run at about 10:30.... My HR was high, although my legs felt fantastic, and I didn't have enough 'gas.' I got home just in time to throw on my swimsuit and get to masters that started at noon...

My schedule is the lowest swim week I'll see over the next 5 months. Only 2000meters. I am fine adding some extra for the first few weeks, but after that my schedule will ramp up with distances past the masters workouts, and I will be there before, and still there after everyone else. Our coach is really good about helping add on to her workouts to make up for the distance.

Not today. About half way thru my planned workout (200 wu & 3*800) I started getting nauseous. I was bonking. I'm not sure I had ever bonked on a swim before. I stopped doing flip turns, and that helped for a bit. But, once I hit my scheduled 2200yards (2000meters) I was DONE. I hoped out of the pool and took one of the fastest showers EVA! I actually called Shane on my home & asked him to warm up some soup for me (it was rainy outside) so I could start eating as soon as I got home.

Lessons learned. DON'T bonk on your first 2 workouts of the week.... Especially for no good reason!

Today started off with our 2 hour bike ride. It was pretty cold out this am (34 at 7am) so we decided to wait until 9-9:30. The plan was for us to head up to momo's, about 40mins, pick her up do a loop that put us at 2hrs, then she would head back up home - she also had 2 hours on her schedule...

Well, that plan started out great until Shane got a flat 5 miles into the ride... And, of course neither of us brought a cell phone so we could call M. So - finally we figured out that I should go ahead while S changed his flat... No big deal... I got to her just 10mins late - then we rode a little ways up to meet Shane...

Eventually we would get this bike ride done.. But not before hitting every single red light, Shane having a bulging tube that he couldn't get fixed because the cap on his stem was frozen/stuck on. I had dirt stuck in my cleat because I stopped at a porta -potty and could not get clipped in.

Finally at about 11:50 we got home. 2 hours of ride time. Actual time - 2:35mins.

I was having some random pain on the bike...I had a knot on my left quad, on the outside, close to where the IT band rubs. It doesn't feel like IT band pain, but still... a little scared. So, I've been rolling, and stretching & icing.... My running is going so well I don't want anything else to mess it up!

So, I cancelled my session with Daniel, and did a bunch of core and a few glute & hamstring exercises from home. SO - I can still say that I am 4/4. I have completed all workouts for Monday & Tuesday...

SO NOT how to start out IM training... At least this time around I am more confident & less scared.... I know it will all come together!

So here's to a better 4 more days of training this week.... I'm hoping I got all the funk out of the way!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Blogging Anniversary to me...

I started blogging 1 year ago!! It was the Saturday before my 20 week plan started.... And, here we are again.

Fired up, and ready for the journey to begin. Fortunately, I'm a lot less scared. As long as my body holds up, I know there is no way that I won't reach that finish line! Last year I was surrounded by 6 other close friends and thousands of fellow triathletes. This year, although our local group is small (S, momo & I), I can't wait to get there and meet all of YOU! It will be a fun adventure, no doubt!

It was a pretty darn good week. My body started to feel much better... I had less and less arm & neck pain as the week went on, and today, even after a tough 3 hour bike ride, I'm feeling good! Cheers to that!

I also had one of the best running weeks in YEARS. Maybe it's my new shoes (switched from Adidas Supernova Cushion to Asics Gel Nimbus), mabye it's good karma for finally resting an injury (4 weeks completely off of running) - or maybe, just maybe things are starting to fall into place...

I didn't run far, and I didn't run hard, but my times were :30-:40 /mile faster with a MUCh lower HR. I haven't run 9:30 miles consistently in mid zone 2 for YEARS.... It felt fantastic, comfortable, and a lot more natural than my slow 10-10:30 paces....

You can see my total numbers for the week on my side bar. I'm really happy with them, and I think I'm in a GREAT place to start week 1/20 on Monday!

Here's what next week will look like:

Monday -
Swim 2000Meters (typically more like 2500 at Masters)
Run 50 min (moderate) LOW zone 2. 139-153

Tuesday -
Bike 2hrs (Moderate) same Hr as above
Daniel strength session

Wed -
Swim 1500M Moderate
Run 45mins (tempo) high zone 2 150-164

Thurs -
Bike 1:15 (Tempo) high zone 2
Daniel strength session

Friday -
Long run 1:10 zone 2 139-159
Swim 1500 tempo

Saturday -
Long bike - 3:30

Sunday -