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I've been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks now. Nutrition. The 4th sport. Anyone who has been doing endurance sports, particularly Ironman will agree. It's a never ending battle, or learning experience. You get advice, you give advice and you try all sorts of things out there. Everyone is different, and with all the gazillion products out there... we all have our preferences.

Here's some of my nutritional (or lack there of) history over the past several years...

For several years I did the same old thing. I started with marathon training so I was introduced to powergel. Vanilla specifically. It was the only flavor I seemed to be able to stomach so it was ALL I used. For an entire year. Let's just say it wasn't until 8 years later when I finally opened up another package of vanilla gel.

I used the typical rule of thumb for running. Lots of water, some gatorade & a gel every 45mins. I used that same methodology for years. Short races, long races... even…

More Flagstaff Adventures.

I had the wonderful opportunity of heading up to Flagstaff to keep my girl Amanda company last Wednesday afternoon. Working from home certainly has it's PERKS!

Thursday morning we headed out for the infamous "snowbowl climb." It's basically a 28mile loop starting with a 7mile warmup, 7mile climb from 7000ft up to 9300ft, descend, and then head back home. I would say the grade is between 9mile hill climb and and Mt Lemmon. I spun my way up (love my compact crank!) and got to the top in just over 49minutes with a perfect zone 2 heart rate. The descend was great, and I even saw a couple of deer. Totally a must do in the Flag area. A couple hours later we loosened up our legs with a nice swim at NAU. What a refreshing change to swim in a COOL pool.

Thursday night was our play night. I only had to swim on Friday so we knew we could have fun and a few cocktails. We headed out for a happy hour glass of wine at the Wine Loft and then across the street to a wonderful …

4th of July FUN

I spent a lot of time on my own training this weekend so I blogged in my mind a lot. Now it's just a matter of sitting down and typing it out. First things first, a fun picturesque post about the 4th of July with wonder friends in Flagstaff.

My girl Amanda rented a place for the month of July right in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. Of course I told her I was moving in with her.... The weekend was packed with plans of training & playing. A perfect balance. We had several friends in town doing their last big training block before Ironman Switzerland so we had a big group. Fortunately for us, Shane & I had a "recovery week." Much needed after his big training block and myself rebuilding my strength after being so sick!
We got into town Friday evening and had a great dinner & cocktail hour with Jen & Nils who also rented a place in Flag. They had a 6hr ride in the am so it was an early night for all. Shane & I just had a 3hr ride so we rode for a bit with…