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brides, and beaches, wally the whale, biking and running and swimming oh my!

I have no idea how it is possible that the last 2+ months went by so incredibly fast.  Foras long as I can remember I don't think life has every moved so quickly.  Each week I pull up my training calendar, my personal calendar, my work calendar and I somehow manage how to plan everything down to the hour (give or take some flex) fitting in everything I possibly can.  Takeout lunch and dinner, over-priced pre-made juices and peanut butter have saved me more than once.  My wine fridge is over flowing because I don't have nearly enough time (or my husband's company) to enjoy it as often!

Ironically, the busier I am the more productive and efficient I am.  My coaching business is taking off and I am BLESSED with such an amazing group of athletes to work with right now.  Each one different, with different goals, different bases, different schedules.  Hands down, if I could when I can make this my full time job, I would WILL do it in a HEARTBEAT.  Never in a million years did I …