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It's race week!!!  I'm not gonna lie, I'm super excited for this week.  Normally, I dread the "taper" and the rest and aches and all the not fun stuff that goes along with it, but this time I'm READY.  This is my 4th Ironman working with Michelle and my 4th Ironman CDA.  Each training "season" has been the same, but also different, this one in particular.  I'm not one to love a big long taper, or rest days, or even weeks for that matter.  My body (when fit) recovers quickly so after big big blocks I need a couple days of light active recovery then I'm ready to get back at it.  Too much rest leaves me feeling slow, sluggish and then takes me a longer time to get back to work.  But, my last couple of weeks have been a bit more "nailed" and intense than normal so I'm way ready for this week!

One thing that has not changed are the infamous "phantom" symptoms.  There are so many of them. Phantom pain (you know you all have …

Ironman CDA Nastalgia

Late after noon last Sunday, I headed out for my second run of the day on the Ironman run course.  I had a few race pace (ish) intervals to do and thought what better way to get into race mode than to do it on the course.  As Shane & I started out I was a bit blah.  My legs were heavy and I felt a bit dizzy.  This happens a lot when I do double runs, I'm definitely more of a morning runner, but I usually come around.

Our rental is about a half mile from the park (transition) so we weaved through the Fort Grounds neighborhood then were on course.  Each turn I started to remember.  Remember the 3 other times I had been on this course (officially) and the memories just started flooding.  The first one was right about where the special needs bags are, passed the library and in front of Tubb's hill.  I remembered that is "Benny's lawn."  In 07 when we were here we met up with some "blog" friends from Utah.  Benny had a rough time out on the course and S…

Troika Half Ironman

My little race recap I posted on Facebook mentioned something about getting through a 5+hr race on sugar and caffeine... It's true!  What a whirlwind few weeks I've had.  I swear, it never seems to fail either I've got too much time on my hands (not training, work is slow) or it all comes at once.  Sure enough this time it all came at once.  Thankfully, I seem to be a heck of a lot more productive the busier I am!

We started our rental contract for the summer in CDA on June 1st.  However, a friend told me about a local half ironman that I had done a few years ago, and how they moved the race from August to June to help locals racing IMCDA prep!  I sent a note to the owners of our rental and they were super sweet and had no problem with us checking in a few days early.

I've never considered how much actually goes in to moving for 4 months.  2 people, 4 bikes, 2 dogs, 2 home offices.  Top the planning, packing, organizing, cleaning on top of normal ironman training a fu…