Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bat Cap Challenge!

A few weeks ago Michelle threw out the idea of ordering our famous bat caps. She had these made about 5 years ago, and they were handed out at her choosing to athletes that did something special, out of their comfort zone. This something didn't have to be a swim (and still doesn't), but I did earn mine in the pool.

Michelle flew out to AZ to train with a few of her local athletes for the first ever BSC camp. She stayed with Shane and I a few days before heading to Tucson to attend Hillary's SmashCamp so Shane & I got some bonus time with her. On our second swim with her, she learned, in person that I could in fact swim, but I must not be pushing myself enough because my times weren't all that impressive.  I don't remember what the swim was, but I remember this picture being taken after because I couldn't even lift my anything. I earned my bat cap that day. Unfortunately it wasn't silicone and didn't last, but in my head I knew I earned it ;)

The caps arrived and Michelle posted something on social media about how they can't be bought and the thread grew with like 200 comments in just a few hours.  One of my newer athletes, who had never even done a 3k set was the first to say she was IN.

The interest was growing, and while I had no desire to spend all week long in the pool, I wanted to lead by example and do the challenge myself.  I like swimming.  I like how my body feels when I'm done.  I like how it flushes the swelling and horrible water retention my body likes to hold onto and I like the weightless feeling. That said, after spending many years working on my swim, my speed has pretty much flatlined over the past few years, an I'm ok with that. I have other fish (bike splits) to fry, and with limited time these days for training spending 2+hrs with getting to the pool, etc doesn't leave time for much else!

I've done two epic swim challenges myself.  We trained for about 2 months to build up to a 10k swim in Kona. Logging about 12-15k/week for several weeks, then the swim itself. I didn't love, but I didn't hate the training, however, I didn't enjoy the 10k swim AT ALL. I was sea sick and dry heaving, and my swim buddy who did a bit less training then I did burned all his matches and struggled after 2hrs in the water which had me floating and swimming through swells making the nausea worse for almost half the swim.

My second challenge was doing 100x100 for my birthday swim a couple years ago.  I was post IMAZ and wanted something to focus on over the holidays. I had a bunch of friends join me for the swim, it took 3 hours, I swam strong and I LOVED every minute of it!

I digress, back to the swim challenge. My challenge was 30k over 7 days. I started it the day after we climbed Mnt Lemmon, so I was worried I'd have lingering fatigue, but the day went well! I took the day off work to catch up on life so it probably helped that I got to start at my chosen time and not feel rushed. Here's a real life recap of how my challenge went with the workout and then my post workout notes to Michelle!

Day 1:  4800
1000 w/u neg split
8 x 50's 25 easy/25 fast w/u set
MAIN SET: 2800
200 FAST @ 3:00!!
300 easy/steady @ 5:30
500 FAST @ 7:45
300 easy/steady @ 5:30
200 FAST @ 3:00!!
300 easy/steady @ 5:30
500 FAST @ 7:45
300 easy/steady @ 5:30
200 FAST @ 3:00!!
500 PBB easy c/d

My post activity notes:
Pleasantly surprised how good I felt!  My low back (both sides QL) are really sore, but not pain like before, just sore muscles.
Endurance wise fine, but the speed just not up to these splits to get any true rest.
I used the buoy for the fast stuff - 200s were 2:54, 2:57, 2:59 -- 500s were 7:35, 7:37.
Added a 100 easy flop to kick my legs out a bit at the end so one less 100 to do tomorrow   

Lindsay also took video of me when I didn't know.  My swim has felt like SHIT lately and masters coaches keep telling me I'm breathing late.  It's been driving me crazy because I can't figure it out.  I needed to see it. 10" of this video and I was MAD.  What happened to my rotation and no wonder my neck has been hurting so bad and I've lost like 5"/100....

I sent the video to both Jane (masters coach) and Michelle and they both gave me feedback.  Day 2 was masters and Jane gave me a tip that really clicked (getting my shoulder down which would force the rotation).  And, I self grounded myself from my buoy.  Too much swimming while exhausted and using the buoy as a crutch somehow made my body forget how to turn and the neck/head compensate.  I'm not rotating so I breathe late with a head turn and lose half my pull.


Day 2, Masters: Planned 3800, Completed 4200
My post activity notes:
Got in 1600 b4 class.  Jane gave me a cple thing to focus on.... dropping shoulder down to help  pop the hip.  I'm hoping it helps! I'll have lindsay do another video next week to see if anything clicks.

Mainset:  6x75 desc by 25s
5x 275 alt fast 100 through then all fast (3:49!) 
25 ez
6x 100. Build

Muscle fatigue, but energy good.

Day 3: 3100 cruise recovery day
1000 straight/easy swim
10x50's @1:00 as alternating 25 easy/25 fast; 25 fast/25 easy. (x4)
5x150's PBB cruise swim form focus 15" rest
5x100's swim no toys cruise form focus 10" rest
5x50's swim cruise form focus 5" rest
100 easy breaststroke

My post activity notes:
You mathed wrong on my challenge!!! Lol, now I'm 600 up.  I am sore today on my neck but really focused on getting my shoulder down to fire rotation... didn't look at the clock at all.

Day 4:  4400
400 swim easy w/u
300 as 25 kick/75 swim
4 x 75 descend 1-4 on 1:20
Main Set 3300
4 x 150 on 2:40
6 x 100 on 1:50
3 x 150 on 2:40
5 x 100 on 1:45
2 x 150 on 2:40
4 x 100 on 1:40
1 x 150 on 2:40
3 x 100 on 1:35
100 easy c/d

My post activity notes:
Slept like a ROCK last night!! I took the warmup stupid easy - didn't feel bad, but didn't feel awesome.  I'm so glad the main set was all short distance it was easier to wrap my head around.  I felt HUNGRY the whole swim even tho I ate a snack en route to the pool.  It wasn't like a bonk, just hunger (and fine when I stopped).

I used paddles for 150s and send off 2:30 vs 2:40
Then did baby descends to make the 100s have purpose or I'd just flop them.  Ranged from 1:35 down to 1:28.

Kept paddles for the last 3 and did 1:23. REALLY working on my rotation and kick.

Day 5: 3700 (this was probably the day I felt the worst!)
800 easy w/u choice
Main Set 1800 (repeat 2x through, 2nd time PBB)
3 x 100 fast @1:40
300 relaxed @5:00
2 x 150 as 50 fast/100 easy @2:30
1000 fartlek as:
100fast/100easy; (then repeat back down)

100 easy for cool down

My post activity notes:
I felt ok in the water, but my speed SUCKED.  My "fast" 100s were 1:30-1:31...... Put the SIMS on for the 1000 and did much better - 15:20ish for the total I think - helped I was trying to lap Shane :)

Day 6: 4000
800 w/u as 500 easy then 300 alt 50 fast, 50 easy
4 x (200 @ 3:30 holding <3:05 100="" 1:26="" 1:50="" 1="" 2="" between="" can="" hold="" if="" needed.="" p="" rest="" s="" sets="" x="">===================
1500 straight done like this- 500 solidly paced with paddles, bouy, bands; 500 drop the bands and back off the effort a bit; 500 drop the buoy and back off the effort further. Last 500 is rather easy.
100 easy

My post activity notes:
HOLY SHIT!  I am shocked.  The warmup HURT.  Like my shoulders and triceps were sore... so I beyond flopped it.  Then, put my SIMS on for the main set and right off felt smooth and had rotation and felt good!
200s were 2:59, 2:52, 2:51, 2:49 (WHAT?! Haven't seen that for a while)
100s were all 1:22!!!
1500 was pretty fast too - 7:09, 7:24, 7:35.

--- I was SUPER hungry after and enjoyed lunch, a couple of beers and silly talk with the BFF at the gym after.  It was perfect!

Day 7:  Planned 6400, Completed 6800
1000 mixed w/u
8x50 kick w/fins rest 15"
8x50 swim w/fins easy/fast by 25; rest 15"
200 easy
10x400 @6:30. Goal is to hold even pacing throughout the set.

2x200 easy w/ buoy c/d

My post activity notes:
SO happy with how I felt!  I ate really well the night before and went to bed early.  The middle of the week was hard for me cause I wasn't sleeping well (puppies).... once I got sleep and added calories I felt great.  I also was REALLY working on rotation after Jane gave me tips Tuesday and it sorta clicked, especially with the SIM shorts, on Friday.

I was tired at the end, but not wasted.  It felt so good to do 2 epic things the past weeks (Lemmon & this swim).  Even though I REALLY don't love to swim THIS much, I do love doing big things and feeling my fitness creeping back.  Between life, dogs, and work the past 2 years it's been tough and I haven't been back there so this makes me so happy!

#1 & 10 were 6:10, all others 6:06.  I finished up with 800 PBB relaxed to make it 6800 for the day and 3100 total.  Those damn bonus yards at the beginning of the week were haunting my OCD.

I'm super happy to have completed the challenge, but not just for the cap. I was really blown away by my athletes stepping up and joining in on this challenge. For a lot of people swimming is the first thing to get left out or pushed aside because of time or they just really don't enjoy it.  Most think they can't get faster or improve their swim fitness so they don't bother, but the truth is it takes time and it takes discipline. You may not see your swim split drop by an extraordinary amount, but the fitness gains are huge and you will see the benefits later in your race because of that solid fitness.

I'm also happy because it allowed me to really focus on what I had been doing wrong for quite some time.  I wasn't trashed from cycling or running so I could really put my time and energy into not just swimming the distance, but doing it with purpose and working on correcting my form.  It will be a work in progress for some time, but I'm happy to be heading back on that track.

Getting out of our comfort zones and doing something we would never do on our own is so fun and it's more fun when others are sharing in on the journey ;)  If you are interested in the #batcapchallenge let me know, we can come up with something EPIC together!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Year!

It's been far too long since I've updated so in an effort to start fresh and hopefully keep updating this a bit more regularly I'll start with where I left off:


Post IMCDA it was far too much work and not enough play, but the big highlight was welcoming our new baby V to our family. After the loss of Juliette, Zeko was so lonely. Every time we walked around town he tried to meet and greet all the dogs to find friends. We were at a loss as what we should do, then one of those right time right place situations presented itself...

In the months after Juliette's passing, I was "mentoring" one of my athletes who was about to get her very first Vizsla baby and well, somehow, as fate would have it there was a special little girl for us to bring home as well...


Juniper, AkA, June-Bug traveled on her first and only airplane from AZ back to CDA to join our family. She's gorgeous, feisty, sweet, snuggly and the most playful tom-boy little scrapper I've ever seen! She and Zeko have become the best of friends and I'm not sure one could be without the other. As crazy as a house with 2 puppies sounds (and is!) I can't imagine it any other way. Both of these little rascals have a piece of my bubba with them and it all just feels right. Zeko got Bubba's namesake and June Bug has his lineage (like for real! Baxter's dad is on her pedigree as a great grandfather).

October & November:

New bike year! Over the summer my bike started having some pretty significant issues and I found out there was a crack forming on the rear-drop.  5 years and 7 Ironman later it was definitely time.  I worked with my LBS favorite at Regroup Cycles, balanced budget and wants (di2!) and ended up getting a Cervelo p3.  I'm still getting comfortable on the bike, but immediately fell in love with the electronic shifting!  Looking forward to spending a lot of time on my new toy this spring!

As we were adjusting back to life in Arizona and life with 2 very active puppies, work life seemed to take over.  While Shane was getting back into the swing of triathlon training I was focusing on what I had time for with my crazy work schedule and I decided to train for a marathon. I needed something to keep me active and sane outside of my long hours and it was the perfect running weather!  I signed up for the Tucson marathon with the BFF and was loving all the running. Long runs were dare I say, easy? I decided to shoot for a BQ time, but not a PR. 4 years from my last marathon I've aged up and my BQ time for 2018 is 3:45. I paced my runs for a 3:37 finish time which would get a BQ with a 5' early registration, but also help pace the BFF to a BQ.... My body held up very well and honestly, I didn't stress the race itself once....


Work continued to be stressful and more than I even knew I was looking forward to a week long break we had planned in Mexico post marathon to let the body and mind recover. Sitting at my computer 10-14hrs a day between my day job and working with athletes (my love!) was really draining on me....

Lindsay and I headed down to Tucson Friday night before the marathon, planned our matching outfits and had a solid strategy. I would click off the miles right on pace, hold our water, refill when needed and be the race pacer extraordinaire. All good in theory, and very much in plan with what we had done during training, I would get her to that finish.

Unfortunately, my body had other plans. From the start of the race I had nothing. The paces felt hard, and I had NO gears. I tried to keep my suffering to myself, but after about 13 miles I just knew I could not do what I intended for the day. I looked at Lindsay and she looked great, so I was firm, straight forward and just let her know she had to go on without me. I *hoped* I could dial the effort back and still get in a 3:40ish BQ, but she could push on for the < BQ time. I don't know if it was truly all my body or if I was just mentally not there to push after that, but the next 13miles I felt like I could curl up in a ball on the side of the road and just sleep.  I somehow got through that race in a reversal role having Lindsay standing worried at the finish waiting for me.  So proud of her for pushing on with a huge PR, just shy of the BQ goal...

As planned, we spend the next week playing (or laying) on the beach recovering. I had a lot of time to assess the race and converse with Michelle on what happened.  I was trained and perfectly capable of running a 3:30-3:35, yet it just didn't happen?  It's been a very long time since I had FAILED at a goal. I'm very realistic and know I get out of my training what I put into it. While my triathlon training over the past 2 years has not been what it was before due to life and work stress, I was very aware that my results would be affected, this was different...

I had my blood work evaluated and also talked about my mindset during the race with Michelle (perks of having the same coach for over 6 years, she knows me as well as I know myself). Long story short changes were necessary on both a health aspect (blood work) and my mind.

Once the sore muscles recovered I got MAD.  Mad that A) my work life and stress had such an affect on what really makes me happy, and B) questioning my grit that I couldn't push through that race. So, I did what any sane (ha!) person would do and I signed up for another marathon 8 weeks later...

Oh, I also turned 39 celebrating with my close friends, FANTASTIC dinner at home, spa day and chocolate cake.. All my favorites!


Continued plugging along recovering and maintaining run fitness.  I'd lie if I said it felt good. My body was tired and my runs felt horrible. I started making a few changes to my diet and supplement intake after reviewing my blood work with my naturalpat doctor.  I knew these changes would take some time, but I was committed to getting my fitness and health back.  In additional to the personal changes I was also working on some changes with the job..... 

Oh, and a fun, crazy trip to Napa with our BFFs to celebrate Wade's 40th!  We are nothing but trouble when we all pair up, but it was all so much fun.


Somewhere just a couple weeks out from the marathon my body started to feel better. Runs were less of a struggle and speed less forced. My sleep was improving and I just felt better! My thyroid dose had been increased and I had added back in my fish oil, magnesium and multi each morning.  I continued to drink my beet elite each day I remembered and my system seemed to respond well. I couldn't help but still have some fear and doubt about the marathon after the Tucson catastrophe, but I was trying to trust in my training and prepare myself to have to hurt on race day. It was definitely a different position to be in then I was a few months back where I was confident, my run paces and efforts confirming I was ready, to now where I was more scared. I was only running about 25-30 miles a week, but had upped the swim & biking to supplement and just wondered how this would translate to a solid marathon...

Race day came and in usual Lindsay & Krista fashion our morning was full of comedy. The weather was absolutely perfect. Super cool and crisp, little to no wind and a gorgeous sunrise. My plan was to take advantage of the first 8 miles of down hill and keep the effort the same, but not hold back on my pace. Lindsay and I stayed together for about 7 miles when I had to pull off for a potty break.  It took me another 2 miles to catch back up with her and even though we weren't running "together" this time, there was something comforting about being with her. I started to feel the pace a bit more around the half way mark but I knew I had extra time. I just kept plugging away getting to my pacer (it pays to have athletes that are much stronger runners than you!) at mile 18 and somewhere around there Lindsay and I got a bit separated (she had my husband waiting for her at 18 so I knew she'd be ok!). My body was feeling a bit tired and I just let her know 8:20s instead of 8:15s... The next few miles clicked off and then around 22 I did the math and realized I could run nearly 10' pace and still get <3:40 2018="" 3:38="" 5="" 6ish="" 8="" 90="" a="" after="" another="" at="" behind="" bq.="" bq="" buffer.="" buffer="" but="" didn="" div="" epic="" finish.="" finished="" for="" giving="" going="" her="" i="" in="" indsay="" into="" just="" kill="" me="" min="" myself="" nbsp="" of="" one="" point="" pr="" say="" shy="" stopped="" t="" that="" the="" trying="" tucson.="" weeks="" with="" wouldn="">

This race was about so much more than a BQ. It was about reminding myself that I can still get out there fight and succeed. My racing (due to lack of training time) has been much less successful in the past couple years and I would REALLY like the time to put back into it so I can see the benefits in the on race day, and this was just a nice reminder that it's still there... I just need to get back to the grind!


I'm working on a big change with my job to help me with all the work stress and time.  It's a change moving me into a position that is much more in line with my strengths (less technical, more client services), but it's been a very very long transition process waiting for the approval high up the chain. I talk with my soon to be boss quite often, and I trust he's doing what he can to make this happen in the interest of not only keeping me on his accounts, but not losing me in general.  Each week I wait for more news, but just keep plugging away until it happens.... 

My body is recovering from the marathon(s) and I'm looking forward to putting in a lot of bike miles this month! My first race is a relay (bike) for our local Tri 4 the Cure race in 2 weeks then my favorite of the year, the Rocky Point Triathlon! Outside of that, I will race one of the local Olympics and then we're off to CDA where Shane & I are both racing CDA 70.3 at the end of June.  I still haven't decided past that race. I would like to not be riding 5-6hrs all summer long and enjoy some of the summer lake life doing different things, so only time will tell.  If work lets up and I'm able to have more training time, I may do Ironman Canada in Whistler... The beauty of some of these races not selling out!

And lastly, but certainly one of the most exciting things of the year are some changes to our TeamBSC. I couldn't be more excited about the group of athletes I'm working with this year.  Some have been with me from the start and just keep progressing and others that are new to me, but I'm just itching to bring out their potential!  

Additionally, we will have an updated website and some exciting things happening with our amazing group of coaches and athletes.  Stay tuned for a fun announcement soon :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ironman CDA #6!

Another Ironman CDA in the books!  As per usual, the course handed all of us some fun obstacles to overcome, making this years race once again challenging just like I love!

Leading up to the race I definitely had more on my plate than usual. "Moving" into our new house for the first time, the first several weeks were spent putting it together and constant work.  Shane took on the brunt of the manual (yard) projects, but it seems like we still have so much more to do!  Guess that's the fun of owning a 100 year old house.  Our pretty garden and landscaping will have to wait until next summer.

My (day) job has just become crazy relentless.  I'd be lying if I said I was happy with it, and while I am in no position to leave my job, I am certainly trying to find a position internally that will (hopefully) lower my stress and give me more time to and energy to focus on doing what I love - working with more athletes and having more focus on my own training.

Oh yah and PUPPY!  Sure has been fun, but it's been a LONG time since we've had a puppy so it definitely added another challenge to the ironman training and recovery ;)  Totally worth it though!

All that said, I went into this race with 2 goals.  1)  HAVE FUN  2) Solid bike.

#1 was certainly met, and #2 I'm still iffy on......

I had some pre-race drama as my garmin was acting up the night before the race.  When I took it off the charger it was showing low battery.  I played with it a bit and I thought I got it all set, but come race morning in transition it was only showing about 20% battery life.  After spending the last 8 weeks working my ASS off on the bike to gains some watts in an attempt to not lose so much time or position on the bike, practicing exactly what I needed to do ON the course with my power meter I got completely stressed out and frustrated.  In a complete panic I called Shane and had him bring him his garmin (which only had about 60%).  I ran into transition and set up the data screens for power on the fly, then tried to pair it to my power meter, but with so many bikes around the watch was unable to pair so I just left it and thought I would try again once on the bike.  Watching my panic I got another Garmin to borrow and throw in my T-2 bag for the run (I wasn't nearly as concerned about the run sans data).

My stress level was definitely higher than it needed to be going into this race, so I spent the first loop of the swim trying to calm myself down.  The swim felt great!  I made a game day decision to wear my new Helix full sleeve because I felt a little chilly the day before in my sleeveless.  I definitely tend to swim on the hot side, but the new wetsuit feels so good.  I was a little surprised when I came out from loop 2 around 33' per my usual 31, so I picked up the effort to try to make up some time.  Loop 2 is always a bit longer because you have to angle out about 50-100yards to the first turn buoy, but overall my swim was about 1' longer than it has been the past 2 years.

I pulled on my new Coeur Speed top that I just gotten that week and headed out to the bike!  I was expecting full hot sun the entire bike so having that extra sun coverage was awesome.  I immediately started messing with my garmin trying to pair with the power meter, but it just wasn't happening. Rather than spend or waste and more time and energy on this, it was time to move on.  I have practiced week in and week out my watts over the course so I had a pretty good idea of how it would "feel."  I felt FANTASTIC on the bike, the hills weren't hard, and I made sure to not push over my intended effort.  As expected some people I knew passed me, but this time I had the energy and legs to go with them, unlike the 70.3.  I was so excited!  The only thing that wasn't feeling awesome was my hunger. I've been training with my home-made nutrition for 2 months with no issues, but for some reason my body just did NOT want to eat today!  I force fed, but ended up going for more of my sugary chews than the salty peanut butter balls.  I knew this would lead me to a calorie deficit so I did whatever I could too keep pushing the more dense nutrition.

As I came back into town for loop 2 I could feel and see the wind had really picked up.  I stopped at special needs grabbed my bottles of Osmo and nutrition and gritted out back to the highway.  As soon as you cross the bridge over the river the wind was INSANE.  The second loop felt like 1 million years to get to the turnaround fighting a horrific headwind.  I was looking at my speed and trying to do math and realizing I going to lose so much time!  I faded a bit more than others, but didn't think it was smart to push any harder against that wind....

As I got off my bike I was so HAPPY, but not sure what to expect from the run.  I took a little extra time in T-2 to go pee and also top off my sodium stores with some pre-load.  As I headed out on to the run my legs felt stiff and my stomach a bit of a mess.  I focused on a short quick cadence, not really looking at my garmin just going off feel.  Once again, my body figured out what it was supposed to be doing and in just a couple of miles I felt right at home just clicking away my miles. Because I was a little low on fuel, I started front loading calories on the run at mile 2.5.  I had 3 gels on me and 3 more in special needs. It was still pretty warm so I used my handheld bottle to drink, but grabbed water and ice and every aid station.  I also stopped at special needs on loop 2 because I was worried I wouldn't have enough energy on my 1 gel I had left to get back for more on loop 3.  I also had another mix of osmo/amino in there so I grabbed it all and headed back out for the second loop. This was my best loop!  I felt strong and happy!  I did spend extra time at each aid station getting oranges, water ( I was thirsty!) and cola, so my splits were slowing a bit, but my actual run pace wasn't!

The course is amazing!  I actually love the 3 loop out and back because I got to see so many people, and I could also see those whom I was gaining on!  I passed a few girls in my AG, but also got passed by one, but I used others that were ahead of me and fading and my motivation to keep going!  Loop 3 definitely felt hard, but I was able to tough it out and just get to that finish line!

While it wasn't my fastest or my best placement, I truly enjoyed every second of the race (ok maybe NOT the extra 20' fighting a headwind on the bike) and considering the time I had spent training was a bit less than normal, I am super happy with the day.  It was an absolute blast, and I don't think I would change a single thing about the day!

I'm not sure what's next on the agenda for me (although I'm committed to next years CDA 70.3!), but for now I'm going to enjoy the rest of the time we are here in this wonderful town playing.... oh and also some fun bike shopping (suggestions welcome)!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our little Princess

 I was thinking about this post yesterday, not sure if I made up writing it or if it actually existed. Pretty happy for (most) things saved on the internet! We didn't talk much about Juliette being sick, because honestly, she wasn't as far as we knew. She had been sporty spice going on most of the puppy walks (in fact hopping out of bed way earlier than normal to make sure she didn't miss out). Chasing him around, running around with her new lab friends and just loving life. 


Last week she was having some problems in her mouth, was drooling and the puppy kept obsessing over it so Shane took her in on Friday and we found out she needed to have 4 teeth extracted. She's had some dental problems, but we've watched them closely so I was really shocked at the quick turn for the worse. She was sent home with antibiotics and after 2 days she was full of energy and even got to go to my race on Sunday! It was so fun to see her out there running with me again for even just a minute. Monday everything changed. She had no energy, wouldn't eat and had this look that was just all too familiar. My gut just knew something was wrong as she paced around the house on wobbly legs. I came into the living room to check on her and found her staring over a pile of blood. We immediately rushed her to the the vet ER to be checked out. It's almost scary how many vets I know in this area! The doc was the one who saw Baxter multiple times last summer so I immediately felt at ease. She was so sweet and gentle with J, just like she was last summer with Bubba. While there wasn't much she could do to diagnose her, her vitals were ok so her best assumption was that the antibiotic for the teeth had really done a number on her stomach. She injected her with some anti-nausea and sent us home with some as well. The first priority was to get some food in her stomach so we stopped at wallgreens and got a syringe, baby food, chicken broth and rice.

We tried everything to get her to eat, but basically I was using the syringe to squirt the baby food in her mouth. We just wanted her stomach to have something in it so we could give her a pain pill. She slept (on the bed of course) off and on that night, but when we got up in the morning she had no energy or strength. Shane carried her outside to go to the bathroom (where we found she was still bleeding) and we nestled her in my office for the day. I continued to syringe water into her mouth (she loved that!) and tried to keep the puppy away from her. As soon as the vet's office was open I called and explained her situation so when the doctor called me back we made plans to have her looked at that afternoon. It was a sad day. Last summer I was so close to all these horrible symptoms with Baxter, yet he continued partying for 4 months fighting to stay with us, but right here in front of our eyes, Juliette was fading. As much as I wanted to think positive, my gut just knew how sick she was.

After 2 hours at the vet looking at her in my arms as the doctor told us her blood count, we knew what we had to do. Without a definitive reason for why she got so sick, the obvious culprit is the F$^KING cancer. While we were under the impression that her type (derma/skin) wouldn't spread, every symptom she had showed otherwise and there was just nothing that we could (or would take the risk of putting her in more pain to) do for her.

5.5 years ago this sweet princess came into our lives to heal Baxter's broken heart. I will never understand how at 8 years old a family could just turn her in. She nestled right into our crazy family traveling to Mexico and Idaho and wearing silly medals while posing for photos. She did her best to take up running, when really she just wanted to sprint around then eat all the food. She learned how to snuggle and make friends. She even found herself "adopted" into another family to help keep her company after her BFF Baxter left us. 

After the loss of Baxter just 9 months ago, this sweet face kept me company and healed my broken heart. I took her just about everywhere I went, she never left my side and did her very best Bubba impressions snuggling up to me every chance she could. She protected me while Shane was in California and she she kept me on my toes acting like a puppy again. I can't even imagine what my days and nights would have been without her. I will forever be thankful for her spirit and unconditional love.

It's almost like she spent her time with us to make all our hearts happy, and finally when she felt like we were ok, she was ready to go back and be with the boy that showed her how to be a true Vizsla, full of love and pillows and hot dogs!

So much love for this girl and the only thing that makes this easier is knowing she's running around with Baxter!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I've missed writing my thoughts and daily adventures down in this blog.  I love going back months, even years to see where I was this time xx year and deciding if I've grown in a way that makes me happy and proud.  Unfortunately, my new job has turned out to be a whole lot more time consuming and stressful than years past at the same time (fortunately) my coaching business is in full bloom leaving a whole heck of a lot less time to write!  I used to sit down with my recovery time snuggling on the couch with the dogs relaxing in my recovery boots and typing, but now those times are less frequent and typically after 10-12hrs a day on a computer I'd rather veg out and stare at mindless TV :).  In an effort to recap the last 2.5 months I'm going to do do a little bullet point catch up so here we go!
  • After 3 months of very little training, I used my WTC Insurance and received a full refund for my Oceanside entry.  Best $40 EVER spent.  My heart wasn't in it and my body still needed more time. My doctor not only agreed, but was proud of me for making this decision.
  • When I decided to back out of Oceanside I also decided to commit to CDA 70.3 and full.  When in Rome.....
  • I slowly re-dedicated myself back to training.  I ran two half marathons learning that a) you can't fake run fitness and b) running faster than you are fit to run takes a heck of a lot longer to recover from.
  • Went on a girls trip to wine country.  Spent way too much $ on wine and lived off bread and cheese for 3 days.  It was glorious.
  • On said trip, got drunk and ended up booking last minute flights to Maui to watch one our closest friends get married.  YOLO!
  • Had a completely unplanned amazing 4 day vacation in paradise.  Totally out of my comfort zone and one of the best and most needed trips away with my husband.
  • Spent the next 4 days working 12+hours to catch up and prep for hosting my 3rd annual spring training camp!
  • Once again got completely inspired by watching the athletes reach new achievements and push themselves harder and further than they thought they could go.
  • Surprised myself with the fitness I didn't know I still had!
  • Got completely rejuvenate and ready to get back to the grind! 
  • Aside from camp weekend, just finished off my biggest training week since IMAZ and I feel fantastic (and hungry).  14k+ yards of swimming, 8hrs of cycling, 30+m running and 90' of strength training.  The kind of week I used to do on a regular basis but have struggled with over the past year.  
We're now on the 8 week countdown until we move back to CDA for the first summer in our new house!  The winter has flown by so fast, I almost can't believe it's time.  I'm super excited, yet also a bit overwhelmed thinking about it as I feel like I barely just unpacked from our Christmas trip.  I feel like life is on this crazy fast track and some days I just wish there were more time to relax and just be.  I couldn't imagine life without everything in it, so I just keep plugging away and managing my time as best as I can.

Next up - another wedding weekend in Napa followed by Adult Spring Break, aka Rocky Point Tri!  A weekend away at the beach with our friends, and our first time renting a house in over 10 years.  I can't wait to get back to Bub's beach and have one last hurrah with our friends before heading out for the summer, but also before putting my head down and my focus into my training.

So much fun on  this girls trip!!!

Moments before out running my fitness and watching my BFF PR!


We did NOT want to leave...

Camp kickoff!

Tri 4 Cure 

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" 
 Mae West