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Another non-real post.

I don't have much to write about lately.... Although, I guess I could have posted about my uber fun weekend I had, playing, drinking & hanging out with my uncle and his beautiful girlfriend, but I think I'll save that for next time.

Shane & I are racing another 10k on Saturday. This one is a downhill course I heard about years ago - Again, never healthy enough to race it so I'm SO in this year. Shane still not being in his peak running shape is going to go ahead & do it by my side. And yell at me to go faster - or something like that. We'll see what I can do. I already blew away my PR, but this is DOWNHILL so we will see :-) Please knee, bare with me.

And - here's the non-post I was tagged to do from Facebook. I thought it would be a fun one!!

This is kind of like the 25 things - except there are questions about you and your spouse.

♥ What are your middle names? Nichole - I'll let Shane share his - it's starts with A.
♥ How long have you been t…

100 Truths

100 truths about me........if you get tagged, you must answer 100 truths about yourself.

1. last beverage→ water, yes I'm boring.
2. last phone call→ Jeez, my uncle last night before dinner. I don't talk on the phone much.
3. last text message→ Same as above
4. last song you listened to→ Nothing excited, whatever was on the radio after swimming and I was too hungry to notice.
5. last time you cried→ Wow, I actually can't remember - I must be really happy right now!

6. dated someone twice→ No
7. cheated on someone?→ No, well maybe one time in college but it wasn't serious.
8. kissed someone & regretted it? HAHA... yah prolly.
9. lost someone special?→ YES
10. been depressed?→ maybe a little, before & after my knee surgery
11. been drunk and threw up.→ Oh come on - who hasn't?

12. Red
13. Green
14. Blue

15. Made a new friend → yes
16. Fallen in love → no
17. Laughed until you cried → no
18. Met someone who chang…

Walks like a duck?

I'm not really writing about walking like a duck, but I know there is some sort of saying about you are what you do? Or walks like a duck...or something like that.

And, if that were the case, then by many oh' standards I am becoming a fish. We all know I drink like a fish, but now I'm actually SWIMMING like a fish. Like holy hell, this is why people always say swimming is so hard. I guess I never really pushed hard, hence why I've been pretty much the same speed for I don't know, ever.

In January our masters group started a new format - like real masters swimmers. You swim with like speed people and swim in circles. I absolutely LOVE it. It pushes me. I don't know why, but it does. I'm not necessarily swimming with anyone faster than me, but something about being told to do a certain interval on a certain level with only :15 rest. It fires me. I'm not slacking just logging the workout in, I'm DOING the work.

Wednesday's are brutal. It&…

Happy Valentine's Day

To tell you the truth I've never much liked Valentines day. For years and years I was single on the holiday and I spent many oh' Feb 14th's at a bar with my girlfriends on "D-Day."

I actually remember the first Valentines day with Shane.... I took him to The Cheesecake Factory. He had never been there? Who has never been to Cheesecake Factory? We only have like 3 or maybe 4 now here in town. And, that was even before I knew what a dessert fanatic he was.... Needless to say, I do blame him (after my college bff Erin) for my chocolate obsession these days.

But, back to what I was saying, I think it's a silly holiday. Men end up spending tons and tons of money on flowers that on any other day they could buy for 1/3 the price. And as much as I LOVE the color RED, it's every where... And, if you are single, who really wants to be surrounded by that ALL the TIME. Silly little teddy bears and trinkets that most likely end up tossed....

Without portraying myself as …

6 years later..., chasing the girl in the pink shorts.

6 years ago I raced my first 10K, the Runners Den Classic. The weekend before I ran my first half marathon and 2 months before that I ran my first marathon. I suppose I did things a little backwards? Oh well..
Shane ran with my 6 years ago. I was a 9min miler. I finished the race in 51:35 8/10 in the 20-25 age group. Really? I ran that fast and was almost last? Jeez. A couple months later I PR'd my 10k time at the first annual Hawk Trot - 50:29. I got 2/3 in my age group...
Then things went downhill. I began a 6 year journey of injury and recovery. I raced a few more times (road races), always disappointed. I tried the Runners's Den Classic again - 53:53 26/61 25-29 age group. No, I don't remember these dates and stats... I just looked them up!
The next few years were spent doing triathlons and more injury. I lost my love for racing. Hated that feeling in my stomach, and most of all hated the disappointment of my performance.
Even after I was healthy, I was still under perfo…