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7000 feet

Last September while on the drive up to Flagstaff to spend the holiday weekend out of the heat, some serious FOMO, serious plotting, and a few cocktails later; the next thing you know we have an entire year of fun, hard work and goals all planned out.

Final goal = return to Ironman Canada!!!  A few races lined up before hand, but the kicker (and must have to commit to another August race) was renting a home for the summer up in Flagstaff.  3 partners in crime (Shane, gf Karen & I) are lucky enough to be working from home (for now!!!) and pretty much all we needed was a wifi connection and we were good to go.  I put my research skills to work in December and came across what turns out to be the PERFECT rental for the summer.  It's pricey, but we have plenty of room for guests and were pleasantly surprised at the location of the house.  We are 1.5 miles from the infamous training haven of Lake Mary road,  about the same distance to downtown restaurants and bars, endless running …

Boise…half marathon

My big goals of this year were pretty simple, in theory.  Get my head on straight and build some confidence and prove I can actually run in a triathlon.  The Boise 70.3 28.4 (according to my garmin the bike was 14.1 - we were told 15, ironmanlive shows 12) was sure enough the perfect opportunity to test both of these things.

This race was a last minute add on to the warmup to Ironman Canada.  It would be a good test of fitness, and a great way to test the nutrition for my "B" race Barb's (vineman) half IM at the end of July.  I know in the past my Ironman runs have gone to shit because of my nutrition, whether it was from stomach issues from the water (CDA) or nailed nutrition on the bike (Canada) but failure to keep up with calorie intake on the run.  I had my calories (stuff my face ~750) perfected on my last couple of brick workouts and went into the race with my head in the right spot.  I gained a lot of confidence in my running abilities this winter by racing 3 half…

what a difference a day can make

Boys.  Beware.  This is probably not a post you want to read..   Not my typical allthingstraining post, but hey it is my blog and after THIS post, I suppose anything is fair game?

Here we go.  So, as a girl we as athletes (ok, everyone really), have that monthly pain in the ass thing we have to deal with.  It's just life.  I'm fairly lucky as I've never had any issues.  I'm healthy (somehow got that lucky gene even though my mother and sister both have had their fair share of problems both resulting in very young hysterectomies).  Of course the one in the family who chooses to not have children is just healthy as a fiddle.  god works in funny ways sometimes  So of course rather than having healthy back, hips, neck and IT bands I get healthy parts that I don't really care as much about….

Anyway.  I used to have a a cycle that I could track down the the HOUR.  Yes, you read that right, hour.  Then things got a little less consistent, but still always regular.  I don&…


As most of you know I decided to be part of a charity, Team Newton/Athletes for a Cure, for Ironman Canada.  I've received an overwhelming amount of support from my amazing friends and family, and last night I had a little cocktail party to thank everyone for the donations.  The party was a blast, and Shane played a great bartender!

 I decided to do a couple of fun raffles and had some super great donations made for gifts -  A massage by Abby,  A hair cut/color/style service by my sweet sister and hair dresser Shayna, a hair blowout/style at Park Avenue Dry Dar (this is a company that Shane is helping mentor) and last but not least, my winnings from the Rocky Point Tri!

I also decided to throw another twist into the mix.  I decided to play "guess Krista's Canada finish time."  Most people tried to ask me my goal (HA, as if I would tell), while others asked about all my past race times..  I gave them that info, but that was about it (well, ok - some people maybe got …