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Back in the Grind

Last week was my first week back into official Ironman training.  I was so mentally ready for this.  I took a much longer, and more serious break after this past year of racing and Ironman AZ than ever.  At times it was hard (felt sluggish, fat, tired), but others it was a breath of fresh air (sleep in, it's COLD out, another glass of wine?  yes!). While I did miss out on some of our great running races here, I felt it was time to give my body a break so that I would be totally ready to dive back into it all in January with out being burned out.  This year, for the first time ever, I signed up for two Ironman races.  At the time I signed up (again) for Ironman AZ, I honestly wasn't sure it's what I wanted, but my husband was signing up, and I'm going to be in Coeur d'Alene all summer long with beautiful summer training, so well how could I not?

After a beautiful 10 days in Mexico (really the weather could NOT have been more perfect) I was so ready to get back into …


I've been just waiting and waiting (had to have all the ducks in a row) to write this post, but now I'm struggling to come up with the words to even describe the excitement I'm feeling.

In my previous posts I've talked about how I've morphed from a (not very good) runner, into a triathlete (by injury default), into a 13 hour Ironman (a couple times), into falling in love with the sport, the community and everything about it!  I've also talked about Michelle, and what a big impact she's had on me as an athlete, and mentor.  So much that she believes in me enough to bring me under her BatShitCrazy family, and call me a coach!

There are other people that have helped me along this journey that I believe deserve some big credit as well.  Racelab, my very first coaches.  I was 23 years old when I met them and trained for my first couple of marathons.  They were amazing.  I showed up to my first long run (2hours late, apparently didn't get the memo that it w…