Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back in the Grind

Last week was my first week back into official Ironman training.  I was so mentally ready for this.  I took a much longer, and more serious break after this past year of racing and Ironman AZ than ever.  At times it was hard (felt sluggish, fat, tired), but others it was a breath of fresh air (sleep in, it's COLD out, another glass of wine?  yes!). While I did miss out on some of our great running races here, I felt it was time to give my body a break so that I would be totally ready to dive back into it all in January with out being burned out.  This year, for the first time ever, I signed up for two Ironman races.  At the time I signed up (again) for Ironman AZ, I honestly wasn't sure it's what I wanted, but my husband was signing up, and I'm going to be in Coeur d'Alene all summer long with beautiful summer training, so well how could I not?

After a beautiful 10 days in Mexico (really the weather could NOT have been more perfect) I was so ready to get back into a routine.  I was sleeping in until 7-8 every morning, laying around on the beach, drinking dos equis and basking in the sun.  Sure I ran, I put in a good 40+ miles, but it's just not the same.  

As I started playing around with the coaching version of Training Peaks, I realized how much I MISSED going in and seeing new fun workouts for myself.  I couldn't wait to get back!  So, when I saw my first workout for January 1st, I was stoked! Clearly not that motivated since I was a wee bit too hung over on NY day to do the actual run.  But, I was determined to have an all "green" schedule for the week, so I just switched my easy run for the harder NY day run and was off to a good start.

Unfortunately when I got home my body had other things in store.  When Saturday rolled around and my plan called for a 3k swim followed by a 3hr bike and I slept in (again) until 8am, I was off to a slow start.  I got to the pool, but was freezing and sluggish and just got through the workout.  When I came back home and crawled into bed, spending the rest of the weekend sleeping and resting I knew I just had to let my body come around on it's own.

So week 1 didn't so much happen, but week two I had another shot.  Still not feeling 100%, I sdid manage to do all my workouts and put in a solid 14hrs of training.  I strapped my HR monitor on, and quickly noticed how elevated it was.  Having a few beats high is one thing, but mine was a good 10beats high even though my effort was super easy.  It was frustrating, but I know how much I trust in the plan, and pushing past what my body was up for is not the way to start out the week.  I ended the week with a 90min easy run, which was (for me) slow, but I was super happy to have completed the week with tired muscles and a happy brain!

This week coach stepped it up a little bit and I'm loving it.  Between a full training schedule, my job, coaching, talking to new potential athletes and planning camp, I'm super busy and shockingly a lot more productive (how is it possible to waste so much time when I'm not busy??).

The year is off to a fantastic start, and each day I'm learning something new.  I'm getting crazy excited about the many adventures ahead, in particular with TeamBSC.  I find myself approaching my own training differently, thinking more about it (what would I want my athlete to do in this session) vs just doing it, and I think it's making me a better athlete.  I'm reading more, learning more and finding more ways to help my athletes benefit from their training.  I've got a couple of new athletes starting in the next month or so, and I'm just ITCHING to start working with them.

This is going to be such an amazing year!

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