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A Childhood Keepsake

A few month ago I got a message via facebook from one of my elementary school teachers, Mrs Reeves. She wanted to know if I had a copy of a book I wrote for the "Writer's Conference," and if not, she wanted to send it to me.

At first I had no idea what she was talking about. I wish I was on of those people who remembers all the wonderful little details of their childhood, but I'm not. I know bits and pieces, and things I did and participated in. I know I was a good student, very involved in everything (particularly when I was very young) and as far as I knew - well liked by my teachers. But, what struck me the most was the fact what Mrs. R. was referring to was a writing achievement, vs math. I don't remember ever being much of a writer, but always the brainy math nerd.

Of course I replied that I would LOVE to receive the book, and sent her my address. Right before we left for the summer I received the book in the mail, along with a letter from my former teacher.


Swimming, like riding a bike.

Look at this. Two posts, back to back. Is this a comeback? Nah, I am just getting back into the routine of being home. Not doing tri-training where a couple workouts a day are required, and it's HOT so I'm up EARLY to get the workout out of the way. Work is slowly picking up (good), but still not keeping me totally busy these days.

So what happens with that? More time to think. And ramble.

I think I mentioned several times how, ugh, much we didn't exactly train over the summer. Yah, sure we worked out, and the first 4-5 weeks had a few races in there, but trust me we learned the hard way. You can't wing it if you still want to perform well. Which really does suck considering we were in GREAT shape before we left here. But, did you know that when you head out on all of your bike rides a leetle hung over AND end up cutting them ALL short, you don't maintain or gain ANY fitness. It's true. Trust me, no need to try it out yourself.

So, the other thing we …

The Marathon

I'm pretty sure I've written on here more than once about how I will never do a stand alone marathon again. Or alluded to that anyway. Stupid IT bands, Stupid injuries = stupid painful marathon.

And then, the next thing you know I have a wild hair up the you know what, a $10 off early registration coupon = Krista signed up for a FULL marathon.

Never say Never. My new motto.

Tucson Marathon, Dec 13th 2009.

OH Shit. What have I done?

It may have been the 10 week 'bender' I was on while "summering in CDA", as I've been told we were doing... That may have been the icing on the cake. More happy hours than workouts over the course of the summer. More lbs gained than lost. A few jiggles that weren't there when I started. Yah, something like that.

Not ready to commit to an ironman. Not much time on the bike. Certainly no swimming. And Running in the fall and winter in Arizona, heavenly. A winter, downhill course in Tucson, even better.

So, here I am …

Home Sweet (melting) Home

We finally made it home last night. Barely. About 3 hours away neither of us had any idea where the house key was. We searched all the bags, purse (murse) and then moved on to plan B. Who has a key to our house?

Thankfully, and without too much drama, we were able to pick up a spare on the way home, grab some takeout and were point to point Supa's to LaPanCasa in 10:20mins (including extra stops)! Pheww... much betta than the 11.5hrs from 9mile to Salt Lake City on Tuesday.

I'm not ready to recap the last few weeks yet, but I'll leave you with this. Dinner with my favorite Utah people in the world, and a picture of my Utah girls, baby Tweet included..

Mwahhh to you all, I miss you (and your weather even if I can't breath or climb up your mountains very well) already. Until next time.....