Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Childhood Keepsake

A few month ago I got a message via facebook from one of my elementary school teachers, Mrs Reeves. She wanted to know if I had a copy of a book I wrote for the "Writer's Conference," and if not, she wanted to send it to me.

At first I had no idea what she was talking about. I wish I was on of those people who remembers all the wonderful little details of their childhood, but I'm not. I know bits and pieces, and things I did and participated in. I know I was a good student, very involved in everything (particularly when I was very young) and as far as I knew - well liked by my teachers. But, what struck me the most was the fact what Mrs. R. was referring to was a writing achievement, vs math. I don't remember ever being much of a writer, but always the brainy math nerd.

Of course I replied that I would LOVE to receive the book, and sent her my address. Right before we left for the summer I received the book in the mail, along with a letter from my former teacher.

"Krista - I have enjoyed having this book for 21 years! I have shown it to college students as a terrific example of children's writing and publishing.
But now that I have "found" you, I want you to enjoy it as a memory of your childhood. I loved having you as a student!

I have to admit I was pretty taken back. That a teach would hold on to such a thing for so long, then go out of her way to share it with me so many years later. I'm sure I'm not the only student she has keepsakes of, and I hope they all get a chance to reunite with something like this as well.

With that I present you my very first, and only published "book"....

Fair to say, it's prolly a good thing I didn't try to become an artist....just sayin.

Hard to read - I've rewritten...

One bright and sunny day, a little girl named Marry was wondering if she could go on a picnic in a field.
Marry has long, wavy, blond hair. She has a beautiful face. She's eight years old. Marry is a kind person. She loves to give and share anything and everything. (She would really love to give her freckles away.)
Marry went into the dining room to ask her mother if she could go on a picnic. Her mother asked where she was going to have her picnic. Marry told her mother that she was going to go to the field across the street. So her mother said yes.
When Marry got her lunch packed, got her blanket and doll, she ran across the street into the field. She laid her blanket down, and put all her stuff on it.
When Marry was just about to take a bite of her tuna sandwich, she heard a squeaking, crying kind of sound. She......(continued on next page)

followed the sound of the voice.
When Marry could hear the sound perfectly, she looked down in some weeds, and saw a little furry animal. She knelt down and picked it up. It was a little puppy.
The little puppy had a light brown and white colored fur. It was a real cute puppy. Marry had seen puppies like this, but they were too expensive to get.
After Marry was done cuddling the puppy, she ran to her stuff with the puppy in her arms. She put her stuff in her bag. She put her bag on her shoulder, then ran across the street.
When Marry got in her house, she put her bag on the couch and ran into the dining room to her mother. Marry showed her mother the puppy.
After Marry's mother got done asking her where she found it, and said yes about keeping it, she said that they would have......(continued on next page)

to put an ad in the paper. Marry told her mother she knew. She also said that she knew if someone claimed the puppy, she would not be mad.
After two weeks, no one claimed the puppy. Marry's mother decided Marry could keep the puppy, but it would be her responsibility. Marry agreed with her mother.
When Marry and her mother were done talking, Marry kissed her mom then ran and got her puppy. She went straight up the stairs to her room. She was thinking and thinking for a name, then finally decided to call it Cuddles.
Marry and Cuddles had a lot of fun together. They went in the fields and ran around. They played with socks, slept together, and that's how their day went.
The End

My favorite part about the book, is I can tell it came from ME. The freckles comments, the name of the dog "Cuddles" is also the name of a Teddy Bear that I still, to this day have, and the "blanket" that Marry used for her picnic to put all of her stuff on.... I had this PINK (yes momo, pink) plaid blanket (DD) that I brought EVERYWHERE with me.... I laugh just thinking about it now.
But, most of all I think about how I was even then, The DogMom.... Some things never do change...
Thank you Mrs. Reeves, for bringing this wonderful memory back to life!


Spokane Al said...

Wow - very, very nice. Your teacher sounds like a special lady, and your story was too!

momo said...

i love this! totally. its so really cool i'm not even going to say one word about the pink blanket. not one. ;-) cuz i know you secretly love pink.

almost as cool is that it finally found its home again with you.