Monday, September 14, 2009

The Marathon

I'm pretty sure I've written on here more than once about how I will never do a stand alone marathon again. Or alluded to that anyway. Stupid IT bands, Stupid injuries = stupid painful marathon.

And then, the next thing you know I have a wild hair up the you know what, a $10 off early registration coupon = Krista signed up for a FULL marathon.

Never say Never. My new motto.

Tucson Marathon, Dec 13th 2009.

OH Shit. What have I done?

It may have been the 10 week 'bender' I was on while "summering in CDA", as I've been told we were doing... That may have been the icing on the cake. More happy hours than workouts over the course of the summer. More lbs gained than lost. A few jiggles that weren't there when I started. Yah, something like that.

Not ready to commit to an ironman. Not much time on the bike. Certainly no swimming. And Running in the fall and winter in Arizona, heavenly. A winter, downhill course in Tucson, even better.

So, here I am week 4 of a 16 week training plan that I borrowed and I'm still feeling good. Week one was catch up. 3 days of running check. Week 2 first hill repeat workout EVER check. Week 3 second hill repeat workout in UTAH (survived, stopped on the 5th repeat to dry-heave, yup fun times) plus first long run back in the heat.

OMG - we came back TOO early. No really, we did. Weeks of running in 50-60degree weather then a 2 hour run in 80degrees plus 50% humidity, not so much fun. My body was in full on shock. I made it through the run, thanks to a great new running buddy (thanks Karen!), pace ok, HR a leetle high, IT band GREAT. However the rest of the day my stomach was a MESS.

Now we are on week 4 = rest week. In all the training plans I have ever done I've never had a full on recovery week. EVER. I imagine my build weeks weren't as tough as they are going to be with the plan I'm following, but I'm more interested in seeing how my body, particularly my IT band holds up including these rest weeks every 4th week. TBD.

So, the official plan is to stick to my 3 day per week running, and add 2 days of running and cycling for the cross-training. Fingers are crossed, Foam roll is ready, frozen peas purchased and in the freezer and ART guy on speed dial.

As much as I am terrified, I'm also excited. This is something I wasn't sure, and still am not, I'd ever be able to do again. I'm not getting my hopes up YET, and if anything starts to hurt too bad, or injury starts creeping up I will NOT hesitate to back down to the half marathon.

Goals? Finish with a PR (not that hard to accomplish with my past marathon times), pain free and happy!!!

And, still in the back of my head a repeat of El Tour De Tucson 3 weeks before the marathon. Doable? Desirable on my current bike???? Hmm - lots to think about!

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Erin said...

Ha! You sound like me. I've said "never again" for pretty much every marathon since my first...and each time, I do it again. Perhaps we're just the type who don't ever learn...and I say that in a good way!