Friday, September 11, 2009

Home Sweet (melting) Home

We finally made it home last night. Barely. About 3 hours away neither of us had any idea where the house key was. We searched all the bags, purse (murse) and then moved on to plan B. Who has a key to our house?

Thankfully, and without too much drama, we were able to pick up a spare on the way home, grab some takeout and were point to point Supa's to LaPan Casa in 10:20mins (including extra stops)! Pheww... much betta than the 11.5hrs from 9mile to Salt Lake City on Tuesday.

I'm not ready to recap the last few weeks yet, but I'll leave you with this. Dinner with my favorite Utah people in the world, and a picture of my Utah girls, baby Tweet included..

Mwahhh to you all, I miss you (and your weather even if I can't breath or climb up your mountains very well) already. Until next time.....

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Atlrunrgirl said...

Just clicked on your blog from a friends and thought it was hilarious bc I have two vizslas the same ages, who would have essentially the same bios if mom was better about filling them out on "dogbook" love it!