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Lake Stevens 70.3

I had a conversation this morning about how I should really pick my races a bit more strategically?  Or, I don't know, perhaps pick a more flat one?  Nah, what fun would that be :)

I actually have a bit of history with Lake Stevens.  In 2006, fresh off my first half Ironman, just over a year past a 4 year injury and surgery to fix my IT band, Shane registered for his first Ironman.  I was still in the phase of HELL NO, NEVER (I didn't live by my motto of never say never back then).  However, it did happen to be the summer of my 10 year high school reunion in Spokane, and the following weekend just happened to be this new half ironman race called Lake Stevens.

Funny, I had spent the summer actually living in Lake Stevens between my junior and senior year of college when I got a summer internship working at Starbucks headquarters and never once swam in that lake!

Side note:  Do you know what it's like to commute 40miles each way in traffic with a POS car that well, sometime…

Swim and bike and bike and bike and swim swim swim... with a side of run

It's been a while since my last post.  I've finally unthawed from the blair witch half marathon, and am now working on trying not to melt outside.  Oh how I miss our summer house in Flag last year..... It's officially been over a month since I cried (literally) over the freezing cold, so I'm now allowed to complain about the heat....

Truth be told maybe my epic meltdown in Ogden was a blessing in disguise.  I vowed to embrace the heat, at least for a month and I think I've actually done so!

The past 6 weeks have been an epic training block!  Since we decided to sign up for Lake Stevens 70.3, which has a killer/hard bike course it was time to do the work.  That combined with a BATSHITCRAZY training camp coming up in August with a 10k Ocean swim = lots and lots of biking and swimming.

This is what my training has looked like for the past 7 weeks since the Ogden half marathon...
I'm super excited to get to Lake Stevens and see if this bike block will pay off!  Th…