Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random things

So, like everyone else - i was tagged.... Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. I am a junk drawer junkie. I hate clutter, and I think that is why I don't mind junk drawers - you don't see the mess?
  2. I am an extremely picky eater, but I'll never understand why people make such a big deal about it. I eat what I like, and have never gone hungry (obviously)...
  3. I won some really big awards in elementary school for poster contests (Mr. Yuck and Mothers Against Drunk Driving), yet I am the worlds worst artist.
  4. My MOM on the other hand.... does have artistic talent.
  5. I balance my checkbook to the penny. I'm a math nerd, I can not help it.
  6. I majored in finance because my uncles did and they were doing very well. I had no idea what I was doing.
  7. I never had the "when I grow up I wanna be a, X, X or X..." I just knew I wanted a different life.
  8. I was so shocked when Shane proposed to me that I didn't answer - nor do I remember what he said. Poor guy.
  9. I hate more than anything when people say they will do something, but don't do it. I think that is why I don't like to make official plans unless I know I can follow thru. I don't want to be a hypocrite.
  10. I'm not a touchy feely person. If I give you hugs, it means you are very special to me.
  11. I am absolutely obsessed with shoes. I don't have a million pairs, because I don't have enough places to wear them, but the ones I have... I LOVE.
  12. I used to be a cheap date, Bud Light was my beverage of choice. Don't judge, it was a step up from Pullman's official Bush Light norm.
  13. Poor Shane, my palette has definitely changed and I am NOT so cheap anymore.
  14. If I weren't so afraid of skin cancer I could live at the beach, in the sun all day long. Something about the water and the sun and the warmth just makes me so happy.
  15. I'm obsessed with my dogs - but I suppose if you know me, you already know that. They are my children, and I could care less what anyone else thinks of me for choosing 4 legged kids over having a baby.
  16. I wouldn't change my college years for anything. I lived, I was crazy and I met some of my life-long friends there.
  17. I live in fear of constantly being injured, yet I can NOT stop training. 50% of the time I'm training something hurts...but the rush is so worth it.
  18. I do realize how messed up # 17 sounds.
  19. I hate, with a passion when people say that they can not run "because I have bad knees."
  20. I have several "second husbands" and yes, Shane knows about them. Dave Mathews, Ed Burns and the most recent (after watching the cheesy chick flick P.S. I love you) Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  21. I weigh myself almost every day. Of course I realize it doesn't mean anything, but it's my sanity.
  22. I do not like Holidays. I don't know what happened to me, I used to love them....
  23. I never in a million years expected to be married and in love and so happy. I just didn't know if it would happen for me.
  24. I got married on a beach without friends or family - I was afraid to have all the attention, I was afraid I would pass out!
  25. I've learned (the hard way) that friends that are worth having, will always be there and it should not be an effort to keep them in your life.

So many people have been tagged already - so if you read this and you want to do it - have at it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some of my favorite things

I don't really have anything all that exciting to talk about, so instead I decided to share a few of my favorite products. They are, in no particular order - other than the order I uploaded the pictures in.......

To start us off we have the foam roll. Not just ANY foam roll. The BLACK one. If you haven't tried this one, then well, you really don't know what all the foam roll can do for you. I have the white one as well, but in my never-ending state of IT band injuries the poor thing had run it's course. It was wilted in the middle and no longer provided the relief and release of muscle tightness. Then, all hail the black one. It was recommended by my ART guy.

Holy Hell. It's hard and hurts and there is nothing "feel good "about. But, it works fantastic!

Nike Tempo Track shorts. For years I wore brooks pacer shorts. I loved the way Nike shorts looked, but they never fit me right. Big in the waist and tight around my hips. Then they came out with this style. My mom bought me my first pair and at first I panicked thinking no way would they fit me. I've been running in them ever since. LOVE THEM.

I JUST picked these up! I've been wearing the Asics Nimbus for a couple years now. I heart them. They are pricey little buggers ($120 retail), but my good friend Heather hooks me up with her podiatrist special person discount :-) These shoes combined with my orthotics have done wonders for my feet. No pain, no blisters (except races sometimes) and my calluses are SO much better. One bad thing, and it could be my running style and terrain - they only last about 225miles for me.
AND, do you see that RED. I'm ecstatic. I've never had a red pair of running shoes. They've always been blue or brown. I'm so happy!

The Halo Headband. My friend Sara introduced us to these. It's a soft headband that has a strip on the inside that traps sweat/salt/sunscreen from going into your eyes. It is a MUST if you ride in hot weather like we do here. And if you loose salt as much as me, totally a must. If you are interested, we do sell these on ATT. Check it out here if you want to join the cool club.

Aquafor - do I really need to say anything about this product? Didn't think so. Just buy it, use it, carry it with you!

Myomed - a topical anti-inflammatory. We were introduced to this product via the Ragnar Relay. Shane brought it home after last year's race. He tried some (sceptical) at the finish line, and said he TOTALLY noticed a difference about 20mins later. I thought it was the beer talking.... But, I tried it myself. I have gone through about 3 tubes now. I mostly use it on my IT band/knee area when it is sore. I can NOT say enough good things about this product. For some reason yesterday I woke up and my knee was KILLING me. I used the foam roll, iced and put some of this cream on my knee before bed. I woke up PAIN FREE and was able to do a 8x400 workout.
Again, this product can also be purchased on allthingstriathlon.com - you will NOT be sorry!

My new favorite swimsuit. I mentioned this last week. My $19.95 suit. I heart it. It fits PERFECTLY. No riding, no stretching out in the water. And it's cute as all get out. The material is NOT top of the line, and will most likely not last past 6months, but at $20 - it's still worth it. It is the clubswim brand from swimoutlet.com

Orange Gatorade. It's the only gatorade I'm liking right now. No idea why, it's just GOOD.Classic.GOOD.

Proactive - ok so it's not all that training related, but well kinda. When I started training for my first Ironman my face broke out. I tried EVERYTHING. Add the adult acne onto the goggle marks and swim tanlines and FRECKLES - I looked like I WAS 12 again going through puberty. This product saved my life, and my skin. I'm 31 and I use acne cream. I'm not embarrassed. Hey Jessica Simpson uses it :-)

Salt - I just love it and need it and sweat it like crazy.. so I thought it deserved a place in this post.

The Zensah arm sleeves. I was sent this product from the company to try out last year. I loved them SO much we asked to partner up with them and sell their products on allthingstriathlon.com They are silky smooth, soft as can be. They are perfect for warm (sun protection) and cold weather. I don't think I've used my pearl izumi arm warmers since I got this product. If you are interested - you can purchase them here.
Hope you enjoyed. I have a lot of other favorite products that I swear by and promise to share them another time... Once I find something I love, I stick with it and tell everyone about it :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another life

Last week I started my strength training workouts again after a couple month break. I'm very fortunate in that I have a good friend (and sometimes pain in the ass - read, kicks my ass) who is a trainer and runs his own gym (it just so happens that said gym is in a building I use to work at). With this, I get inexpensive personal training that is triathlon/running specific whenever I want. It's a bit of a drive, but well worth it...

When I walked into the building on Tuesday for my workout, for some reason I had this abundance of emotions run through me. I can't tell you how many times I've been in this building, but I'll get to that in a bit... but for some reason I started thinking about what brought me there in the first place. And, not just that - but really that place basically started a new life for me. A new beginning.

Let me digress...

In May of 2000 I graduated from WSU. I had no job, and $700 in graduation cash. 2 weeks before graduation (I was in the interviewing process with an underwriting company in LA) and over several beers, I somehow convinced 3 girlfriends to pick up and move to AZ with me. It really was as easy as I make it sound. My best gal from school, Erin, was an easy pick. She was always up for an adventure. The girl spent 2 summers in Alaska working in a fish cannery. Arizona was sounding pretty damn nice.

Why AZ? Well, my sister did happen to live here. And, she also did happen to be a recruiter specializing in Finance and Accounting. She had very good relationship with a couple of big local companies, and was pretty sure she could find me a job. She also had a condo all ready for us to move in (family-friend relation).

Seriously, within a few weeks we were all packed up and on our way here. June 12th, 2000 was the day we arrived. I WAS 112 freaking degrees. And yes, I do remember those details....

One week later, on a Monday I interviewed and had my first job working for Tosco Oil Refinery (A.K.A 76brand and Circle K and then Phillips Petroleum and now it is ConocoPhillips - but I always just say Circle K).

My sister worked her magic and also lined up jobs for the rest of the girls, my friend Erin now lives in Oklahoma still working for CP..... But, that's not really my point, so I'll try to get back on the subject here...

It was my first real job. The building was big and beautiful, nestled up next to Papago Park (If you have run PF Changs RnR, you've been by this building). Great running trails (not that I was running all that much then) and the office had EVERYTHING. A Circle K in side the gym. Dry cleaning & oil change service. And a gym with SHOWERS.

I thought, if this is what the real world was like, you know... it really isn't that bad. Of course my job wasn't all that glorious at first, although I did come to love my last position.... right before the company was purchases and my job was being moved, but anyway...again, getting off task.

I met so many great people, people that I am still great friends with today. I learned so much about myself and what I did and didn't want to do with my career. I became VERY skilled at happy hour. A bit much actually... Come to think of it, the social aspect of that place is probably what I remember the most!

And, the biggest and most life altering thing happened across my desk about a year after starting. It was a flyer for a fundraiser. Raise money for UCP, run a marathon in MONACO. "The Dream Team" we would be called...

Without going on and on about the next several years, if you know me at all or have read my blog, that is where my life started again. I became a new person. A happy, healthy person.

I met my husband and best friend. I found my passion, my lifestyle. I became who I am today once I started working there. So many opportunities began that year....

When I go back to the feelings that rushed through me when I walked into the doors of that corporate building, they were not what I described above. I was relieved. I was thinking how I couldn't imagine having to be inside those closed walls every day. Sitting at a desk doing day to day tasks. I wondered how I did it for 7 years... (3 in that building)....

That's when I thought about where I would be without it. Without all those life experiences. Without all those relationships I have because of that place.

Now I'm thanking my lucky stars that I have the opportunity to work from home. To be flexible, to have the schedule I want, when I want...

But, I also think it's a good thing to reflect on where it all started.... Even if it seems like a lifetime ago.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new way.

As I mentioned in my last post... No Ironman this year. No Marathon... No BIG BIG race adventures.

Week 1 of the new year was fantastic. We got back from Mexico on Monday and started the week Tuesday morning with a run. Shane, the dogs & I. We had no plan, just got up, woke up a little and said, "Oh, why don't we go this loop." A nice easy 40ish minutes. Of course Baxter, after a week of exercising and running all over the beach seemed to have dropped the word "easy" from his dictionary. Little bastard... It used to be he thought 10+min miles were stupid. Now it's more like anything over 9min mile he thinks is dumb.....We followed it up by a Thursday run, same mindset, except I said we should add a 20min zone 3 in the middle.... It was fun to be challenged a little by Shane & Baxter... I'm hoping all this really helps me.

Friday night we met our friends Ric & Sara for Happy hour. Sara recently had some surgery on her mouth and is slowly getting back to running. We made plans on the fly to meet her for a nice, easy, slow run with her Saturday am. We met at about 8:30, no plans, no route.... no goal. We just trotted along (pulling Baxter back) making random turns for about an hour....

I headed back to Daniel to begin my strength training regimen on Tuesday & Thursday. I took a couple months off, and I could tell. More things hurt from getting weak, and I didn't feel as "stable" on my runs. Not to mention less power on the bike. Oh, and a little flabby, but yah.. whatever... He wasn't too hard on me - he's been rather, LAZY himself.

Then there is masters. I've been swimming with a group at noon for about a year now. The swim coach has helped me a lot with my stroke, and given me more confidence in myself (although I STILL think she thinks I'm faster than I am). It's perfectly convenient, just 15mins from my house, at noon. A nice break in the day. The old format was you go there, typically shared a lane with one other person and did the workout she gave. Your own time, own pace.

This year she decided to change the format a little. Make it a little more like a formal masters. We all start at 12. She puts you in the lane with people similar paces and gives you the workout and time intervals to do them on based on level. I was put in the lane with prolly the fastest guy in our group. Mind you, we are all triathletes, not real swimmers. So being in a fast lane is probably like being in a slow lane with a real masters group. I really think this new format will help me, push myself out of my comfort zone in the pool. I gives me someone to CHASE. In fact, my first 100 level 5 was a 1:24 - I think my fastest ever was a 1:21, IN A WETSUIT! To celebrate (and because I'm down to my last non-see-thru swimsuit) I ordered a few new suits. I haven't actually worn them in the POOL, but with the initial try-on - I am in LOVE. All for the bargain price of $20 EACH! I found them at swimoutlet.com..... I'm not convinced they will hold up forever, but to tell you the truth, neither do any of the other expensive suits I buy...

And, at least they are cute - so I'm happy :-) Full product review will be on http://www.allthingstriathlon.com/ as soon as I've tried them out in the pool!

We also got back on the bikes. Shane & I headed out for a bike ride at about 10am.... We woke up and then looked up the 41deg temps - Nah, no need to go out there an freeze. It was a great ride! We did one of our loops that takes about 1:40. We practiced pace line (2 people pace line). We traded off 1mile/1mile - and it worked out PERFECTLY. I can't wait to have more people to practice with... When it comes to Road riding, we're pretty ignorant. Thanks to my girl Supa for teaching me a few thing on the fly during El Tour.

Speaking of bikes... I'm DYING for a new road bike. My current bike is an 02' Cannondale. At the time it was fantastic. FAST, and light.... Now, lets jut say I'm REALLY feeling like it's holding me back. I feel so heavy climbing hills... and when I switch to my tri-bike... I feel light as a feather. I've got some feelers out trying to make something work (without dropping 5k that I don't have, but because I need such a small bike, it might be hard to come by. I'll keep you posted :-)

All in all it was a FANTASTIC week. We acted like NORMAL people (at least that is what we were telling ourselves). We went to a movie (Marley and Me... OMG... I read the book a couple years ago - but the movie is actually really really good!), woke up and exercised when we wanted. Walked out the door withOUT a plan. Stayed up past 9pm.
Acted like a normal, active person and still got in 8hours of effortless training :-) I'm a happy camper that is for sure!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Busy Bee

Busy Bee - SEE movie clip ahead

We just couldn't help ourselves. Ever since we got a weim we have been looking for the infamous "Busy Bee" I finally found it in a catalog...

I assure you, the entertainment is much more for Shane & I than Abby....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Reality...

Well, we're back. We're rested, slightly tanned and ready to start the new year fresh. I love everything about Rocky Point. I love the laid back atmosphere. The quiet neighborhood we live in. The beach and the sun.... I could honestly just stare at the ocean ALL.DAY.LONG. I love that it's not (yet) another CanCun. I also in the end, love coming home to my clean, non-sandy home after a great vacation away...

08 had so many ups and downs. I really believe 09 can only bring so much more. Bigger, better and of course more eventful.
I have to admit, I feel quite a bit different about this year's training/racing season. For the last 3 years I've had a big goal in front of me starting with my first 2 half IM, followed by 2 IM. With much hesitation, Shane & I have both decided to opt out of doing a full Ironman in 09. Watching the PRs at IMAZ just about threw that out the door, but we restrained, and I think in the end we will both be very thankful for it. Shane is going to focus on getting his business up and running, and I think my body could use a year without a 7 hour bike ride and 30mile per week of running.

I have a few races here and there in the mix, but honestly it's kinda all up in the air. I'm flying by the seat of my pants, and just want to see how I feel about it all. I want to get better on my road bike, and beat my 10K PR.

Here are a few of the little races I have in store (with a couple on them maybes)
Runners Den 10K (beat 10K PR)
Foothills 10K
Tour de Phoenix (keep Platinum status)
Ogden Half Marathon (not be in pain!)

I'm sure I'll do more after we get back from CDA in September, and add 1 between the Ogden Half and July - but I think this is a good start. The idea is to have fun, get a little faster... give the body a break from all the distance and injury. Have fun being the key....

Like I said.. I think 2009 is going to be a FANTASTIC year... Can't wait!

For my 2008 round up - I've never tracked this stuff before, but I have a feeling I had a record year for all my sports.....(maybe not my first 2 years of running...)

Runs: 138
Avg. MHR: 167.3
Avg. AHR: 151.9
Avg. Time: 01:01:13
Total Time: 140:49:17
Avg. Speed: 6.3 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 9:35
Avg. Dist.: 6.4 Mi
Total Dist.: 881.5 Mi
I also had 22 miles of walking during injury - so we can round it off at 900miles!!!

Bikes: 107
Avg. MHR: 166.3
Avg. AHR: 139.9
Avg. Time: 02:20:01
Total Time: 249:43:19
Avg. Speed: 17.0 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 3:31
Avg. Dist.: 39.7 Mi
Total Dist.: 4248.0 Mi

Swims: 116
Avg. Time: 00:58:40
Total Time: 113:27:15
Avg. Speed: 2864.0 Yds/hr
Avg. 100 yd Pace: 02:05
Avg. Dist.: 2800.6 Yd
Total Dist.: 322073.0 Yd
Total Miles: 182.996 WTF?
I'd have to manually count the strength hours, and lets just say I spent my time in the gym!

All in all a pretty darn good year.... Minus the injuries of course! I doubt I'll go the distance this year, and I'm totally OK with that!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year...

I did it again. Forgot to bring my camera & load some pictures to share. Of course they are all pretty much the same... beach, dogs, and booze. That's our way of life in Mexico I suppose.

It's been a pretty quiet trip this year. Usually we have friends and family that join us here and there throughout our stay. This year, we just didn't seem to get anything together so it was just the two of us. Surprisingly, we've managed to not kill each other :-) Actually, it's been a very very nice trip.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Blue skies and warmer each day. Yesterday, it was absolutely perfect. About 75degs, very slight breeze and crystal clear water. I started off with a run through our neighborhood. I do the same run ALL the time when I'm not on the actual beach - but for some reason it never gets old. I just look at all the beautiful homes. They are all so unique and colorful - new ones and remodels all the time.

Anyway - Baxter was on a flipping MISSION (as usual). He headed out a couple miles weaving along the road, with a view of the water the whole time. There are a LOT of people here for the holiday, and a lot of them with dogs. I'm not sure why people think it's ok to let their dogs roam free just because we aren't in the US. We had at LEAST 4-5 dogs run out from their gates after us. Thankfully I had my fuel belt on and would pull out a bottle and squirt the dogs to get them away from us. My poor dogs would freak out, which meant once we were able to start running again, the first minute was 100yard dash speed.

Seriously people, I've decided I don’t need a track coach. I have Baxter. It will be very interesting to see how fast I can get this year with that dog.... that dog and possibly no injury? Hmmm, we'll see.

ANYHOO - that's not my point, I got a little off track....

So, after the speedy little run I felt fantastic. Ran some of the salt and booze out of my system. I spent the rest of the day soaking in the sun, doing crossword puzzles and staring at the ocean. At one point I was sitting down on the beach with Abby & Baxter and looked up to about 8 dolphins playing a couple hundred yards out.... Just a couple minutes later.... about 8 more even CLOSER to us were putting on the COOLEST show. Flipping up out of the water - big splashes and everything. The water was so calm you could see everything so perfectly....

Reminds me how lucky I am, and how much I absolutely love it here...

We're down to just a couple more days. I think the best of the weather is over, but looks like we will have one more sunny day to enjoy (just a bit breezy).... Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, but we'll spend it packing up and getting the house all closed up and ready.

We've hired a new caretaker to watch over the house so we will no longer have renters - I'm VERY excited about this. We can clean up the house and leave more of our belongings. IT also means a couple more trips down here to check on everything!

So, if you are in the area and ever want to join us, let me know! We can always use a good excuse to come down!

I'll be home Monday - back to reality.... I'm missing my bike, and believe it or not even Danielle. Looks like the torture is going to start again pretty soon!

Happy New Year!