Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Reality...

Well, we're back. We're rested, slightly tanned and ready to start the new year fresh. I love everything about Rocky Point. I love the laid back atmosphere. The quiet neighborhood we live in. The beach and the sun.... I could honestly just stare at the ocean ALL.DAY.LONG. I love that it's not (yet) another CanCun. I also in the end, love coming home to my clean, non-sandy home after a great vacation away...

08 had so many ups and downs. I really believe 09 can only bring so much more. Bigger, better and of course more eventful.
I have to admit, I feel quite a bit different about this year's training/racing season. For the last 3 years I've had a big goal in front of me starting with my first 2 half IM, followed by 2 IM. With much hesitation, Shane & I have both decided to opt out of doing a full Ironman in 09. Watching the PRs at IMAZ just about threw that out the door, but we restrained, and I think in the end we will both be very thankful for it. Shane is going to focus on getting his business up and running, and I think my body could use a year without a 7 hour bike ride and 30mile per week of running.

I have a few races here and there in the mix, but honestly it's kinda all up in the air. I'm flying by the seat of my pants, and just want to see how I feel about it all. I want to get better on my road bike, and beat my 10K PR.

Here are a few of the little races I have in store (with a couple on them maybes)
Runners Den 10K (beat 10K PR)
Foothills 10K
Tour de Phoenix (keep Platinum status)
Ogden Half Marathon (not be in pain!)

I'm sure I'll do more after we get back from CDA in September, and add 1 between the Ogden Half and July - but I think this is a good start. The idea is to have fun, get a little faster... give the body a break from all the distance and injury. Have fun being the key....

Like I said.. I think 2009 is going to be a FANTASTIC year... Can't wait!

For my 2008 round up - I've never tracked this stuff before, but I have a feeling I had a record year for all my sports.....(maybe not my first 2 years of running...)

Runs: 138
Avg. MHR: 167.3
Avg. AHR: 151.9
Avg. Time: 01:01:13
Total Time: 140:49:17
Avg. Speed: 6.3 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 9:35
Avg. Dist.: 6.4 Mi
Total Dist.: 881.5 Mi
I also had 22 miles of walking during injury - so we can round it off at 900miles!!!

Bikes: 107
Avg. MHR: 166.3
Avg. AHR: 139.9
Avg. Time: 02:20:01
Total Time: 249:43:19
Avg. Speed: 17.0 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 3:31
Avg. Dist.: 39.7 Mi
Total Dist.: 4248.0 Mi

Swims: 116
Avg. Time: 00:58:40
Total Time: 113:27:15
Avg. Speed: 2864.0 Yds/hr
Avg. 100 yd Pace: 02:05
Avg. Dist.: 2800.6 Yd
Total Dist.: 322073.0 Yd
Total Miles: 182.996 WTF?
I'd have to manually count the strength hours, and lets just say I spent my time in the gym!

All in all a pretty darn good year.... Minus the injuries of course! I doubt I'll go the distance this year, and I'm totally OK with that!


My Life & Running said...

wow you definitely had a huge 2008! And even though you won't be doing a full IM, it still looks like a full 2009 is on your plate! Can't wait to see how all your hard work pays off in the PRs in your smaller races!

As for Busy Bee... thanks for the smile! One of our top movies around here (c'mon, we're pug parents! ;) )!! Clay grew up with Weimaraners too - sweet, sweet dogs! Abby looks so cute posing with her bee!

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