Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some of my favorite things

I don't really have anything all that exciting to talk about, so instead I decided to share a few of my favorite products. They are, in no particular order - other than the order I uploaded the pictures in.......

To start us off we have the foam roll. Not just ANY foam roll. The BLACK one. If you haven't tried this one, then well, you really don't know what all the foam roll can do for you. I have the white one as well, but in my never-ending state of IT band injuries the poor thing had run it's course. It was wilted in the middle and no longer provided the relief and release of muscle tightness. Then, all hail the black one. It was recommended by my ART guy.

Holy Hell. It's hard and hurts and there is nothing "feel good "about. But, it works fantastic!

Nike Tempo Track shorts. For years I wore brooks pacer shorts. I loved the way Nike shorts looked, but they never fit me right. Big in the waist and tight around my hips. Then they came out with this style. My mom bought me my first pair and at first I panicked thinking no way would they fit me. I've been running in them ever since. LOVE THEM.

I JUST picked these up! I've been wearing the Asics Nimbus for a couple years now. I heart them. They are pricey little buggers ($120 retail), but my good friend Heather hooks me up with her podiatrist special person discount :-) These shoes combined with my orthotics have done wonders for my feet. No pain, no blisters (except races sometimes) and my calluses are SO much better. One bad thing, and it could be my running style and terrain - they only last about 225miles for me.
AND, do you see that RED. I'm ecstatic. I've never had a red pair of running shoes. They've always been blue or brown. I'm so happy!

The Halo Headband. My friend Sara introduced us to these. It's a soft headband that has a strip on the inside that traps sweat/salt/sunscreen from going into your eyes. It is a MUST if you ride in hot weather like we do here. And if you loose salt as much as me, totally a must. If you are interested, we do sell these on ATT. Check it out here if you want to join the cool club.

Aquafor - do I really need to say anything about this product? Didn't think so. Just buy it, use it, carry it with you!

Myomed - a topical anti-inflammatory. We were introduced to this product via the Ragnar Relay. Shane brought it home after last year's race. He tried some (sceptical) at the finish line, and said he TOTALLY noticed a difference about 20mins later. I thought it was the beer talking.... But, I tried it myself. I have gone through about 3 tubes now. I mostly use it on my IT band/knee area when it is sore. I can NOT say enough good things about this product. For some reason yesterday I woke up and my knee was KILLING me. I used the foam roll, iced and put some of this cream on my knee before bed. I woke up PAIN FREE and was able to do a 8x400 workout.
Again, this product can also be purchased on - you will NOT be sorry!

My new favorite swimsuit. I mentioned this last week. My $19.95 suit. I heart it. It fits PERFECTLY. No riding, no stretching out in the water. And it's cute as all get out. The material is NOT top of the line, and will most likely not last past 6months, but at $20 - it's still worth it. It is the clubswim brand from

Orange Gatorade. It's the only gatorade I'm liking right now. No idea why, it's just GOOD.Classic.GOOD.

Proactive - ok so it's not all that training related, but well kinda. When I started training for my first Ironman my face broke out. I tried EVERYTHING. Add the adult acne onto the goggle marks and swim tanlines and FRECKLES - I looked like I WAS 12 again going through puberty. This product saved my life, and my skin. I'm 31 and I use acne cream. I'm not embarrassed. Hey Jessica Simpson uses it :-)

Salt - I just love it and need it and sweat it like crazy.. so I thought it deserved a place in this post.

The Zensah arm sleeves. I was sent this product from the company to try out last year. I loved them SO much we asked to partner up with them and sell their products on They are silky smooth, soft as can be. They are perfect for warm (sun protection) and cold weather. I don't think I've used my pearl izumi arm warmers since I got this product. If you are interested - you can purchase them here.
Hope you enjoyed. I have a lot of other favorite products that I swear by and promise to share them another time... Once I find something I love, I stick with it and tell everyone about it :-)


Lauren said...

Great post - my wish list just grew by a few items for sure!!

My Life & Running said...

There are your shoes...!! && did you say where I can buy the roller? I think it's time I get one...

Supalinds said...

Thanks for this lovely post! I've been thinking about using proactive, happy to hear you like it. I think i'll give it a try.

greyhound said...

Wow, I need to get some of that Myomed stuff. Sounds awesome.

And I totally love my club swim gear too. The price is right and the suit stays in place.

Which is really important since the briefs are . . . well . . . brief.