Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays, from the LaPans

Shane, the kids & I are off for our LONG vacation in Rocky Point....No email, no blog reading, a leetle cell service, lots of tequila.... Doesn't it just sound fabulous?
Just wanted to share some Holiday cheer with you all..... Here are a few of our past year Holiday cards... Enjoy!!!
I scanned the cards, and didn't' have time to size them, so they look a little funny! Enjoy....
2002... we were just getting started

2002.... "save the date" for our wedding reception.... OH, how Sara HATED us. Baxter was proud!

Unfortunately, I can't find 2004 - we did a "beach scene" with things from our wedding & reception

2005 - Welcome, Baby Abigail....

2006 - Holiday Greetings from Mexico!!!

Again, I hope you ALL have a FABULOUS Holiday and New Year!!!

Ok... it really is ALMOST my birthday now :-)

As I mentioned before, I'm turning 30. Very soon. And, apparently, it is supposed to be a BIG deal. But, I really don't see it as that. I see it as another day... another number, and I still think I'm 25. So, I decided to reflect some and take note of some of the things I've done, seen and accomplished in the past 10 years, all before the age of 30.... In no particular order, here are a few of them!

  • Met the love of my life and got married him on an island far away... and alone.. well besides the random other vacationers...
  • Learned there is more to life than a savvy career of climbing the corporate ladder, and most importantly, that it was NOT for me
  • I've been lucky enough to find a job that is perfect for me. I am happy and content, and most of all blessed
  • Raised 2 crazy breed puppies from 7 weeks old. They are my babies, my pride and joy
  • First in my family (immediate) to graduate with a bachelors degree
  • Completed 4 Stand Alone Marathons, several half marathons, triathlons, half ironmans....
  • Became an Ironman
  • Learned a lot about what a true friend is, and filled my life with them
  • Because of this, I feel I have become a better friend, a better person
  • Left my hometown of Spokane, WA after college graduation to move to Phoenix. No job. No money. I've never looked back...
  • Donated. I've raised thousands of dollars for several charities. My first marathon was for (UCP) United Cerebral Palsy, my last marathon raised money for the Erin Kimbal Foundation
  • I've overcome injury, and surgery and sickness. I will not be defeated. I am strong
  • I've been stung by a stingray and visited the Red Cross in Mexico
  • I've been rescued by lifeguards in LA, caught in a rip tide
  • Traveled. I have so much more to see, but I've been all over the US, to Europe, Antigua, Belize....
I can't wait to see what the next 10 years send my way!!! :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yes, it gets COLD in AZ

Proof. This is what I wore this morning on a bike ride.

Top half....

1. Long Sport top
2. Zensah Arm Warmers
3. Long Sleeve Zensah Compression Top
4. Sugoi Wind Vest
5. Sugoi Cycling Coat
6. Ear Warmers
7. Fleece Goves

Bottom Half:

1. Tri Shorts
2. Long Tights
3. Cycling Socks
4. Toe Warmers.

I kid you NOT, I was not hot. My core was comfortable, but my toes and face were FREEZING.

It was 36 degrees. Yah, I know... some of you are in the minus whatever... but this is why I live in Arizona.... cause it's the desert. I like it warm. I like it HOT. I like the damn sun.

We only lasted 20miles... with an avg speed of like 15mph. Oh well.. at least we were out there, right?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 3, no running

Well, I AM surviving. Who would have thought? If you ask most people that know me, particular S, it will be noted that I am not good at resting. Or sitting still. Or being told that I CAN'T.

This time, I made the decision ON MY OWN, to take 4 weeks off of running. The last time I did any running was Nov 25th at the Seattle Half Marathon. It was painful.... but, I did it for my friend. My # 1 fan :-)

Since then I've done what I could to keep my self pre-occupied. 2 times per week of Daniel torture. 3 times per week swimming, and 3 times per week spinning/cycling.

The first couple weeks I was still in pain. I was icing and rolling on my foam roll 3-4 times per day. I would lie down on the couch with a bag of peas on both knees and one on my hip (taking turns on which side).

Finally, week 3 is here, and my knees feel great. I haven't felt any weird catching, or soreness during any of my workouts, or just walking around... and the early morning pain in particular is gone.

Normal Krista would say, YEAH, it's time to go! But, as much as my husband likes to disagree with me, I'm BEING SMART this time! I don't want to have to take this time off again, so close to IM training. I really want to have some running under my belt before the 20 week training starts on Feb 4th.

My 'plan' is to start my running on my birthday, the 24th. That will have given me 4 weeks completely off of running. What better way to 'start over' then the ocean at your side? My plan is to do 20mins every other day for the first week. If all goes ok, then I will up it to 30mins, but maybe put two days in between.

I am limited to my workouts I can do while in Mexico, and since we are going to be there for 2.5 weeks I'm going to have to get creative. I've asked Daniel to put some leg workouts together for me, that I can do without any equipment. With all the random stuff we do, I'm sure he'll have no problem with this :-)

Other than the leg workouts, I'm going to have to keep myself from turning into an out of shape balloon with long walks on the beach. Which, is really one of my favorite things to do. We are pretty much right in the middle of our community in Rocky Point, so one way is a 4.5 mile loop on the beach, the other is about the same...or we could make it all the way into town, but that would probably be more like 7 miles..

The dogs love hanging out and running around on the beach, so they are pretty good incentive. Plus, it's a great way to sweat/work out some of the 'adult beverages.'

Oh, there is also the kayaking... not sure how much of a workout we'll give ourselves with that, but, it's got to count for something, right?

Back to the spinning subject. I'm really, really enjoying it. I started spinning about 3 or so years ago when I was first injured. It was cold & dark and I didn't have any daylight hours I could ride in, and I don't think we had our trainer yet. I could not run AT ALL. I started taking a 5:30 am spin class twice a week. I tried several instructors, but there was only one that I really liked. He was awesome. He did all the workouts based on HR zones (using a monitor NOT perceived exertion), the music was fantastic, he was always helping with form. He made all the rides like being outside. In the spring when I got back on my bike, it was like I was a new rider. I could keep up with the boys (never mind my HR), and it was effortless...

I finally healed up, and stopped going to spin class..... I had the flexibility of riding at any time during the day now, so I didn't feel like I should be inside.

But, now something drew me back. I started going 3 weeks ago. I've been to 6 classes now and had 3 different instructors. I can't complain about any of them. While they might be a little "loony," they are hard core. They push you to your limits, and never let you slack off. It's the only workout next to running that gets my sweating like a pig, and gives me that 'high' like I really really just did something.

Yesterday in class, I was late so I got stuck in the front row. I'm not sure if it was that, or I was just fired up, but throughout the class the instructor was making me an example. She was showing others in the class my form and how I was right on beat. As much as I hate the attention, I have to admit it was pretty cool. At the end of the class she came up to me and said how great I looked and I was "right on the whole time." Needless to say, that helped my lack of running sadness fade right away.

So, my hope is.... that this spinning will give me another boost of cycling just like it did the first time. More power, better climbing legs, and more racing 'oomph.' We'll see :-)

I know I have a lot more to give this year in CDA on the swim & bike course.... The run, while it may be my favorite of the 3, it's not my strength, and I know that a 5hr marathon is pretty realistic. I have it in me to push way faster on the swim, and take off a bit on the bike....

We will just have to WAIT and see!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Surprise!!!! - an EPIC, LONG post!

Remember this post? Well, I pretty much thought THAT was my birthday. I know it's supposed to be a 'monumental' year, you know the big 30 and all, but I just didn't really care. Or, maybe deep down, I did... but the LaPan's, S, in particular is having quite the year. Big changes, big lifetime changes going on right now, and honestly, I just didn't think it was possible for him to have the time or energy to be planning anything.

Plus, I'm smart. Sometimes too smart for my own good and I figure stuff out. Not much can get past me, but thist time, it SO did.

I think some of the biggest kept secrets were from momo. I mean, really. How is it possible for her to keep a surprise party from me. We talk EVERY day. Not once, not twice, but like 10 times. Phone, Email, IM. We talk about the exact same things all the time, yet somehow never seem to run out of things to say.

Let me digress a bit. Last year a group of us starting some wine tasting parties. They were a hit! Unfortunately, with IM training there were 7 of our group not so much energized for the wine tasting. So, around October I decided it had been a year, and it was time. Many people were asking me about it..... now it was time to just set the date.

With the holidays coming up, dates when everyone was available were limited. So, I narrowed it down to Dec. 8th. Which also happened to be my sisters birthday. However, I wasn't concerned about it, because for the last several years, including her 29th b-day when she CANCELLED her birthday dinner with a temper-tantrum because her NEXT birthday she would be turning 30, she hasn't really been into the whole group celebration.

Momo offered to host the party, which I thought would be great, because a lot of people were interested in coming this time, and her house is big and open and a great entertaining place.

So, on with the planning I went. I created the invite, set the date, times, etc.... Started getting RSVPs right away. The group started to get bigger & bigger, with about 30 people coming. I had to adjust the rules a bit. I was sending update after update. 1st it was, we need appetizers. Only a few had offered to bring them, which was unusual, because we usually have way too much food. 2nd was to ask people to pair up and bring 3 bottles. 2 for tasting & one for reserve. Because, well because who can make 1 bottle last for 30 people to taste? Yah, not so much us!

Momo & I talked several times about the party. Each time she seemed more and more concerned that she didn't know what was going on. She wasn't in control (which if you know her, she LIKES to be in control!). So, I started explaining how everything works... and that I would have her do the instructions of how the tasting works, because frankly, I hate speaking in public. I hate being the center of attention, and I would love nothing more than the spotlight to be on SOMEONE else!

Saturday came and I started my day with a spin class and short swim. I knew all the calories that lied ahead and I was trying to get a jump start. Shane was "working" So the house was pretty quiet. I finished making my chocolate cake that I was bringing to the party, then sat down to snuggle with my dogs and watch a movie.

Shane got home around 3 and we took advantage of the nice afternoon by taking pictures for our infamous Christmas Card (just wait!!!).... then it was pretty much time for me to get in the shower. I told Melisa I would be to her house around 6-6:30 to help setup, as well as be there when people started to show up because there were a few of them that she did not know.

That's where things started to go a little differently than planned. I started to notice that Shane wasn't coming in to get ready. I was almost finished, and he was JUST coming back to get into the shower. It was like 10 to 6. I figured he just had to take a quick shower than shave and he was good to go.


The boy takes like a 20mins shower, I swear! Big J calls and says, "I thought you were coming over to help!" I was like "shit... we are.... It's Shane's fault. He's late. " We'll be leaving in 5 minutes!" OR NOT.

I have no idea how HE managed to keep us at the house for another 35minutes, but he did. I was running around frantically, getting all of our stuff together. Our wine, extra glasses, my water (hangover prevention), my cake, the brown bags for the wine party.....

Feeding the dogs, getting them toys, finished ironing Shane's shirt because honestly, does it REALLY TAKE THAT LONG.

I did NOT want the RATH of big J!

So, finally we are on our way. Figured we'd get there about 10 to 7. Late, as usual... but a lot more than my usual 10mins late. I made Shane call Melisa and say it was totally HIS fault! She said, no big deal, everything was under control, ready...

As we got thru the gates into Melisa's neighborhood, and turned the street to her house there were SO MANY cars. First I saw a group of cars on the street next to theirs and I said, "wow, someone ELSE is having a party too."

Then we got to Melisa's house. CARS. EVERYWHERE. SHIT.SHIT We are SO late. How could this be. It's 5 to 7. No one is EVER on time. No one is EVER here before 7. I STILL didn't think anything of it, except get our asses inside so we could help with the introductions.

As we got closer to the house you could hear everyone having a great old time..... and I saw a couple things out of the norm. I first saw what I THOUGHT was a server.... pouring wine into someones glass.... STILL not "getting it" I figured did Melisa & Johny seriously hire help for this wine party? I know sometimes they go over board, but really?

The next thing gave it away...... A big letter sign reading "HAPPY Birthday...." As I walked inside my mouth literally dropped to the floor. EVERYONE was there. And, not just everyone from the Wine Party Evite, but my parents, several other friends.... Friends that either did not respond to the evite, or were not on the list, because they had declined so many of the other wine parties, I figured they just weren't into it.

I was COMPLETELY shocked. Shane and several of my friends (I'm still not sure who all was in on the planning) had completely thrown me off. Hired caterers, waiters, invited my family and all my other friends..... ALL WITHOUT ME KNOWING!

As I mentioned above, I don't do well in the spotlight. I was shaking..... I tried to go around and greet everyone, but like I said.... I was in shock. First things first. I NEED WINE!

Thank goodness for those waiters... they were the best. Never with an empty glass ;-)

After about an hour of mingling, a few snacks and a couple glasses of wine, Melisa & Shane called everyone into the living room.

Shane gave an incredibly sweet speach about me, and everything that has been going on, and thanking me, with this party... AND one other special thing. From him and MOMO.

As soon as he said from him & momo, I knew.... Shane pulled out a large rectangle box from the tree... I looked up at M and said, "do I know what THIS is?" She nodded!

As I was opening up the box, Melisa was telling the story. The story of how we spent the night in Vegas after our marathon. I'm not a gambler, and Melisa was too tired to really be into it. So, Sunday afternoon we walked around the forum shops. Neither of us really "into" the whole shopping thing we had nothing catching our eyes. That is until we walked into the Donald Pliner store.

First thing that caught my eye. On a shelf directly to the left of the entrance. The most BEAUTIFUL red boots I had ever seen. Sort of a western style, but with flare. I high stiletto heel, soft suede leather... they were true art (can you SEE my obsession with RED and with Shoes now?)

I did not/could not buy these boots. They were WAY too much money. But, just like normal, I began obsessing about these shoes. As soon as we were home I was online trying to find them. With NO luck. Anywhere. And, I can find ANYTHING on the web. Finally I broke down & called the Vegas Pliner store. I was informed that these were a special edition made only for the Vegas store.

Of course just my luck. I'm so not finding these on an internet deal. I still couldn't' get them out of my mind. I knew Melisa was going to Vegas the next weekend so I asked her to take a picture of them for me. Just so I could see if I still loved them as much....

No picture came back with momo. But, apparently a box with my new boots did! She had called Shane while she was there and somewhat explained them to him (although I'm pretty sure I already had). They decided to get them for me for my birthday.


I heart them. They are beautiful and perfect and ALL.MINE!

So, finally after the boot surprise it was on to the wine tasting. Which went fantastic. More friends showed up to wish me a happy birthday. Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time. Great food, great wine (Shane & I got 2nd place with THIS wine - it is FANTASTIC), great friends (Nat, Jeff and brand new baby Lucy even showed up. She just gave birth on WED!!)great EVERYTHING! It was my happiest birthday ever! Even if I hate surprises!

Only a couple of "oops" the whole night. BY none other than the two wine queens, which I am just going to keep nameless, because WE KNOW WHO WE ARE ;-)

Thank SOMETHING because I woke up Sunday not feeling the best, but no where near as bad off as I could have been. A little under the weather, but not SICK. We went to breakfast, which was a bit rough for me, then went of to the Angelones to get all our stuff.

A couple of mimosas later (my new FAVORITE hangover cure - this stuff is SO going with me to Mexico) Shane & I were on our way home to watch movies, and snuggle with the dogs on the couch ALL DAY LONG!

A special thanks to my husband, my heart is so much happier with you. And, to my hosts the Angelones. I'm so happy and lucky to have you in my life. And momo, the boots, really.... I am i LOVE! :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

and then there were THESE.....

This is what you get when you have the bestest husband, bestest friends in the whole world, and turn 30!!!!
More to come tomorrow, but just had to post the picture ;-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's ALL about the dogs!

I decided this post would NOT be about training. Because, well... I'm just frustrated with it. I hate not being able to run. I officially backed out of the Ragnar Relay, and it all just makes me plain old GRUMPY. But, I'm doing my best. I'm doing everything else, swimming, biking, weights & walks with the dogs on the days Shane does not run them....

So, my dogs always make me happy. And I just love to talk about them. And brag, and SHARE pictures.

I have to first appologize for the crappy images, they were taken with my phone and indoors (with the exception of the "other" dog) so the quality sucks.

We have a tradition in this house that whenever we go away to a race before we hang up our finisher medals, we tell Baxter that we "won" him a medal. He sits very nicely and lets us put the medal around his neck. He proud. SO proud. Like, he won the Gold medal at the Olympics or something. He runs around the house PRANCING with his beautiful new medal... I swear that he knows when we tell him we're going to a race to "win him a medal" he TOTALLY understands what we are talking about....and he even sits and lets us take pictures. He SO poses.

Notice the picture behind him... It's the sign my iron sherpa fans made for me at CDA.

I just can't bare to part with it... even though it doesn't exactly match my office :-)
What I didn't realize was that ABBY too felt like she needed a medal. She was waiting for me to pull one out of my suitcase for HER too. She ran up to Bub and started biting him and the medal.
Notice he is STILL posing. Oh, and see Sara in the background. She thinks they are SOOOO stupid. I tried to put a medal on her. She just put her head down like she was ashamed. She wants to be old and fat, not a young, dumb athlete.
Oh, and my new office, slash old spare bedroom with the new futon, oops I mean GIANT dog bed.... I am so loosing, er, LOST the battle with keeping the dogs off of it. I compromised and put a blanket for them to lay on, so I don't have to constantly have the cover dry cleaned.
This is what they do ALL DAY LONG, until about 4, when they get a second wind and run around the house like mad dogs. On crack. And Tequila. Seriously... you should be here, it's comical.
Well, sometimes they change positions on the "dog bed"
No pictures to go along with this next story, but I just got back from the Vet. 2 months ago when Baxter had the cyst removed from his puppy paw, the vet also removed a couple of little growth, mole type things from his lower eye lid. Well he got a new one, and it was right in the corner of his eye. It got pretty big in the last week, and he scratched it a couple times and made it bleed. SO, back to the vet. Again.... The Dr. is way cool. There are 2 Dr's. Dr. Beres, who is the head doc is my favorite. He's no nonsense, cut to the chase. He took Baxter in the bag, pulled off the mole, skin tag thing and cauterized it. It was done in like 1min. And, he didn't charge me.
I also had him check out a couple of lumps on his belly. I figured they were just fatty deposits. My first Vizsla had them, I figured it was the same thing. He said it was more like a cyst because you could pull it away from the skin.. or something like that. So, I have to bring him & Abby in next week to get their health certs for Mexico(Sara goes, Monday - she sees the fancy $$ Scottsdale Ranch Doc). He's going to check out the eye again, and if it gets bigger, he'll remove it (under anesthesia at a later time) and also the cysts on his belly.
I was also there a couple weeks ago to get Abby's blood work done. She's been back on the Valley Fever medicine for 3 months. The last time we checked her levels she was 1-64 (bad), they have gone down to 1-16, but not as good as they were before (1-4). However, she's made a significant breakthrough in the past several weeks. She is VERY excited to eat, full of energy. And, no getting sick. I'm hoping the levels have dropped even more, but we won't take her back in for a couple months (ugh $100 each time).
Seriously, putting these 2 on the Wellness plans at Banfield was such a good choice. I don't pay a dime for any of the office visits, just the additional services. Today, Baxter would have cost me probably $100 for the visit and removal...
On another DOG topic, I was on my way to spin class yesterday morning (so saved for another post, it's my first time back in like FOREVER) and I saw this guy walking across the street, into my neighbor's yard...
Then he wondered into my front yard... I had to make sure he didn't jump our fence. My dogs would have FREAKED.
Can you believe how big the guy is? And I saw him up CLOSE. He was VERY healthy. Looked like a well taken care of German Shepherd or something. Big and well fed. We live pretty close to the mountains, but in a very developed neighborhood. It's funny, you will just see them walking down the street like its no big deal.....
Anyway - hope you enjoyed. I'm riding my bike tomorrow, then Daniel leg workout, so hopefully I'll have some Non-Doggy...actual training details to share ;-) Or... not!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Seattle Half Marathon

With my IT bands such a mess, I chose to run this race with my friend Carrie to help her. It ended up being a great decision. Had I been healthy, I think I could have done really well. The course was beautiful. Some hills, but they were all short, and some great downhill at the end.... which is NOT a good thing when your IT bands are hurting, but more on that in a bit. Oh, and it was a beautiful SUNNY, yet cool day in Seattle. Much better than last year's snow and rain.

We planned on being to the race start at about 6:30, with the run starting at 7:15. This is quite unusual for me - I like to get there at LEAST an hour before the race. Carrie didn't seem to worried about it, so since I didn't really care we planned a little less time.

Not knowing what the race start would be like, my friend Marcy drove with us down there, so we could park Carrie's car (thinking it would be far from the start), then hop in with her & she'd drive us to the start. Somehow we got SO lucky tho. We ended up in a lot (only $10 for the day) like 100 yards from the start. How does that happen?

We eventually got out of the car at about 6:45 and walked to the start. Used the porta potties, stood there for a bit (FREEZING our ARSES off, I might add), then the gun went off and we were on our way.

Like I said above, the course was really really pretty. We had views of Lake Washington that were spectacular.
Gorgeous neighborhoods

Views of Downtown

Ran by Safeco field

Thru some lush green park, and then back thru downtown.

Some of the terrain was rough. Uneven roads that really messed us up a bit. This would be my only complaint. No, wait - one more. NO Post race food! There was hot chocolate, Milk, yogurt and pretzels. That is it.

For me, it was a great experience. I realized what great fitness I have, as being out there I could have gone forever. I wasn't tired or anything, just hungry and a bit cold. I was in pain with my IT band, but not as bad as I expected.

Poor Carrie. She did SO awesome. She ended up with some IT band issues herself starting at mile 4, but she stuck with it. We walked the downs, and ran the rest. We had to stop and stretch her out a few times. Even when it hurt, she WANTED to run. There were a couple of really steep downhills in the last couple of miles that hurt her so bad, she actually had tears swell up.

I so felt for her. I have been there so many times. It's the weirdest injury. It hurts like hell. It is not something you can run through. Like a sore muscle, or even pulled muscle. It feels like someone is taking a hammer to your knee as hard as they can.

I'm very proud of Carrie. And, best of all... she's already working on her NEXT race so she can reach her goal time!

As for my recovery. I'm on my NO running until our Mexico trip. It has been 1 week. I have 3 more weeks. I'm icing and stretching and strengthening and swimming and will cycle soon.... and walking the dogs. Which I can't figure out if it's more annoying to THEM that we're walking...or me.