Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yes, it gets COLD in AZ

Proof. This is what I wore this morning on a bike ride.

Top half....

1. Long Sport top
2. Zensah Arm Warmers
3. Long Sleeve Zensah Compression Top
4. Sugoi Wind Vest
5. Sugoi Cycling Coat
6. Ear Warmers
7. Fleece Goves

Bottom Half:

1. Tri Shorts
2. Long Tights
3. Cycling Socks
4. Toe Warmers.

I kid you NOT, I was not hot. My core was comfortable, but my toes and face were FREEZING.

It was 36 degrees. Yah, I know... some of you are in the minus whatever... but this is why I live in Arizona.... cause it's the desert. I like it warm. I like it HOT. I like the damn sun.

We only lasted 20miles... with an avg speed of like 15mph. Oh well.. at least we were out there, right?


Benson said...

Nice job. Don't you just love tech-y fabrics?

Paul said...

You need some better shoe covers. Get the full cover water resistant ones! I've got them and I live in San Diego! :) It gets below 40 sometimes.

kt said...

You are right, we are running in snow here in the midwest and it is cold! But, I do it because I love it. You love sun, I love to have extremes of all four seasons. It all works out, especially when those of us in the artic take a vacation to warmer places. =0) I did my time in Arizona and I loved it but I was glad to come home.

stronger said...

36 on the bike is like negative something on a run. Brrrrr!

momo said...

that is way way too cold for me. :-) i was snuggled nice and warm in my bed!!

k's #1 fan! said...

HA HA HA HA HA!! or was this not suppose to be funny?? i'm happy i didn't have to scrape my windows or wipe snow off my car today:)

supalinds said...

Yeah, 36 is cold....even in Utah. Brrrrrrr. You are a better woman than me, I would have found myself indoors on the trainer.

brendaj said...

I got those arm warmers too...can't wait to try them out.

Erin said...

36 degrees is waaaay cold -- even around Wisconsin, and especially on the bike. Kudos to you for even getting up and getting 20 in. That's impressive!

Anonymous said...

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Bigun said...

that's waaaay too cold to bike. I was hard pressed to attempt the bike this morning at 58 degrees. I say attempt because I broke my base bar when my bike fell over pumping up my tires. Yes, it was a wonderful training day.