Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm sure some of these will be repeated on momo's blog! I'll leave her feet picture to her!
Here we go....

From left to right: Me, Maria (behind), Sara, Heather, Stacey, Mrs. Cashman, Melisa, Kirstin - All hail the wine bar!!!

Maria & Heather

Krista & Sara - I really need to work on these side angle shots - NOT flattering on the face!

Dave & Stacey - aren't the newleyweds cute?

Pre- dinner 'cheers'

Melisa, Shane & Krista

Big J & Momo
Shane & Krista
and here we have.... momo dancing on the counter... showing up the girl in the half top!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday Momo!

Saturday was a FANTASTIC day! S & I started out with a pretty darned good bike ride. We headed up north to do some hills. Like, remember that awful, horrible route that I broke down and stopped in the middle a few months back because of the wind? Yah, I kicked it's A@@ on Saturday!

We were pretty slow on the way up. You know... just getting into shape & having a few extra lbs REALLY DOES make a difference.. As we started the descent S looked at me and said something like... 'Ya know. I think we've got the master plan. Get Fat & out of shape.. then torture ourselves on theses hills - then suddenly it's all going to come together & we'll be thinner & faster and SO much better." Or something like that....

And, on the way home we were a little shy of our time goal, so we climbed ANOTHER extra hill. just because.

Then, onto the REALLY fun part :-) We had a girls afternoon at our wine bar planned to celebrate some birthdays. My dear friend Maria. We missed hers back in November. Next up is Momo. She is turning, a WHOLE 29 on Wednesday. Shhhh, don't tell. And Stacey. I think Stacey is turning 29 on Sunday as well!

We had 8 girls at the bar. It was a lot of fun... a few bottles of wine, great conversation. All in all just a FUN night! Big J, S & Mr. Cashman showed up at about 6pm. The Angelones had made reservations at an Italian restaurant at 6:30 for Momo's b-day. So 4 of us girls left the rest of the group for the dinner, while I'm pretty sure the rest of them stayed and enjoyed the fantastic pizza and probably, hopefully more wine :-)

Can I just say that this was one of the BEST pasta dishes I have EVER eaten. I ordered something "from the land and sea." It had shrimp and sea scallops and a very light tomato basil sauce. It melted in my mouth. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We shared several more bottles of wine...more fantastic conversation. Some toasts to the Birthday Girl, and laughs, laughs laughs....

AND then.... Big J treated us to the dinner. He might be a big tough guy, but deep down he's just a big teddy bear. Nice, sweet and SO generous. S & I were just thankful to be part of the celebration let alone get so spoiled! Thanks Big J.. and thank Momo for having a birthday ;-) There is always a reason to celebrate!

Of course we didn't end our night hear. We decided to go have another cocktail, or 2.... at a local bar/dance place. And let me tell you. I danced. Now I am not normally one to be a big dancer. Although no one Saturday night would believe that. I don't really dance at weddings.... It's really just a think of my college past. But on Saturday night I was a machine. I don't know if it was my NEW HAIR. Or the food or the drinks.. but I danced the entire time. I had a blast... I was fun and sassy and I loved it!

And then I spent all day yesterday recovering. Because thankfully I had already done all my workouts and well, just because I COULD.

So, here's to a fantastic night.... fantastic company.... and well, to my hair. Because I'm really really liking it and it seems to suit me right now :-)


and yes.... I forgot pictures. My camera batteries died. However, I am pretty sure there were some taken, so as soon as they are emailed I will post!

Friday, January 25, 2008

OMG... I DID IT!!!

Ok.. this is kinda a big deal. I have never ever ever changed my hair color. Just highlights, that's all I've ever done...

Lately, I've just been feeling so boring. Plain Jane (not that there is anything wrong with that...). We've had some huge life altering changes here in the LaPan household, so maybe I justt wanted to make a little exterior change too?

OR, maybe cause I'm 30... I'm all brave now? HA, hardly.....

I just started to feel like my blonde hair wasn't me anymore. It was faded and the roots were ugly, and well... I felt sorta washed out. Oh, not to mention the pony tails. When was the last time someone saw me without a pony tail? Even when I wasn't working out?

Well... it's probably a good clue when I went searching for a BEFORE picture and found NUTIN. Ever single picture in the last year (with the exception of Momo's ugly fat face picture of me at my surprise party where my face was still all jacked up and fat from the steroids) I was in a pony tail...

It was actually a lot of fun. My new hair gal is cute as a button. She is actually Shane's step-sister. She's very very green, but she is working with a very succesful stylist that did her mothers hair for 15 years. They both had a lot of fun changing me up, and I have to say.. they sure made it a LOT easier for me to take the plunge. They picked the colors based on botht he picture of Ashlee Simpson that I brought in, as well as my complection. It was so cute to hear how excited they were with the results... THey were even taking notes as to what else they could do the color as my natural color starts to pull thru and give it more depth. They thought I was the perfect candidate for this new bright, fun color!!!

The most surprising.... The whole process, plus all new special product was the same cost as my NORMAL cut/color with my old gal... ( I think I might be getting a family discount!)... So, the upkeep will be more, I will have to come in ever 5 weeks vs 10, but it costs have the amount for retouch! And, apparently this color is way more healthy than the blonde I was putting in it!

I promise to actually take a picture this weekend before we go out. You know, a little makeup and wearing something other than a sports bra & Nike top :-)

SOOOO - here is the FAT FACED steroid induced picture from my 30th b-day party (don't tell me you can notice that!!)

SO, here we go - 3.5 hours later (had to do a special "filler" to cover the blonde), a glass of wine.. and here I am!!!!

P.S. momo - I've been told that PINK does NOT look good with my new color. You must understand how devistated I am :-)

P.P.S. - go see my own personal new hair color dedicated COOKIE that Stronger made! I feel so special :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

catching up...

So, today is the day.. My "new look" will hopefully happen! I'm been searching thru all the trashing magazines for the new Ashlee look, with no luck. I think that picture below came out right after lasts weeks issues, so the new ones are out today, and I will be hitting the stores before my appt tonight in search of that picture! Yes, I know far too much about the gossip magazine world, but hey... to each their own, right?

The last week has been about more building with my mileage. I'm pretty happy with my progress thus far, considering my ZERO running for 4 weeks in December to let my IT band heal, and just barely building up on the bike again.

I was able to run 4 times last week, M, W, F & Sunday... with two :45mins. I finally got my NEW SHOES, and although they are quite a bit different the relief in my knees has been heaven. My old shoes were so worn, especially on my right foot, that the inside toe was basically worn to the sole - no thick rubbery material left. I really hope these shoes work out for me & help with some of my IT problems! In 2 weeks, my long run on my "official" IM schedule is a 1:10 - I think I will be able to do it. The following week is 90mins though - that might be pushing it. I will just see how my body feels, and adjust...

The bike.. well, I finally felt pretty comfortable last weekend. S & I rode for 2.5hours. I had raised my bars up a tad to make it less aggressive until my neck gets used to being aero again. It seemed to help... Well, that and I saw my chiropractor on Wed for a treatment... My HR is slowly dropping to my usual very low rate on the bike - where I struggle to get to zone 2. That is, until I climb a freaking hill. Who would of thought your HR could jump 20beats on a short climb.... Hmmm, I am PRETTY sure this is paypack for all those ALCOHOL calories - extra lbs I collected after Rocky Point.

The swim is going fine. I'm far enough along in distance to be above where my MAO schedule will start. I have to say tho - when I miss masters it is really hard to be motivated to swim on my own at 24hour. Something about 1. being outside 2. being with so many others swimming the same workout, especially when a certain someone is in the lane with me! Although, sometimes she starts out pretty speedy, which in turn sets the pace for the rest of the workout... so much for ZONE 2 :-)

My strength training sessions are going really well with Daniel. I can feel it in my hips, less pain, less fatigue when I'm running. Hopefully another month & the difference will be even more striking...

Monday we had our wonderful Kyla over for deep tissues massages. That poor girl. She spent almost 2 hours on me. When she was digging into my left shoulder blade (left portion of my neck had been bothering me all week - no mobility), I nearly lost it. I started seeing stars and feeling like I was going to pass out. Just as I had almost had enough, she lifted up the tension so I could take a breather. After I was done, she did Shane's massage. He asked how he felt, and her response was "you gotta remember I just did Krista..." Guess that says it all. Bless her heart though. She worked her ass off for over 3:30 hours on us. And, although my legs were a little sore on Tuesday, my neck and shoulders felt FANTASTIC. I had full range of motion in my neck for the first time in several weeks....

Next, up.....I had my 4th Epidural Injection on Tuesday. For some reason I felt this one during the process a little bit more. I was sedated with a mild something or other, but I could actually feel him putting the needle in. I must have flinched, because he immediately stopped and then applied more of the numbing medication. The rest of the afternoon I was pretty sore, and stiff... I woke up Wed with some stiffness, and not having full rotation of my neck, but all in all pretty good. Later in the afternoon the steroid induced ADD, hyperness, flush face, restless started to creek in, and all I thought was - here we go again! I'm hoping the side effects are a lot less dramatic, as there will only be 1 injection this time.

Seems like the no - sleep has kicked in as well. I did get a script for a sleeping aid, which I took last night. I fell asleep at about 10:30, but was WIDE-EYED at 4am. I tried desperately to fall back asleep, but no luck.. I finally got up and came into my office.

So - we'll see how the rest of the week goes! Hopefully this injection was the last kicker to get me past this pain & help me thru my training. Things are starting to look up.. I'm feeling a lot better about CDA than I was a couple of weeks ago :-)

Thanks for all of your wonderful coments and support!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Look

So a few days ago I posted about my hair turning darker. I've been contemplating a "new look." I've always had blonde hair. And, always had blondER highlights. As the years have gone on the roots keep on getting darker. And, now that I'm home for work, and IM training, and well.. just plain old lazy, I don't like the upkeep. It's super $$$$, time consuming, and if not done every 8-10 weeks (which it NEVER is) it looks horid.

So.. I've got a wild hair up my you know what. I'm thinking RED. Not flashy red like my boots or my purse... But a dark/brown red. I have made an appt with my hair gal for next Thursday. We will check out my roots and see if it is possible... and possible without high maintenance up keep.

So, I've been searching for some pics to bring to her. This morning I found these new celebrity pics posted of Ashley Simpson's new do. It is EXACTLY what I'm looking for (color). So - I will wait and see if my OK magazine that should be delivered today or Monday has this pic in it, or I'll go to the store & flip through the pages until I find it, then bring it in with me on Thursday.

If all else fails, I will just end up a darker shade of blonde. We will see!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 more weeks.

I don't know how the past year flew by so quickly. I started posting on this blog, pretty much a year ago. My first post was on 1/31 to be exact. It was just days before my 20 week road to ironman would begin.

Here we are again. I seem to be in a similar place. More confident in some ways, and less confident in others.

I know that I can do the training. That I can swim over 6000 yards. that I can bike 112 miles on tired, fatigue legs - then get off the bike and do a brick run. I KNOW that I can finish the IRONMAN.

When I signed up for Ironman CDA, just days after finishing it last year - I thought I could do so much better. My swim is SO much better than I performed. I left the bike with so much energy left. I could have gone harder. Not harder in that I would torture myself... but a little faster and still have fun.

The run on the other hand, I have no huge expectations. My run is not my strongest link. I have had some fast days, but I'm not consistent, and most of all, I am not confident.

Shortly after the race things started to fall apart. I spent months in pain, unable to use my upper body. I found out I have some pretty bad issues with my C spine, issues that can be muted for the time being, but not anything that can be "fixed."

I've done the recommended treatments, yet I still have some pain. I am so thankful for the progress I have seen, yet I am stubborn. I want it all. I want to be able to do as much as everyone else, but I want it to FEEL good. I don't want to come off the bike in tears....

I also ran a marathon. I had a fantastic day. I PR'd, and I got that race I was so badly needing. I felt fulfilled. Then just days later my IT band started bugging me. I have been baby sitting it ever since.

Thankfully(fingers crossed), I have won that battle for now. My running is coming along. No where near where it was this time last year, but I can do it. And, I am not in pain. I am thankful for every single mile I am able to run.

On next Tuesday I am going back to the Dr. for one last Epidural procedure. (if you are interested, click the link - then click on (Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection) I am confident that it will help. It HAS to help. I WANT to do this race, and I want to do it with out all the drama. All the pain....

I want to get back to where I was a year ago. Absolutely loving my training. Loving the endless hours in the pool and the bike that Mark Allen prescribes. I want to feel strong, and confident. I want to feel like I am able.. like everyone else to reach my goals. That my unfortunate physical issues that I was born with will NOT restrict me.

In 2 weeks my training starts. I am mentally ready... I want the sweat, and the soreness and the hard work. I just want it with a reasonable amount of pain. I tolerable amount of pain...

I really don't think it's too much to ask!! So, bear with me.... these next 22 weeks will be an adventure.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Race support gone wrong!

Well, I had a great plan for Sunday. Unfortunately, traffic jams and so many people made it not so perfect.

At first the plan was for Shane to drop me off around mile 2 so I could run 3miles with momo. Then, he would park and meet us to pick her up at like mile 5 and run into the finish with her.

Well, I sorta overdid it on the training this week. That is apparently how I roll. I just had the fire in me after the Mexico vacation and wanted to get back into the swing of things. I'm not good at just easing into it... and I was feeling it! So, I decided to take a much needed rest day on Sunday.

Looking at the half marathon course map, and trying to figure out the best way to get Shane to meet Melisa, we found it. Right off the 51 highway I could get down the 24th Street & McDowell. The map showed it about 5.5miles, and a water/accelerade station. So, the plan was for Shane to be there at the end of all of the chaos of the station waiting for her.

Momo is pretty easy to spot. A visor, long braid, running skirt, and she's got that great running form. Relaxed and effortless...

So - I dropped Shane off and the dogs & I headed a few miles down to 40th & McDowell to cheer with Stacey & Dave.

As we were standing their cheering we realized HOW crowded it was. I wasn't spotting ANYONE. I eventually heard someone call MY name out. It was my friend Shari. She must have recognized the dogs :-) She has two vizslas so I'm sure Baxter caught her eye. Over the next 30mins of being there I only spotted one person I knew. Mike. He was holding the 2:07 pace sign. So - really I noticed the sign first, and Mike is really tall so I started screaming as loud as I could. Took him a minute, but he saw us :-)

I was starting to get worried that we missed Melisa, but out of no where Dave starts pointing and saying.. "isn't that... ugh, ugh.." he was stuck, but we finally saw Melisa. She ran back to us and said she couldn't find Shane... Ugh oh. Plan gone wrong!

Shane & I had already discussed what to do if he missed her. He expected to see her at about 9:30, so he would wait until 10, then start running.

I left 40th & McDowell at about 10:10 to get down to the finish... However, the new route makes traffic routing a little difficult. There was really only one way out, where the runners headed south and off of McDowell. The line to turn there was so long though, I turned around and spent the next 20mins trying to find an alternative route. Which Did.Not.Happen.....

I eventually made it down to the finish, parked...and watched at the 20k mark for another 30mins. I STILL did not recognize anyone. I couldn't believe that the crowd never thinned out! I mean, I guess that is the whole point of these big fancy races, but I guess I've just gotten used to and more fond of the smaller, less crowded ones.

Shane finally found me (we had planned to meet at a certain spot). After realizing he missed momo, he hopped in the race and ran about 8miles to meet up with me. I eventually got ahold of Melisa, but she was already on her way home. I tried checking on several other friends, but no luck.

My next mission was to meet up with IronJenny. I missed her at the expo because I was riding my bike, then wasn't able to make it to the group dinner. I really wanted to meet her in person!! So I was so excited when she answered my text and was at mile 24. Shane & I figured out how to get around the half marathon finish & find the marathon finish... (which was actually a little difficult).

It was perfect timing. We waited for abotu 15mins, then got a message she was on her way! I few mins later I turned around and recognized her right away! She looks just like her pictures, only had he most contagious big smile I have ever seen.

I have to say it is so cool to feel like you get to know people just by reading their 'journals.' Then, when you actually get to meet them, it's comfortable, like you've known them for some time.

It was a brief chat, I mean the girl just ran a fantastic marathon, but I'm so glad we waited and got the chance to see her. She even brought my dogs a Popsicle from the recovery area. Which they loved, by the way. It was gone in oh about 1min.

I can't wait to hang out with her more in CDA!!!!

So - I'm sad that I didn't get to cheer on more people, but I'm still glad I went. I'm also really glad I brought the dogs because there were SO many people that stopped to pet them, or kiss them, even had a girl ask to take Baxter's picture! I know how I feel when I'm in a race & I see people with their dogs - it gives me a little boost! I think Baxter & Abby did the same for others....

Congrats to everyone... including Mr. Torture Trainer Daniel who, despite being sick, ran a 3:15 to qualify (again) for Boston. He is a superstar!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'll have ANOTHA!

Really? Did we REALLY need another excuse for a margarita.

Apparently so. Last night, my mom stopped by and gave us some belated Christmas gifts. The big one....
Shoot, aren't I supposed to be training for an Ironman? Actually, I HAVE BEEN. Check out my sidebar. I just updated it, and I have SOO been training. No distance to brag about, but the effort is there!

Now when are we going back to Mexico???


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do you feel any Older?

This seems to be every one's favorite question for me. Like I just turned 80 or something...

Ok, so there are TWO things that I feel, or that have changed.

1. My hair is TOO dark. I was a toe head blonde kid. I started highlighting for fun when i was a teenager. I've never stopped. Now, it just keeps getting darker and darker and darker. Not good when you have VERY light highlights. Looks like a skunk on my head. I HATE.IT.
I'm working on a solution to this one...

2. I can NOT. EAT. EGGS. PERIOD.... Ugh.

I have struggled for a while to find a solution for my non-meat eating self. I don't eat meat because I don't like it. It grosses me out & makes me gag.

I eat chicken, but only GOOD chicken and GOOD restaurants and the expensive stuff like$5 per breast at the store.

I love fish, but picky about that too.

I tried every type of recovery drink out there to get some protein. After throwing up about every single one, I quit.

Tried various protein powders, finally found I can stomach soy protein.

Then, I started buying egg whites. I ate egg whites and eggos every morning during IM training. Then, when training backed off, so did my breakfast size....

I've been feeling a little sluggish so started back with the egg whites.

I have eaten eggs 4 times in the last few weeks. I've also thrown up 4 times in the last few weeks. Today, I had to pull over on my way to masters because I ate eggs an hour prior and my body did not want them.

WTF? I know I have some lactose issues, but why all of a sudden would I not be able to eat eggs?

Anyway - since I have yet to come up with a better answer I'm blaming it on turning 30. So there you have it. That is how I feel older now, different!

Otherwise, I'm still 25!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Wow, what a couple of weeks they were!

The weather was GORGEOUS.
The drinks were, well.... I'll let the pictures speak for that one.
The company couldn't have been better.
The exercise was, um...somewhat there. Does a 10mile round trip beach walk to a BAR count??
......I can now successfully run 30mins with NO IT pain!!!!
Shane & I drove down to Mexico on Thurday afternoon, we got the truck unloaded and had a drink.... or two... or, well WHO is counting?

We tried out our new Kayak....several times. On my birthday, Shane called our Dolphin friends over and we enjoyed quite the show just 10feet from our boat! It was AMAZING!!

Then, we headed out for birthday lunch, and drinks....

Christmas involved breakfast mimosas


and lots of presents for the kids....

Then Shane & I had a few MORE drinks.... This is our view from the upper deck

On the 28th our friends Carrie (superfan), her brother Chris & his wife Karen came to play!!

Chris got a leetle carried away on night 1. He was kung fu fighting with baxter...

I'm pretty sure Baxter won

and then, my most proud moment. I got to 'stick a fork in him.' You see about 10 years ago I got a little carried away with the drinks at his house and 'fell asleep.' He brought the fork out on me, and I've ALWAYS wanted to pay him back!

and the fun didn't end there. In fact, it was just getting started.... around NOON the next day.

and THAT turned into some of this....the WHITE BOY DANCING

and later... after I asked for my SHARED margarita to be made "STRONG".... I have no idea what my issue was with this tree..

Then REPEAT for a couple of more days...

Baxter found a new girlfriend

and a new boyfriend...

Stacey & Dave came for New Years.... We had a very ENTERTAINING dinner

and LOTS more dancing...

somehow, after all the dancing, we pulled it together for a picture with the owner of the Friendly Dolphin - where we ate.

and then there was the New Year's Day aftermath - which to be honest, did not slow us down all THAT much...

Our friends left on the 2nd, which left Shane, the kids & I to pick up the slack....

We held our own

even the dogs did their part...

And, at the end of the day tired as can be, we survived!!!

Of course there are a lot more pictures, and a lot more stories - but if I shared them all our friends might not be back for the May 08' reunion!!!