Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday Momo!

Saturday was a FANTASTIC day! S & I started out with a pretty darned good bike ride. We headed up north to do some hills. Like, remember that awful, horrible route that I broke down and stopped in the middle a few months back because of the wind? Yah, I kicked it's A@@ on Saturday!

We were pretty slow on the way up. You know... just getting into shape & having a few extra lbs REALLY DOES make a difference.. As we started the descent S looked at me and said something like... 'Ya know. I think we've got the master plan. Get Fat & out of shape.. then torture ourselves on theses hills - then suddenly it's all going to come together & we'll be thinner & faster and SO much better." Or something like that....

And, on the way home we were a little shy of our time goal, so we climbed ANOTHER extra hill. just because.

Then, onto the REALLY fun part :-) We had a girls afternoon at our wine bar planned to celebrate some birthdays. My dear friend Maria. We missed hers back in November. Next up is Momo. She is turning, a WHOLE 29 on Wednesday. Shhhh, don't tell. And Stacey. I think Stacey is turning 29 on Sunday as well!

We had 8 girls at the bar. It was a lot of fun... a few bottles of wine, great conversation. All in all just a FUN night! Big J, S & Mr. Cashman showed up at about 6pm. The Angelones had made reservations at an Italian restaurant at 6:30 for Momo's b-day. So 4 of us girls left the rest of the group for the dinner, while I'm pretty sure the rest of them stayed and enjoyed the fantastic pizza and probably, hopefully more wine :-)

Can I just say that this was one of the BEST pasta dishes I have EVER eaten. I ordered something "from the land and sea." It had shrimp and sea scallops and a very light tomato basil sauce. It melted in my mouth. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We shared several more bottles of wine...more fantastic conversation. Some toasts to the Birthday Girl, and laughs, laughs laughs....

AND then.... Big J treated us to the dinner. He might be a big tough guy, but deep down he's just a big teddy bear. Nice, sweet and SO generous. S & I were just thankful to be part of the celebration let alone get so spoiled! Thanks Big J.. and thank Momo for having a birthday ;-) There is always a reason to celebrate!

Of course we didn't end our night hear. We decided to go have another cocktail, or 2.... at a local bar/dance place. And let me tell you. I danced. Now I am not normally one to be a big dancer. Although no one Saturday night would believe that. I don't really dance at weddings.... It's really just a think of my college past. But on Saturday night I was a machine. I don't know if it was my NEW HAIR. Or the food or the drinks.. but I danced the entire time. I had a blast... I was fun and sassy and I loved it!

And then I spent all day yesterday recovering. Because thankfully I had already done all my workouts and well, just because I COULD.

So, here's to a fantastic night.... fantastic company.... and well, to my hair. Because I'm really really liking it and it seems to suit me right now :-)


and yes.... I forgot pictures. My camera batteries died. However, I am pretty sure there were some taken, so as soon as they are emailed I will post!


Taryn said...

Ohhh it had to have been the hair! ;) Yay for red, good friends and fun nights!

Benson said...

Great ride.
Good times and B-days, priceless.

momo said...

oh yea, there were pictures.

i'm not so sure we should post them, though... haha!

thanks, girlfriend, it was a blast and your new hair is SSSSSASSSSSYYYYY!

brendaj said...

Sounds like the perfect evening!

Tea said...

Isn't there commercial that goes something like What happens in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale?

supalinds said...

Sounds like a fantastic, friends, and most importantly WINE!

You are right, wine is the best way to get through iron training.

That and a cold beer right after a long ride/run.