Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do you feel any Older?

This seems to be every one's favorite question for me. Like I just turned 80 or something...

Ok, so there are TWO things that I feel, or that have changed.

1. My hair is TOO dark. I was a toe head blonde kid. I started highlighting for fun when i was a teenager. I've never stopped. Now, it just keeps getting darker and darker and darker. Not good when you have VERY light highlights. Looks like a skunk on my head. I HATE.IT.
I'm working on a solution to this one...

2. I can NOT. EAT. EGGS. PERIOD.... Ugh.

I have struggled for a while to find a solution for my non-meat eating self. I don't eat meat because I don't like it. It grosses me out & makes me gag.

I eat chicken, but only GOOD chicken and GOOD restaurants and the expensive stuff like$5 per breast at the store.

I love fish, but picky about that too.

I tried every type of recovery drink out there to get some protein. After throwing up about every single one, I quit.

Tried various protein powders, finally found I can stomach soy protein.

Then, I started buying egg whites. I ate egg whites and eggos every morning during IM training. Then, when training backed off, so did my breakfast size....

I've been feeling a little sluggish so started back with the egg whites.

I have eaten eggs 4 times in the last few weeks. I've also thrown up 4 times in the last few weeks. Today, I had to pull over on my way to masters because I ate eggs an hour prior and my body did not want them.

WTF? I know I have some lactose issues, but why all of a sudden would I not be able to eat eggs?

Anyway - since I have yet to come up with a better answer I'm blaming it on turning 30. So there you have it. That is how I feel older now, different!

Otherwise, I'm still 25!


Spokane Al said...

I truly hope you can resolve your food sensitivity issues. However, if I am any measurement, getting older has little impact on one's ability to eat.

I can eat everything in sight and find little food that I don't enjoy. Of course this does cause some weight issues that I must continually battle.

Taryn said...

Get your blond on! You'll feel so much better! ;)

And wow you've got some food issues going on. Poor you and all that throwing up!

I just saw the Go Cougs link... you're not a WSU alum now are you? This might be the start of a beautiful source of rivalry (UW '99) ;)

Benson said...

Hey wait a minute, I like brounettes. What gives?
Ooooh, bummer about the egg rejection. Hope that gets resolved quick.

Oh. My. God! What a vacation you had. Those pics are worth a bazillion words. I could not keep up with all

Taryn said...

Oh nooooo, apple cup. You just had to bring that up! ;) Next year, next year...

Taryn said...

Oh nooooo, apple cup. You just had to bring that up! ;) Next year, next year...

momo said...

so when do you get to start collecting social security?


i say go red.