Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend in Flag

A few weeks ago my girlfriend asked me to join her up in Flagstaff for a weekend. She had been asked to sub a yoga class and jumped at the opportunity to do one of her last big training weekends for Lake Stevens in cooler temps. I jumped at the chance to get out of the heat and play for the weekend, including a ride up Snow bowl. Truth be told I'm pretty sure I was just ignoring the fact that meant I needed to bust out a 4hour bike ride even though I hadn't gone more than maybe 35miles in a month since Ironman?

Note to self; you can only bank on that ironman fitness lasting for so long.

We headed out of town Friday afternoon and got to our home base, the yoga studio owner's home by 4pm. Without going into too much detail about what we saw when we opened the door to our homestay where we were greeted by a very joyful lab that we would be looking after for a few days.. I'll just leave you a picture:

Bless my gf's heart as I heard her shout "ugh, you will be sleeping upstairs with me," before I even noticed the condition of the house. She immediately went into the room where I was supposed to be staying… and the above picture is what she saw. Honestly, it doesn't even do the cluster f#$% justice, it was THAT bad.

The rest of the house, besides a couple of dubbed "safe zones" were pretty much in the same shape. Now I know I've been spoiled working for Four Seasons and having the opportunity to have stayed in a few of them.. but that doesn't change the fact that I didn't grow up with loads of money, have camped in the middle of nowhere, had multiple roomates that were not exactly neat freaks, spent a year in a dorm at a complete party school and have certainly stayed in a flea bag motel or two. All of the above had nothing on this house.

I will never understand how anyone can live in such conditions.. especially considering the house itself was actually extremely nice, and in a beautiful neighborhood. But, to each there own I suppose… just don't go inviting other people into your mess! Nuf, said.

Be that as it may.. we were somewhat stuck. Sure we could have gone to a hotel.. but one of us is saving for a new bike (tease - I promise that will be a post very very soon) and the other had committed to taking care of the dog. So, we did the only thing we knew possible to get us through the weekend (one of us, ahem…more then the other.. hey, it wasn't MY training weekend, I was just along for the ride)…

I spent the better part of 3 days when I wasn't exercising on the 'safe zone' deck, drinking copious amounts of wine.

At least the view didn't suck.

I have to say besides my dramatic whining about living in the filth, we certainly still had a good time. We had a great 70mile (again, it's amazing what a coke can get your through) ride out by Lake Mary/Morman Lake…and survived the crazy bike ralley/murder/suicide craziness… We were CLUELESS as we stopped at the little general store, but of course had to research as soon as we got home.

More deck and wine time, followed by a nice 3000meter swim (LONG COURSE!) at NAU and ending the weekend with one of my favorite rides up Snow Bowl - ~7 miles going from 7200ft-9300ft elevation. It's AMAZING. And, I just looked up my old data and realized I did the climb about a minute faster than last year when I was in peak Ironman shape. Pretty cool :-)

All in all a fun, exhausting and most interesting weekend for sure! I think I'll ask a few more questions before my next trip to the unknown :-)

And, like they said.. there is NO place like home. Especially when you get home just hours after your cleaning lady was there. Priceless.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupid Foot.

Thankfully my new little "get me a new bike" mission is keeping me REAL busy cause I've finally had to cave in to the no running. My stupid foot is just not getting better, and even tho I have only gone for 4 little 30-40min runs since IM, I think i just prolonged my recovery by doing so.

I finally went to my friend who's a podiatrist. My intention was to pick up some good flip flops (thank god they aren't nearly as gawd awful ugly as I thought they would be) and have her look at my foot and tell me, oh you are FINE.

Didn't so much go that way. She pushed around on the food… I told her where it hurts, but that it's way better, you know since I didn't run or anything today. She said it definitely could be a stress fracture. It's a little swollen. She took a couple of X-rays of the foot, which didn't show anything, but that's typical. Said no running for 2 weeks. I can try it after that (assuming it doesn't hurt), and if it's not better she'll order an MRI.

NO MORE MRI's. I've decided between my neck issues and IT band images - I've had all the radiation via MRI's that one should have in a lifetime. I'm so not wanting that. Besides, even if it didn't get better and it is a full on stress fracture, worst case I get a boot to wear. Been there done that.

I'm hopeful the 2 weeks no running will do the trick. I'm prepared to go 3. Not happy if I have to go 4. So for now I'm just cycling and swimming. At least it's miserable outside so cutting out running isn't the worst thing in the world. Although, my dogs would disagree.

I'm wearing my nerdy new flip flops around or my Zoot recovery sandals at all times. Icing and putting voltaren gel on it 3 times a day.

Stupid foot. Doesn't it know I've got a new tri-bike coming that is just DYING to get out there and race in October.

Stupid foot :-) If I don't get healthy my back in training husband is gonna catch me in no time, and well.. while he might be happy about that… I'm not ready to be chasing him just quite yet!

Stupid foot.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Don't you worry, I'm not looking for motivation to you know, train. Well… I totally want to be training right now. I mean… I can't lie. I miss the constant fatigue and feeling after a long ass workout. I miss checking my training peaks every day to see what I am going to be doing. I miss looking at my numbers and results and seeing the hard work turn into progress.

BUT, I'm being a good girl and having some down time. I'm "exercising" a little every day. Not running much as I'm nursing a little hamstring and foot pain… Swimming under an hour. Biking some, but all on my road bike.

So, what kinda motivation am I talking about? Well….


Yah yah, broken record I've been B$^tching about it for a while now. Unfortunately my income has been a little less these past couple of years so I'm not exactly putting away cash in the bank. I'm making smarter buying decisions and well, let's just say my little shoe obsession I've had for like EVER? Well, the only shoes I've purchased in the past couple of years besides some ZOOT recovery, Asics Nimbus & a few pair of flip flops are the adorable shoes I wore to a little outing in April. And, boy were they worth it (even if I've only worn them twice). They are THAT cute.

I digress.

While we were in Spokane at our wonderful hosts house for a week after IMCDA, I got schooled on the operation of Ebay selling. You would think since my husband works for the company we'd know a little more, but nope. So our buddy basically wheels and deals for fun. He earns enough money buying and selling stuff to pay for this crazy expensive habit we call TRIATHLON for both himself as well as his wife. He's been doing it for a few years now so he's pretty much got it down. Not to mention he works for the post office, so he knows all about shipping. So, after spending several days with him and seeing the master at work I thought, "I can TOTALLY do this." I started visualizing all the STUFF I have in the house. Stuff that for some reason or another I just hadn't donated yet. which of course got me thinking about all the stuff I HAD already donated and how much money I could of had from it…

THEN I started researching my bike. Turns out little child size bikes are actually pretty hard to find. And, come to find that people pay good money for them! Then, I had a moment sadness when I realized how much money I could of had if I had SOLD my old Cannondale and not given it to my sister to ride. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I gave it to her, but she hasn't found the time to ride it yet (in over a year).. so I figured it was worth a shot to ask for it back. If it was just collecting dust in her garage, might as well get some money, right? Well… she wasn't so down with that idea so I might just be out that money! As long as she uses it, I'm ok with that. I did find out however, as soon as I sell enough stuff to make up the difference between selling mini me & my new bike… I can put her on Ebay and be ready for the purchase!

So… 2 days after returning from our trip I made a quick sweep through the house. I filled a bag with "stuff." I immediately sold 3 sets of replacement lenses for my old Oakleys. I lost the frames like 3 years ago…so don't ask me why I still had the lenses! You name it, I'm posting it for sale.

I found stuff in my closet that still had TAGS on it. Mind you they were business clothes… I'm guessing I bought them when I first started working with Four Seasons and was traveling more..but I haven't traveled for a couple years, and low and behold I lost some weight & have kept it off for a couple years and those pants don't fit… And, lets be honest… we're lucky if I leave this house in anything other than a running skirt, nike shorts or god for bid my pajamas these days.

You know that rule, if you haven't worn it in XX time… don't hang on to it? Well, although these clothes are in mint condition AND if I did still work in an office, and if they did still fit me I'd keep em. But, they don't.. and I don't so sure enough they went up for sale on bay.

The Vegas dress. The skimpy black dress I bought for the bachelorette night out in Vegas. I can't believe the $$ I paid for that dress..or that I even wore it. But, low and behold as soon as I posted it up for sale someone sent me a message saying they had been looking for it and could I get it to them by xx time, cause they needed it for VEGAS :-) At least I had the right idea when I bought it...

Polar Heart rate monitor that the battery has been dead for like 5 years and I'm too lazy to send the watch back to replace the battery. Yup, that's selling.

The KICKER. My old Blackberry. I just sold it used, but with all the accessories including a blue tooth (which I used like what TWICE?) for $109. Hilarious!

So, I'm motivated. I'm cleaning up the house, learning a lot about what people will pay for what items and I'm adding some extra fun cash into my paypal Bike fund!

More on THAT bike next time :-)

Friday, July 8, 2011

And now WHAT?

Has it really only been TEN days since IMCDA? Bah humbug. I'm bored. Well, not really…but my insides are churning for that need to have something to train for. Something to get passionate about. Something to drive me.

I don't remember ever recovering this quickly from Ironman. I mean, I haven't done much since. Some long walks in CDA followed by pit stops at the wonderful dog friendly bars on Sherman. Seriously, it's so cool. You park your ass outside with your dogs and they serve you beer and food and bring your dogs water bowls. Now, we all know one of my dogs prefers the booze to the water, but we were in public, so I made him suck it up and act like a dog, sans alcohol. Until we got home anyway.

Yesterday I got on my bike for a whole 50mins. It was real hot and the air was nasty. I'm sure you have all seen and heard about the great haboob we were greeted with this week. Our pool is still not clean. I'm working on that. (= nagging Shane to go run the vacuum over the pool floor). Today I met up with Theresa for a nice short swim, steam and gossip session. She's so back in the game. We're gonna be a great pair this next year! Can't wait to have someone push me out there. She's a seasoned veteran and her fire is BACK. A natural athlete that just needed a year or 2 to get over her 7 years of time off. So excited!

Tomorrow I might try to go for a short run. I did a 30min run on Tuesday in Spokane before I got on the plane. You know, one last hurrah before I headed back to the 110degrees and humidity. Fun times. I did that 30min run at 11am and it was like 85degrees and sunny and I wasn't remotely hot. Yes, AZ has changed me.

So back to my recovery theory. After a little chat with Miss Hawaii coachie coach - I've learned how ready I was for IM. While my race was very good and respectable, it wasn't even close to what I had in me. I'm not mad, or sad or pissed off about it, in fact I'm proud of what I did out there considering how I felt. I was FIT. I mean like more fit than ever. Unfortunately something; the cold water shutting my system down, or taking in too much lake water, or who knows just having an off day - anyways, something left me less than ready to lay it all out there on the course and I fell quite a bit flat. I just didn't have my mojo that day. So, what happens with the body when you are fit as can be, and didn't get to really GO for it, push way way hard? Well, according to how I feel right now - I've recovered real real fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to go out and smash anything, but after 2 weeks of sleeping until 8 (ok one day was actually 10am!) eating chocolate like crazy and drinking beer I'm missing that routine. That feeling of fitness.

I sent out a little teaser on Facebook inviting the peer pressure ideas. Come on, do it. Talk me into SOMETHING. A few ideas have come back including; Superfrog in San Diego on 9/11 (really tho - an OPEN SURF OCEAN SWIM?) Orangeman on 9/25 (however this is my man and my cycling partner in crime Karen's b-day weekend which I think will be a big old parTay in Mexico so that's probably out). I've also got Soma in the back of my head. It's at the end of October, so after that I can take some fun easy time off in the fall which also happens to be my favorite time to head to Mexico a lot and drink bloody Mary's and cervesas. Perfect timing to re-coup from the years training and get fired up for next year.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about it all, and what would work out best. Shane's starting up with BSC coach on Monday, and after a month or so I'm sure he's gonna be getting back to where we can start training together again, something I've missed like crazy. Once his fire and passion and fitness is back, I'm sure he'll get the itch to pick a race as well so I will tag along with whatever he wants to do!

Now, on that note it's almost happy hour….. I mean, recovery hour :-)