Friday, July 8, 2011

And now WHAT?

Has it really only been TEN days since IMCDA? Bah humbug. I'm bored. Well, not really…but my insides are churning for that need to have something to train for. Something to get passionate about. Something to drive me.

I don't remember ever recovering this quickly from Ironman. I mean, I haven't done much since. Some long walks in CDA followed by pit stops at the wonderful dog friendly bars on Sherman. Seriously, it's so cool. You park your ass outside with your dogs and they serve you beer and food and bring your dogs water bowls. Now, we all know one of my dogs prefers the booze to the water, but we were in public, so I made him suck it up and act like a dog, sans alcohol. Until we got home anyway.

Yesterday I got on my bike for a whole 50mins. It was real hot and the air was nasty. I'm sure you have all seen and heard about the great haboob we were greeted with this week. Our pool is still not clean. I'm working on that. (= nagging Shane to go run the vacuum over the pool floor). Today I met up with Theresa for a nice short swim, steam and gossip session. She's so back in the game. We're gonna be a great pair this next year! Can't wait to have someone push me out there. She's a seasoned veteran and her fire is BACK. A natural athlete that just needed a year or 2 to get over her 7 years of time off. So excited!

Tomorrow I might try to go for a short run. I did a 30min run on Tuesday in Spokane before I got on the plane. You know, one last hurrah before I headed back to the 110degrees and humidity. Fun times. I did that 30min run at 11am and it was like 85degrees and sunny and I wasn't remotely hot. Yes, AZ has changed me.

So back to my recovery theory. After a little chat with Miss Hawaii coachie coach - I've learned how ready I was for IM. While my race was very good and respectable, it wasn't even close to what I had in me. I'm not mad, or sad or pissed off about it, in fact I'm proud of what I did out there considering how I felt. I was FIT. I mean like more fit than ever. Unfortunately something; the cold water shutting my system down, or taking in too much lake water, or who knows just having an off day - anyways, something left me less than ready to lay it all out there on the course and I fell quite a bit flat. I just didn't have my mojo that day. So, what happens with the body when you are fit as can be, and didn't get to really GO for it, push way way hard? Well, according to how I feel right now - I've recovered real real fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to go out and smash anything, but after 2 weeks of sleeping until 8 (ok one day was actually 10am!) eating chocolate like crazy and drinking beer I'm missing that routine. That feeling of fitness.

I sent out a little teaser on Facebook inviting the peer pressure ideas. Come on, do it. Talk me into SOMETHING. A few ideas have come back including; Superfrog in San Diego on 9/11 (really tho - an OPEN SURF OCEAN SWIM?) Orangeman on 9/25 (however this is my man and my cycling partner in crime Karen's b-day weekend which I think will be a big old parTay in Mexico so that's probably out). I've also got Soma in the back of my head. It's at the end of October, so after that I can take some fun easy time off in the fall which also happens to be my favorite time to head to Mexico a lot and drink bloody Mary's and cervesas. Perfect timing to re-coup from the years training and get fired up for next year.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about it all, and what would work out best. Shane's starting up with BSC coach on Monday, and after a month or so I'm sure he's gonna be getting back to where we can start training together again, something I've missed like crazy. Once his fire and passion and fitness is back, I'm sure he'll get the itch to pick a race as well so I will tag along with whatever he wants to do!

Now, on that note it's almost happy hour….. I mean, recovery hour :-)


Molly said...

I'm glad Shane is getting back in the swing of things too!!! I'm sure you'll find *something* to do. I'm already eyeing races for next year and might have to pick your brain a bit as one of them is something you've done before...

teri said...

Dude, I so know where you are coming from...

Michelle Simmons said...

I just talked to Keith too- that guy is on fire with motivation. Love it how Ironman does this to us, huh? Glad you're feeling good!! :)

nancy said...

your coach has a much gentler recovery plan , HMMM how come chocolate wasnt on my plan
Swimming in Ibiza in a nice warm ocean and gobbling gelatos didnt suck though!!!!AUstin 70.3 and Phucket 70.3 up next.
I sympathize with not able to lay my fitness down the way I would have liked but am still thrilled to feel so fit