Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupid Foot.

Thankfully my new little "get me a new bike" mission is keeping me REAL busy cause I've finally had to cave in to the no running. My stupid foot is just not getting better, and even tho I have only gone for 4 little 30-40min runs since IM, I think i just prolonged my recovery by doing so.

I finally went to my friend who's a podiatrist. My intention was to pick up some good flip flops (thank god they aren't nearly as gawd awful ugly as I thought they would be) and have her look at my foot and tell me, oh you are FINE.

Didn't so much go that way. She pushed around on the food… I told her where it hurts, but that it's way better, you know since I didn't run or anything today. She said it definitely could be a stress fracture. It's a little swollen. She took a couple of X-rays of the foot, which didn't show anything, but that's typical. Said no running for 2 weeks. I can try it after that (assuming it doesn't hurt), and if it's not better she'll order an MRI.

NO MORE MRI's. I've decided between my neck issues and IT band images - I've had all the radiation via MRI's that one should have in a lifetime. I'm so not wanting that. Besides, even if it didn't get better and it is a full on stress fracture, worst case I get a boot to wear. Been there done that.

I'm hopeful the 2 weeks no running will do the trick. I'm prepared to go 3. Not happy if I have to go 4. So for now I'm just cycling and swimming. At least it's miserable outside so cutting out running isn't the worst thing in the world. Although, my dogs would disagree.

I'm wearing my nerdy new flip flops around or my Zoot recovery sandals at all times. Icing and putting voltaren gel on it 3 times a day.

Stupid foot. Doesn't it know I've got a new tri-bike coming that is just DYING to get out there and race in October.

Stupid foot :-) If I don't get healthy my back in training husband is gonna catch me in no time, and well.. while he might be happy about that… I'm not ready to be chasing him just quite yet!

Stupid foot.


Jaynee said...

your hubby is back in training? was it the button popping off his pants that finally did it?? LOL!!!

elizabeth said...

argh! You know my dad hurt his ankle slightly while running on his incline treadmill but thought it was okay. He woke up the next morning unable to walk and decided to wear a boot from time to time. He waited until his new MRI machine was installed nearly 5 weeks later after a negative xray and ultrasound report. Turns out he has ALL kinds of damage and is stuck in a boot for 4mo. My point IS, sometimes it's best to know so you can deal. My fingers are crossed these two weeks will help and you won't need to go through the MRI process. Take care of yourself and listen to your body.

IF it makes you feel any better I can't swim right now. I have some ugly shoulder bursitis and am hoping if I rest enough it will be okay without a cortisone shot. If it doesn't get better I've already talked my dad into shooting up my shoulder when I roll back into town in a month.

Keep motivating me with this eBay stuff! I just had to shell out some $$ for new aerobars. ugh!

Carrie said...

Chaco hipthong- the best and they're hip in CO- not sure about AZ.

sallyaston said...

I'm just catching up, congrats on a great IM! Boo about the foot though. I have convinced myself twice that I had a stress fracture that turned out to be something else, hope it's the case with you. Good thing to be smart and stay off it, I hope it heals quickly! Good luck with the bike hunt. FWIW, I love my Felt DA :-)

hilary said...

I've decided between my neck issues and IT band images - I've had all the radiation via MRI's that one should have in a lifetime.

hey, just so you know, MRIs aren't a source of radiation. X-rays and CT scans are, MRIs aren't. totally different technology.

My total sympathies on the not-running. Hope your foot responds well to the time off.

Michelle Simmons said...

I love it that you are worried about having to chase Shane. I might use that to motivate BOTH of you... ;) Get better soon!!!