Monday, September 22, 2008


I've been analyzing and over analyzing my training like never before lately.... I guess because I put a pretty specific goal out there, which I've never done before. It's a challenge, and it's SO incredibly hard to put training times, paces, HRs into perspective with = race pace.

My bike rides have been pretty incredible lately... avgs are higher than my entire history of cycling (ha - that makes it sound like I've been riding forever!). But, in the end how do you make an 18.3mph training ride = 20.5+ race day?

I keep going back to the fact that the first time I did Soma I trained at about a 16mph pace and pulled off a 19mph race pace - 3 years ago.... I have come a lot further on the bike in that time.

And, running too - although my miles are very very minimal (had my peak running mileage this week of 19.5miles) they are getting faster. I actually negative split my long run this week by over :30 (sub 9min pace) for the last half of the run. But, since I have never had a great run split in a race, it's really hard for me to come up with a run time in the race.....

I know a lot of this is lack of confidence, which I'm trying for. I guess in 5 weeks I will no a lot more.....

So, yesterday I had a 3:30 ride on tap, with a :30min transition run after. All my training buddies were MIA so it was going to be a big mental day for me. My legs were TRASHED. With those 240 lunges, 8x400s, a couple bike rides and my longest run since CDA the day before I was a little worried. I've also been having some issues with muscle cramping for a couple weeks. I think I got behind on my hydration and salt intake, and I was paying the price. I actually had a calf cramp wake me up one night, and it was sore the next day. This is usually not something I ever have?

So, anyway... I had picked a route that would have me climbing for the entire first half..... Then I had a nice 10ish mile descent - and ending pretty flat.

My legs were worthless right from the start, so I started coming up with things to occupy my time. Thank You Garmin! I added the lap view to my screen so I basically played with that and did math in my head all morning. I started with the warmup... a nice flat start, then about 8 miles of climbing.

13.86miles, 1120ft ascend, 720 descend, 16.8mph - avg HR 124 (yah.. I was having a hard time getting going...)

The next portion was pretty much all up - straight up Pima road
9.63miles, 870ft ascend, 100ft descend, 14.9mph - avg HR 152 (I was GLUED to my Garmin. My legs were KILLING me and I kept fading. If I fell below 150HR I made myself stand up to pick up the pace for a minute

The 3rd segment was my favorite, thru the town of Cave Creek. Nice, FAST descents. I was at an overall avg for the ride of 16mph for 90mins so I knew I need to pick up the pace to hit my goal of 18.2avg....

I decided to see what I could do in the second half so I decided to push thru the pain and really pedal (geared out most of the way) on the descends & flats. I did it - over the next 90mins I avg'd 20.6mph, 145hr, 1000ft ascend & 2000ft descend....

The unfortunate part of the ride is I think I hit EVERY single light - so a LOT of stop and go..... my garmin graph looks a mess with all the up down up down.. All in all it was a good day. On completely trashed legs I was able to hold an 18.3avg on my own. I had some rough patches, but overall I'm happy with the results:

60.1miles, 18.3avg, 3:17mins - HR avg 142, max 168, ~3300ft ascend and descend. I think the low HR was due to all the stopping and going, and the rough start....
Transition run 2.6miles, 9:24pace (I actually ran with ice down my top - it was 95degs out by the time I was running.....)
But my big question - how does all that translate into race day?
**Update - as requested, the graph. You can see all the drastic ups and downs are the damn lights!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


The never ending remodel.... We are so freaking close I can't stand it! The very last TWO steps we are waiting for - the shower tile to be sealed and the glass/mirror to be installed. I was under the impression those were happening today. We'll see.... I'm sure we're looking at Monday now....

I'm now working on the guys to start demo on the spare bathroom as soon as we can shower in ours. I think they wanted to wait a week because they have started other jobs, but enough is enough.. I want the damn stuff done! We trust our contractor enough to allow him to work on the house while we are in Mexico next weekend. We're heading down with the Angelones to celebrate Shane's birthday. It's kinda a big one..... Who better to celebrate it with! Shane & Momo can bond. She too has a big one coming up soon!

Training is going well. Although I was sick last week and missed about half of my workouts (or more)... I got right back into the swing of things this week. "Daniella-bella" about killed me during a leg session on Tuesday. I had to do 4 x 60 lunges. 10 each leg forward, side to side and each leg backwards. I'm still sore. I had to postpone my speed run,which I was actually looking forward to another day, which kinda threw the rest of my week off. With the old' IT band, I don't run 2 days in a row (except sometimes with a brick), so running Thursday meant a long run Saturday, and long ride Sunday....

Momo is doing an Oly' triathlon and my other buddies are busy or into marathon training so it looks like I will be on my own this weekend. Hopefully my legs aren't too toast from the rest of the workouts and I can still hold a good pace. I've been keeping all my avg's around 17.8-18.2. It's harder with the stoplights so I'm going to try to find a good route!

While I'm enjoying the speed runs, I find the speed bikes harder to pull off. This morning I had a speed bike with 2 x (3x 1:00, 1 x 9:00). My legs just didn't want to move.... Especially all out for 9minutes.. I'm wondering if maybe I should put the speed bike on Tuesdays vs Thursdays (this week Friday) so my legs are more fresh?? I have to admit, this is my workout that is usually the first to be skipped, or just used as a normal ride, but since I'm trying to have a pretty good bike split in my upcoming race, I'm making myself do these intervals... Let's hope they work!!

I'm pretty sure the speed runs are working. I looked back through my 400 paces during Ironman training. They were like a 7:45 pace. My last workout I avg'd a 6:40 pace (1:40) for 8x400. Now, if only I could actually run ONE solid mile at that pace!!! Ha.... I have never ever ever had a good run split in a triathlon, so hopefully this one can be a little more successful. Back when I was much faster, before all the years of IT band struggle I didn't do all of my races are post IT band injuries. Someday I'll get past it, but for now, my run training and times are usually to just get by.... Frustrating! I have all the desire and will to put in the work and the intensity, but my body just never seems to cooperate enough to get it to the next level....

And, on to the next...

Shane & I watched the season premiere of The Biggest Loser. We have actually never watched this show before... OMG... I had chills and teary eyes almost the entire time. The reality of how unhealthy those people are was shocking, even to myself whom I consider a pretty healthy gal. Honestly, all I could think about was my mom. She is not healthy, she is over-weight & has horrible eating/sleeping habits. To make matters worse she has been a smoker, and I mean 2-3 packs a day smoker since she was a teenager. Ironically (or maybe not so) she is a nurse. Yah, go figure....

When they were doing the Real Age factor, and aging some of the younger people up by 20+years, and then they moved on to the cop..... I could seriously only imagine what my mom's age would be. It was so scary... I thought, I think she watches this show. How on EARTH could she watch it and not think of how incredibly sick SHE is.... Denial is a powerful thing I suppose. I've tried for years and years to get her to change, but excuse after excuse - I've come to learn you have to want that change in order to make it happen.

I have to admit watching that show not only scared the shit out of me for my parent's sake, but it also made me feel pretty darn good about the changes I have made in my life over the last 10 years....

10 years ago is when I started casually running. I was a big party girl, I ate like crap and weighed 20lbs more. Yah, 20lbs on a 5'3" girl not so cute... Now don't get me wrong, I still eat some bad things, and drink prolly more than I should.... but, I have a pretty good balance of it all... I know the patterns and way that my family lives and I am just so thankful that I made the choice to not live that way... to take care of myself and live a different lifestyle....

I'm very excited to watch and follow the stories of the cast members. I can only hope that they will inspire some people out there to do the same.

Last, but not least... it is finally cooling down a bit in Arizona. Yah, it's still topping off at 100degs, but the humidity is going away and the mornings are at least in the high 70's and low 80s.... I can't wait for October, it's one of my favorite months here!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When I was younger I used to say, "I don't know how to sleep." Sounds strange, but for as long as I can remember I didn't sleep well. My mom was (still is) a crazy night owl. Regardless of what time she gets up in the morning, she does not go to bed until at least 2am. While, thankfully I have been able to ward off that trait (ugh, 9pm bed time?)... I'm pretty sure I got her restless nights among many other not so good genes....

In college I was horribly bad at sleeping... I would lie awake until my alarm would go off for class - SNOOZE, repeat.... Oops, I missed class....

When I moved to Arizona post college and actually had to get up and get to work, and SNOOZE just didn't cut it anymore, I eventually started to sleep a little more. But, again I would go through some weeks on end with little to no sleep.

I am however, pretty lucky that I can function, quite well on about 7hours. 6 if need be. Yes at the peak of Ironman training there are some nights were I could actually find myself asleep for 8-9hours, but never were those consecutive hours.

I wake up all the time. I hear a noise, or get hot... or have to pee.... Shane, or Baxter steels my covers, or my pillow... or my half of the bed. I mean, I could hear a pin drop and I'd prolly wake up.

RARELY do I sleep well when traveling, even in the Lavish Four Seasons accommodations when I travel for work I don't sleep well.

I remember my first encounter with Prednisone for my lungs (in college).... I was a MESS. Wired, no sleep, no appetite..... felt like I could run a marathon, well except for the lack of you know, fitness or lung capacity... Each time over the years I have been on prednisone, it seemed to get worse. I finally asked my Dr. about it, and he provided me with some Ambien Samples.

Mother of God, it was heaven... 8 solid hours of dead on dog tired hours of sleep. I have a wonderful NP friend how raids her drug sample closet at work when I travel now and supplies me with help for my sleep...

Ambien has become my friend... But, on the same token, I know it has some odd, and not so good side effects. 1. I forget conversations. 2. I sometimes sleep too hard and don't remember going to bed. 3. I don't like the idea of being in a drug induced sleep all that often. 4. I don't want my body to become reliant on it!

So, I'm kinda not sure what to do at this point. First, I thought it was the remodel. My lungs got trashed, and I got all hopped up on multiple steroids to clear them. Next, even though my lungs were much better, Shane & I were not sleeping in the same rooms because of lack of SPACE between the spare bed, two dog bed hogs (I know, I know, our own fault!)... and well, just plain old not being in "our bed" or room for that matter....

Then, lack of sleep + weak lungs = lowered immune system = got sick for a week... Sick for a week means coughing fits and headaches and well, once again no sleep.

BUT, what I CAN NOT figure out is why, when I'm feeling MUCH better, we are in our bed... and I'm training 10+hours a week I still can't freaking sleep.

Like last night.. I'm tired... had a nice glass of wine to wind down in bed by 10pm and STILL awake until well after 3am??? Only of course to be woken by Abby who enjoys eating random things she should not eat and puking them up when I for once, am ACTUALLY sleeping...

And of course, being the light sleeper I am instantly woken up, jump out of bed to help her, clean up the mess all the while SOMEONE else is barely woken up, or at least he is pretending to not notice the VOMIT and me on my hands and knees cleaning the mess up. Just NOT fair!!!

So, here we are going on almost 6 weeks of little to no sleep and I'm exhausted. Is it so much to ask for my body to just freaking fall asleep?!?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Got Shoes?

I SO don't have nearly as many shoes as I thought... I've been donating......:-)

(My favorites ones are in the boxes the infamous RED boots have a shelf of their own!)

And, in all fairness... HE has quite a few too!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Aghh, the remodel. 4 weeks of no sleep, lungs giving up via dust... and now, after no sleep immune system down and getting on a plane, a cold.

BUT, it is so freaking worth it! Although it is not yet a complete project, my favorite part - the CLOSET is finished!!! AND, most of the dirty work is complete - just waiting on the countertops to be installed and the vanity doors installed, next week so they say.

So - here are a few pictures until the rest is finished. I give you
The BEFORE closet!
You have NO idea how much crap we had stuffed into this closet.... We had hanging shoe racks, floor shoe racks, a mini dresser, a laundry basket. Eventually I'd get so frustrated, I would just start throwing stuff on top (picture clearly shows this). We could never find anything... or get to anything.
And don't get me started on the cheesy gold trim. The entire house was decked out in it, room to room. We had rid nearly everything except these closet doors!
So, we had this huge room, with tiny closets and a crazy long vanity - all just wasted open space.
We basically cut the space in half to build a large walk in closet, and STILL have a good size bathroom....
I wish I had taken pictures of the closet before we installed the door......
This is the view from the entryway - or bathroom area.... Huge laundry bins on bottom, clothing drawers and storage.
Shane's hanging (double layer), plus shoe rack and on the other side, not shown in picture is a LONG space for dresses, suits, etc....
Have I mentioned how much I like shoes? Yes people there are THIRTY shoe shelves...
And yes, I will most likely fill them :-)
Next up - the vanity - hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My new look!

Well, here it is! I've been planning it for a while..but it is finally here! It's red, it's pretty and it has pieces of all my favorite things. Shane & I... Training, My dogs, Wine and of course.... SHOES!!!!

And yes, I finally removed the "I am a 29year old" now that I'm WAY far into my 30th year :-) I also changed the title to "Iron Krista." I know, generic, but I didn't realized I would actually meet and become friends with so many bloggers, and you know.. "Tri-dog mom" just sounds DUMB in person :-) So, with it being called "Iron Krista" I figure at least people will know my name....

You can thank Carly, the same infamous blogger remodel guru that beautified Supalinds blog! She did such and amazing job, and just went with my pictures idea. I really wasn't all that much help, either!

Up next, I PROMISE remodel pics... Shane finally uploaded them for me.. but the job is almost done so I kinda wanna post before/after pics!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Bullets

It's actually NOT Monday, but it feels like it with the Holiday and all.. so Monday Bullets it is...

  • I am STILL tired, and STILL not really sleeping.. which totally totally sucks.
  • I swear this remodel is going to be done....someday
  • Hopefully someday VERY soon
  • I'm sick of making decisions about color, and more color and gloss and WHICH TOILET.... I'm mean really.....
  • Apparently we picked out the "Cadillac" of toilets though. Funny story.... for another time
  • I got carded buying wine on Saturday
  • followed by a "you look better as a blonde" comment. Nice, huh? Especially since I just spent xxx$$$'s getting my color touched up just hours prior to that
  • I'm never going back to THAT store
  • I was going to write a whole post on how I "chicked" 3 boys all by myself on Saturday.... but I'm too tired to put that much effort into it
  • Short story...... I thought I was going to die in the first 40mins because we were avg's 18mph UPHILL where we usually avg about 15.5.
  • But after about an hour - I was warmed up... and kicked some ASS... and after 50miles I still needed about 45more mins to get my 3:30 in and ALL THE BOYS were toast and ditched me and ended their ride there. WTF?
  • I really love mini-me right now :-)
  • I didn't hydrate or eat enough yesterday after 3 hours of workouts, then went to my second family's home and drank a couple of Big J's drinks (need I say more) and then some wine....
  • And I still managed to do my speed run this morning.... and I looked back at my times from a couple of months ago during IM training - same workout, and I was FASTER. Who knew?
  • I can now officially say I run faster than 8min mile paces during speedwork. Even did some SUB-SEVEN stuff last week....
  • Apparently running only 2 days a week is good for you :-)
  • I'm going to Spokane/Pullman for some visits and COLD (to me that is) weather on Friday
  • I'm pretty excited
  • I'm still absolutely obsessed with Peanut Butter lately
  • Someday I'm going to post all of the before pictures of my bathroom..... as soon as said pictures are uploaded. Hint Hint.....
  • Is wondering what my body will do come race day....
  • Is also wondering what Anne's House of Pain will be like tomorrow
  • When I'm already sore from Daniels's workout today.... ugh
  • Shane said at WATCHED me do my strength training today. His response... "He really beats you up."
  • Shane & I are working on something really really excited for next summer
  • It involves not melting
  • That's all I'm saying until the plans are set in stone.. hopefully soon
  • I have officially (and painfully) decided on NO Ironman for next year. This is helping make the above 2 bullets happen.
  • Ironman Canada 2010.
  • I saw New Kids on the Block on some talk show at the gym today. Need I say more?
  • On that same note..... 90210 (the new) starts tonight. I'm SUCH A SUCKER for this crap!
  • Did I mention I am already sore and it's only 4hours after my workout?
  • Tomorrow should be fun
  • I'm doing one of my peak long rides for the Half IM training. 4hours. Jeez that seems so doable compared to 7hrs.
  • I really really wish I could sleep more than like an hour at a time...... I don't know what is up with me lately.
  • That's about all.... for now :-)
  • Oh wait.... My blog is being re-invented right now! I can't wait to post the new look!