Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Bullets

It's actually NOT Monday, but it feels like it with the Holiday and all.. so Monday Bullets it is...

  • I am STILL tired, and STILL not really sleeping.. which totally totally sucks.
  • I swear this remodel is going to be done....someday
  • Hopefully someday VERY soon
  • I'm sick of making decisions about color, and more color and gloss and WHICH TOILET.... I'm mean really.....
  • Apparently we picked out the "Cadillac" of toilets though. Funny story.... for another time
  • I got carded buying wine on Saturday
  • followed by a "you look better as a blonde" comment. Nice, huh? Especially since I just spent xxx$$$'s getting my color touched up just hours prior to that
  • I'm never going back to THAT store
  • I was going to write a whole post on how I "chicked" 3 boys all by myself on Saturday.... but I'm too tired to put that much effort into it
  • Short story...... I thought I was going to die in the first 40mins because we were avg's 18mph UPHILL where we usually avg about 15.5.
  • But after about an hour - I was warmed up... and kicked some ASS... and after 50miles I still needed about 45more mins to get my 3:30 in and ALL THE BOYS were toast and ditched me and ended their ride there. WTF?
  • I really love mini-me right now :-)
  • I didn't hydrate or eat enough yesterday after 3 hours of workouts, then went to my second family's home and drank a couple of Big J's drinks (need I say more) and then some wine....
  • And I still managed to do my speed run this morning.... and I looked back at my times from a couple of months ago during IM training - same workout, and I was FASTER. Who knew?
  • I can now officially say I run faster than 8min mile paces during speedwork. Even did some SUB-SEVEN stuff last week....
  • Apparently running only 2 days a week is good for you :-)
  • I'm going to Spokane/Pullman for some visits and COLD (to me that is) weather on Friday
  • I'm pretty excited
  • I'm still absolutely obsessed with Peanut Butter lately
  • Someday I'm going to post all of the before pictures of my bathroom..... as soon as said pictures are uploaded. Hint Hint.....
  • Is wondering what my body will do come race day....
  • Is also wondering what Anne's House of Pain will be like tomorrow
  • When I'm already sore from Daniels's workout today.... ugh
  • Shane said at WATCHED me do my strength training today. His response... "He really beats you up."
  • Shane & I are working on something really really excited for next summer
  • It involves not melting
  • That's all I'm saying until the plans are set in stone.. hopefully soon
  • I have officially (and painfully) decided on NO Ironman for next year. This is helping make the above 2 bullets happen.
  • Ironman Canada 2010.
  • I saw New Kids on the Block on some talk show at the gym today. Need I say more?
  • On that same note..... 90210 (the new) starts tonight. I'm SUCH A SUCKER for this crap!
  • Did I mention I am already sore and it's only 4hours after my workout?
  • Tomorrow should be fun
  • I'm doing one of my peak long rides for the Half IM training. 4hours. Jeez that seems so doable compared to 7hrs.
  • I really really wish I could sleep more than like an hour at a time...... I don't know what is up with me lately.
  • That's about all.... for now :-)
  • Oh wait.... My blog is being re-invented right now! I can't wait to post the new look!


Muppetdog said...

Sounds like a good set of Monday-ish items :) Can't wait to hear about your big plans!

Flatman said...

that was alotta info!!! ;)

SWTrigal said...

You chicked some boys! That rocks!!

Steve Stenzel said...

The "Cadillac" of toilets?!? Sweet!!

Good luck getting some quality sleep!

Supalinds said...

That is a lot of sutff you got going on right now! I like the bullets - they make me happy.

I too am sitting out IM next year! You and me baby - 2010!

I'm sending postiive thoughts to the remodel finishing soon!

Benson said...

Oh great, thanks alot for reminding me about remodel. I have several projects on my list. Hate you...;-)

So cool that you chicked the boys. Biker chicks RULE!

You will heart, heart, heart IM Canada.