Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our little Princess

 I was thinking about this post yesterday, not sure if I made up writing it or if it actually existed. Pretty happy for (most) things saved on the internet! We didn't talk much about Juliette being sick, because honestly, she wasn't as far as we knew. She had been sporty spice going on most of the puppy walks (in fact hopping out of bed way earlier than normal to make sure she didn't miss out). Chasing him around, running around with her new lab friends and just loving life. 


Last week she was having some problems in her mouth, was drooling and the puppy kept obsessing over it so Shane took her in on Friday and we found out she needed to have 4 teeth extracted. She's had some dental problems, but we've watched them closely so I was really shocked at the quick turn for the worse. She was sent home with antibiotics and after 2 days she was full of energy and even got to go to my race on Sunday! It was so fun to see her out there running with me again for even just a minute. Monday everything changed. She had no energy, wouldn't eat and had this look that was just all too familiar. My gut just knew something was wrong as she paced around the house on wobbly legs. I came into the living room to check on her and found her staring over a pile of blood. We immediately rushed her to the the vet ER to be checked out. It's almost scary how many vets I know in this area! The doc was the one who saw Baxter multiple times last summer so I immediately felt at ease. She was so sweet and gentle with J, just like she was last summer with Bubba. While there wasn't much she could do to diagnose her, her vitals were ok so her best assumption was that the antibiotic for the teeth had really done a number on her stomach. She injected her with some anti-nausea and sent us home with some as well. The first priority was to get some food in her stomach so we stopped at wallgreens and got a syringe, baby food, chicken broth and rice.

We tried everything to get her to eat, but basically I was using the syringe to squirt the baby food in her mouth. We just wanted her stomach to have something in it so we could give her a pain pill. She slept (on the bed of course) off and on that night, but when we got up in the morning she had no energy or strength. Shane carried her outside to go to the bathroom (where we found she was still bleeding) and we nestled her in my office for the day. I continued to syringe water into her mouth (she loved that!) and tried to keep the puppy away from her. As soon as the vet's office was open I called and explained her situation so when the doctor called me back we made plans to have her looked at that afternoon. It was a sad day. Last summer I was so close to all these horrible symptoms with Baxter, yet he continued partying for 4 months fighting to stay with us, but right here in front of our eyes, Juliette was fading. As much as I wanted to think positive, my gut just knew how sick she was.

After 2 hours at the vet looking at her in my arms as the doctor told us her blood count, we knew what we had to do. Without a definitive reason for why she got so sick, the obvious culprit is the F$^KING cancer. While we were under the impression that her type (derma/skin) wouldn't spread, every symptom she had showed otherwise and there was just nothing that we could (or would take the risk of putting her in more pain to) do for her.

5.5 years ago this sweet princess came into our lives to heal Baxter's broken heart. I will never understand how at 8 years old a family could just turn her in. She nestled right into our crazy family traveling to Mexico and Idaho and wearing silly medals while posing for photos. She did her best to take up running, when really she just wanted to sprint around then eat all the food. She learned how to snuggle and make friends. She even found herself "adopted" into another family to help keep her company after her BFF Baxter left us. 

After the loss of Baxter just 9 months ago, this sweet face kept me company and healed my broken heart. I took her just about everywhere I went, she never left my side and did her very best Bubba impressions snuggling up to me every chance she could. She protected me while Shane was in California and she she kept me on my toes acting like a puppy again. I can't even imagine what my days and nights would have been without her. I will forever be thankful for her spirit and unconditional love.

It's almost like she spent her time with us to make all our hearts happy, and finally when she felt like we were ok, she was ready to go back and be with the boy that showed her how to be a true Vizsla, full of love and pillows and hot dogs!

So much love for this girl and the only thing that makes this easier is knowing she's running around with Baxter!