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It's go time.

I have no pictures to post or crazy stories to share (yet). But as I sit in our rental home enjoying the beautiful view of Penticton with our race sherpas a chitter chattering in the background, I am sure of a few things.

The work is done, the bags are packed and the bikes are in transition. I'm here with my training partner, my bff and and love. I have my crazy fast girlfriend Supa at my side. They were both with me on my last adventure when things didn't go quite my way, and they are here again. They have some secret plan to hopefully meet up and run in together and I will be chasing them all the way. While I don't think I'll be seeing them until the run (unless of course I can manage to get out of the water before you know who) I'll know they are out there going strong, and that will help push me.

The venue is absolutely amazing, the locals laid back and welcoming. The water is crystal clear and temps are cool.

I'm so excited to get this show on the road I am a…

A year full of "firsts"

I remember training for my first marathon and looking at my schedule. I was given a 20 week plan in advance so of course I sat my butt down and scanned the entire thing.

And then I nearly had a heart attack.

You read or hear about what you have to do to train for a marathon. The typical 20miler. But seeing it on YOUR schedule as something you are supposed to do is a whole different ball game. You start to question yourself. How can I do that? How can my body do that. That will take forever, and so on and so forth.

I remember the first time I ran 8miles. And then it was 10, and 12. And finishing your first 26.2 is indescribable. It's surreal, it's amazing. I cried, I laughed and then within 24hrs I was planning my next one as I hobbled around the hotel. Funny how quickly we forget the pain, even while we are still in it.

When I started triathlon training everything was new. My first few years of were very random. I had no coach and had no idea what I was doing. I tr…

4 week countdown

It's been almost 2 years since my last Ironman, but I am vividly remembering the last few weeks. The crazy tiredness. The hunger. The Irritability. The unknown.

Odd cravings like Wheat beer and more wheat bear. Macaroni and Cheese. I'd REALLY like a piece of chocolate cake right about now.

One thing I can say that is different from before, is I feel when it's go time, I'm going to be totally ready... and a different ready than I've felt before. We hired a new coach this year, and have had a whole new type of training. Completely different thinking. It's been new for the mind & the body, a change that was welcomed.

I'm not thinking about how I needed to be doing XXmiles at XX week, etc. I simply check my email, read my schedule, give feedback and do as I'm told. It's a breath of fresh air to tell you the truth.

This past week/weekend was our biggest week/end thus far. We finally had a race distance swim @4100meters. I was shocked at how good I felt b…