Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's go time.

I have no pictures to post or crazy stories to share (yet). But as I sit in our rental home enjoying the beautiful view of Penticton with our race sherpas a chitter chattering in the background, I am sure of a few things.

The work is done, the bags are packed and the bikes are in transition. I'm here with my training partner, my bff and and love. I have my crazy fast girlfriend Supa at my side. They were both with me on my last adventure when things didn't go quite my way, and they are here again. They have some secret plan to hopefully meet up and run in together and I will be chasing them all the way. While I don't think I'll be seeing them until the run (unless of course I can manage to get out of the water before you know who) I'll know they are out there going strong, and that will help push me.

The venue is absolutely amazing, the locals laid back and welcoming. The water is crystal clear and temps are cool.

I'm so excited to get this show on the road I am almost jumping out of my compression tights. The nerves are minimal, and I have a new found confidence (at least I keep telling myself this) that is calming. I know there is nothing more that I can do and whatever happens tomorrow I know I put my all into it.

7 months after signing up fro IM Canada, 3600miles on the bike, 650miles running, 121miles in the water and in 15 more hours I will get to put it all out there.

Look for me the blueberry in TriScottsdale gear, hopefully smiling all the way and heading back for the midnight finish (the household goal). The actual reward comes Monday while we are doing a different kind of tour of the area visiting Penticton's wine country.


Bigun said...

I will be looking for you on IMLIVE - I've got nothing to do at work tomorrow but look for my peeps! Best of luck to all three of you - I'll be cheering from Tampa!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you. You will have a great race for sure.

Michelle Simmons said...

Have a great race!! I'll be cheering for you from Hawaii... :)

Anonymous said...

Krista! I keep meaning to check out your blog ever since you commented on mine. I hope you are having the race of your dreams right now!! IMC is my FAVORITE race thus far and I am more than jealous that you get to climb up Richter pass and Yellow lake and cross the IMC finish line. Being at the finish line at midnight is electrifying and I sure hope you get to experience it. :)

hilary said...

I'm sure you have no freakin' clue who I am, because I read frequently but don't comment much, but I just checked your race results and am thrilled for you.

I can't wait to read your race report.