Sunday, September 14, 2008

Got Shoes?

I SO don't have nearly as many shoes as I thought... I've been donating......:-)

(My favorites ones are in the boxes the infamous RED boots have a shelf of their own!)

And, in all fairness... HE has quite a few too!


Andra Sue said...

Yeah, that's barely even 50 pairs (without counting, so I may be off). What a rookie! ;)

Glad to see someone else who obesessively keeps their shoes in boxes! A couple weeks ago the people who clean my house threw out TWO of my shoeboxes without asking...I was SO pissed. The shoes in question were on my feet and in my workout bag. Now I have to put them in mismatched boxes and can't ever find them. :P

Gorgeous closet, btw, just gorgeous.

momo said...

girl - you need more shoes. have you seen my closet? and all i ever wear is the jesus sandals. sad, huh?

P.O.M. said...

Insanely jealous of your organized closet. Mine is cluster F.

Bigun said...

Women and thier shoes...I'll never understand it (so don't even try, Bigun...). Get some sleep, will you? One of the greatest hours I EVER spent in my life was in a group "therapy" session in college - the Prof had us all lie down and then tought us how to go to sleep. It was a great life lesson.