Sunday, June 3, 2012


As most of you know I decided to be part of a charity, Team Newton/Athletes for a Cure, for Ironman Canada.  I've received an overwhelming amount of support from my amazing friends and family, and last night I had a little cocktail party to thank everyone for the donations.  The party was a blast, and Shane played a great bartender!

 I decided to do a couple of fun raffles and had some super great donations made for gifts -  A massage by Abby,  A hair cut/color/style service by my sweet sister and hair dresser Shayna, a hair blowout/style at Park Avenue Dry Dar (this is a company that Shane is helping mentor) and last but not least, my winnings from the Rocky Point Tri!

I also decided to throw another twist into the mix.  I decided to play "guess Krista's Canada finish time."  Most people tried to ask me my goal (HA, as if I would tell), while others asked about all my past race times..  I gave them that info, but that was about it (well, ok - some people maybe got a little extra info after I had a couple of drinks, but I think the guesses were already on the sheet).  Let's just say that I have some pretty BIG fans out there.  I'm humbled at the confidence some of these people have in me, but also… I had no idea how much it would FIRE ME UP.  While I don't feel like I have anything to prove, I would love nothing more than to make my friends proud!

The prize?  Closest predicted time to my actual finish time gets a special present brought home from Canada.

Talk about motivation????

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