Wednesday, February 6, 2008

HOCH, this is for YOU!

Yes, people.... it does get COLD in Arizona. I'm not seeing any of this snow.. but that's what it says!!!


k-dawgs numero uno fan-o said...

HA! nuts. we have blue skies today! well tiny bits of it and if you're patient enough every few minutes the sun appears! i'd break out the sunblock but my classes are cancelled.

supalinds said...

That is just plain nuts.

We've got enough snow here in Utah to cover the entire i'll give you some :)

My Life & Running said...

Ohhh lucky you. I think it's 70 here today? I am not ready for the heat!!!

(&& I got the bonita in the mail yesterday - can't wait to try her out this afternoon! thanks for all the help! ;) )