Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 3...

Well, I made it through one more week of IM training, in 1 piece! Yippee! I did miss one of my weight workouts... but no big deal. Daniel had me sore from Tuesdays workout for several days. It was a tough one.

It was also my biggest running week since the marathon. That is pretty excited! I was very good to my IT bands with rolling, stretching and icing all week. Guess that will just be an additional workout in all of this if I want it to keep healthy!

We did a pretty tough ride on Saturday. My legs were toast from the week, including my longest run in several months (1:50) on Friday. I also was horrible with my nutrition Friday, trying to catch up with my calories at dinner. Not a good idea. The course basically climbs from our house (~1400ft) to the turnaround over 3000ft. There is one decent in there, but once we went down the hill, we re-gained back all the elevation over the next hour.

Shane was feeling good, and was in front the whole time. I just couldn't stay up with him, so it was pretty much a ride on my own. Even on the way down we pushed pretty hard, which I am actually happy with.. as you can see my HR was elevated even in the down portion (usually in low zone 1). So, even though my Hr was in mid zone 2 on the climb vs top end, I sustained that on the way back. I had a great avg HR for the bike 144. My best fat burning zone (300fatcals & 230 carbs).

Here's the graph...

After the ride I was POOPED. I kinda felt like I had been hit by a truck... just really sleepy & fatigue. I slept like a log, and struggled to wake up on Sunday. We had some errands to run, and some family visiting to do, then went to our favorite pizza place for some dinner. By then I was finally coming around, and after a good night's sleep last night, I felt pretty good this am. Time to start it all over again!

Overall I am very happy with the first 3 weeks of training. My running speeds are faster at lower HR than last year, and the cycling as well...

This week I have my first brick 4:15/:30 run. I will be doing it on Sunday because the ragnar relay is this weekend an momo & I are volunteering Sat am from 4:30-9:30. I'm pretty excited to do a ride on fresh legs, vs all the workouts in the bag and feeling every stroke!

Hmmm, what else? Next week we (Momo, Big J, Shane & another couple Kristin & Jeff) are heading to Sonoma for 3 days of wine tasting.... Can you SEE the excitement on my face!!!!???

What this means is we have to bulk up the workouts to get teh long bike & run in before leaving Friday early afternoon... We'll miss a couple workouts, but we'll get the key ones in. And, what better excuse to miss some workouts than WINE?
Oh... and some of you have noticed, and COMMENTED that my blog description says something about being 29. Which I am NOT anymore, although I like to say I am still 25.. but that doesn't really matter. I AM going to change it, but you see.. I'm also working on a whole new blog look. I absolutely loved supalind's new blog so I've contacted Carly, the girl who created it to help me with mine. Of course, she is waiting on me to giver her some pictures, info etc... and well.. I'm still working on that! Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have a new bright look!!!
I think that is all for now.... Here's last weeks details:
another ~14:30 including 1 1:10 strength session


Spokane Al said...

You are rocking once again! It is good to hear that the body is holding together.

AZ must be a magnificant place for bike riding during this time of year.

Supalinds said...

Awesome week!!! You are totally rockin it.

I am so jealous you are going wine tasting. I will live vicariously through your blog. I have been picking up wine quite often lately and buying a few bottles at a time. I diminished my wine storage so now I am trying to build it back up.

I am so excited to see your new blog design! You will lurve it.

brendaj said...

Sonoma's one of our favorite spots...have a great time!!