Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A review

Thanks to everyone who commented on THIS post. I knew it would perk some "interest." I won't be sharing my chosen route, come on guys that's a LITTLE personal (hee hee), BUT I will say I've found a new solution.

Thanks SO much to my friend N for her amazing advice. It's not the first time she has recommended this great product, but this time I actually listened. I mean who wouldn't listen to someone who rides their bike across the world, literally.

I decided why the heck not and went out and bought some bravely trying it out on a 3.5hr ride. I wore my favorite cycling shorts and even had a second layer of capris on top (these are AMAZING for wearing on top of your cycling shorts - NO seams and super easy to peal off and put in your back pocket if it gets too warm).

While I still had a little bit of tenderness from the past few weeks, I finished the ride with less chafing and no new battle wounds! The best was this particular route has the infamous (AZ ride) 9 mile hill climb. It's a 9 mile stretch of 3-6%grade climb. No breaks, just plug away. I PR'd the climb in 37:45 sitting comfortably in zone 2 HR. I don't know which had more of an impact; the 2 e21 pills I took a mile before the climb when I was struggling, or the fact I was actually COMFORTABLE and not moving my climbing position around for 9miles. Either way, I'll take it.

Next test wil be tomorrow when I'm going for day 3 on the bike and tackling a 4hr ride. All this is making me WAY excited for THIS!!! I will make the 2hr climb up Mingus Mountain my BIA@$!

After 5 long years with you Aquafor, I'm sorry but we are officially breaking up. You stained my gear and I'm pretty sure helped eat away at the material. I will still use you for my little toesies, but other than that, I'm moving on up!


Anonymous said...

How the heck did I miss your original post?!? You are going on my blog roll asap so I don't miss anymore juicy posts. :)

Sounds like you and I are two peas in a pod - I have the SAME issues. I have too many saddles to count, I've tried more than I would like to talk about and yet riding my bike still rips apart my crotch!!

And this is perfect timing, because I just shelled out $85 on a pair of FANCY bike shorts... i get 50% off, so double that for full price - EEKS! I am hoping they at least make riding a bit more bearable this season.

And I use bag balm, I saw that mentioned a few times. It's nice but hasn't fixed my problems at all. The people who say it works obviously don't have the kind of saddle issues that I have.

I used to wax it all off a few years ago when I lived up in Flagstaff - weird that I waxed while living in the town where so few even shave, haha! Anyways, I liked it... what I didn't like was waiting for it to grow out a bit. Ummm, what do you do at swim when your bikini line is a bit hairy because you are waiting to get it waxed off? I mean... I am a clean girl and that just doesn't seem right to me.

I also stopped because I am super particular about who I go to, I want someone GOOD! So once I moved back down to Scottsdale I was at a loss. And the girls I ask don't get it done and I don't feel like spending $50 or so to have some girl rip my vagina apart and stand there judging my chubby thighs. :)

If you find someone good, let me know and I will go before I move!

AND AND AND.. Answer to the Challenge!! Oh I am jealous :) You will gain so so SO much from that ride!! YEAH

Michelle Simmons said...

Nice. I use that stuff on Moana all the time. Haven't needed it myself though. Lucky girl I am. :) And 9 mile hill... awesome! I would love to bring my bike to AZ just so I could ride all those awesome routes you have available... Seriously. SO many good ones! :)

sallyaston said...

This also works well on road rash, although I hope you never need it for that! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad things are better!! I am going to check out those bike shorts! I am glad you linked them!