Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 4 Recap

Wow, what a week.. Some ups, some downs.. but overall ending pretty good, less the ITband issues.

~16 hours of training (including almost 140miles!!), details included below less a couple hours of strength training.

After the IT band issue on friday, I rested Saturday.. Well kinda. If you consider going out to the middle of NO WHERE at 4:30 am to volunteer for the Ragnar Relay (long story short..... no one, including the coordinator with all our 'stuff" showed up until after 6am... runners not until 7:30) then heading home, showering.... and driving about 50miles to my sisters to help her look at new homes (Finally using my RE license!) and finally getting home at about 5:30 to pick up Shane and go get some food.

Howeva... after a sleeping pill induced 9 hours of sleep I was READY to go on Sunday. It was my longest bike since CDA. 4:15 and a :30 run on my schedule, but I did something SO out of the normal for me. I decided to NOT run and save my It bands. I am very proud of myself ;-)

The ride was FREAKING awesome! Momo, Sara & I rocked it. We avg'd 18.1mph. I have NEVER gone that fast on a training ride. We got lucky with the lights & not having to stop a lot, so that helped. It is amazing how much better your legs feel after a days rest. Typically I bulk up all of my workouts so my long bike is my last of the week and my legs are TRASHED. They felt great on this ride. I pulled a lot more than normal, staying my zone 2 - but I ended up with a lot higher avg HR of 150. That is totally perfect for me! I've been having avgs closer to 138-142 so I really focused on pushing it and not drafting too much.

Monday I woke up and the wind was still buzzing around like mad. I headed out for my run and quickly changed from my planned 50min tempo to my 70min moderate (low HR) run. My legs just didn't have it in them, especially with the wind. I did a lot of looping around my neighborhood so I didn't get too far away if my IT band were to act up.

All went ok! My legs felt no pain and I ended up a sub 10min mile pace with a 143 HR avg! That's fantastic knowing that I'm in zone 2 (or aerobic) up to 164!

Swim went great... Our distances increased this week - 3300, 2750,2750 (yards), but I felt great and never tired!

My girl Kylah came over to work on my IT bands. After about 30 seconds of "feeling" my legs she wanted to know if she could beat me up know, or later. She worked on my left leg for a good 40mins. I just endured the pain. I sucked it up..... It hurt, but I needed it...

Today's bike was a whole different story.... We typically do our moderate Low Hr ride on Tuesdays, but with our sonoma trip coming up this week, we've adjusted the schedule a bit to get as much in as possible before Friday. So, we opted for a 90min Tempo ride and we'll skip the moderate this week (Mark Allen's online training says if you miss a workout to make it the Moderate ones, that the Tempo's and long stuff are key).

My legs WERE trashed!!! Shane pretty much kicked momo & my ass to the curb. About 15mins into the ride I was behind Shane but my HR was like 110 so I pulled ahead to pull. That lasted oh, like 2 mins. I could not hold it. My legs were SCREAMING... I had nothing....They were sore and tired and bruised from the massage..

Today's session with Daniel might KILL me! I have like 2 more hours before I endure that pain...

Tomorrow I have decided to NOT run. If I did my tempo run that would have me running M(1:10), W(:50),T(:30 brick after long bike) & Friday (long 1:50). So, I'm going to rest the legs and just do my tempo swim. Thursday is our long bike for the week & brick (3:30/:30), as well as Friday's swim since we are leaving before masters on Friday, then Friday is the long run before getting on the plane.

Can I tell you how good wine tasting is ALREADY sounding? All I can say is I will have EARNED it! So, I'll miss a couple of workouts, but still get in all the key stuff before the weekend's adventures!

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes with my IT bands... They suck. I hate them, but I will get through this.. I always do!


stronger said...

Has your massage therapist recommended resting a full day after the "beat up" kind of massages?

Have fun this weekend!

momo said...

based on carrie's suggestion, i am screwed. massage tomorrow, long ride on thursday? HAHAHA! at least you won't be going tempo, maybe i can keep up!

Supalinds said...

Awesome week!!! Those are good numbers.

Key workouts and then wine tasting...sounds perfecto!!

brendaj said...

Sounds like an amazing ride. My goal is to just locate my bike gear and go for a ride of some sort in a few weeks when my in laws are here to babysit!

Enjoy your well deserved weekend!

My Life & Running said...

Ohhh wow. Yes, I think you have definitely deserved some wine. And some whines... ;)

Have an amazing time this weekend!

Kim said...

wow, you had some incredible workouts! congrats on a great ride and run!

ughhh IT band issues blow chunks. i need to get mine massaged, thanks for the reminder!